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Third Volume of the Novel Even though Ema wants to stay with everyone as a family, the brothers are slowly starting to look at her in a different way. As they continue living under the same roof, their relationship is starting to cross the line. In this volume, Tsubaki’s sad expression causes Ema’s heart to beat faster, everyone goes to have an enjoyable family ski trip, and the shadow of Iori’s dark past is finally revealed — along with how Kaname tries to solve the seemingly dangerous situation.

Main Characters[]


Before #008 – Side Louis / Rui: 守りたい者を守る者と[]

[ The one who protects what he wants to protect ][]

Past noon, Rui wakes up feeling hungry. He was busy yesterday and didn’t eat anything at all, so he goes to get some food from the 5th floor. Sadly everyone is away since it’s a weekday, and Rui lies down in a sofa after drinking a vegetable juice. Soon it starts raining outside, and Rui suddenly hears a squirrel’s cry nearby.. which comes from a drenched Juli trying to open the window from outside. Rui opens the window for Juli and tries to pick him up, but unable to trust the brothers, Juli rages and tells Rui not to touch him with those “dirty hands”. However, Juli is surprised when Rui replies with “I washed them earlier, so they’re not dirty.” Why yes, Rui can actually hear Juli’s voice like Ema. He doesn’t know the reason though, and he’s more interested in drying and brushing Juli’s wet fur instead.  As Rui gently brushes his fur, Juli happily says that Rui is really delicate — he’s different from all the other men in this house. Rui seems taken aback and asks if he’s really that different, but realizing that Juli’s words don’t have any deeper meaning, he changes the subject by asking if Juli hates his brothers that much. When Juli explains that the others are just like beasts lurking in a savanna — eyeing Ema as their prey — Rui realizes it must be tough for Ema since she suddenly had to live with them. Juli is delighted when Rui says he needs to protect Ema, explaining that he’s been waiting for someone like Rui to appear. When the sun starts shining again outside, Juli and Rui shake hands — marking the birth of the “Protect Chii-chan Club”. xD

Chapter 8: 世界で一番の声を[]

[ The best voice in the world ][]

Because of what happened before, things are still awkward between Ukyou and Ema. In the evening, Masaomi calls Ema to inform her that he’s staying in the hospital tonight. He feels bad for being away so much despite his promise, though he’s relieved that she’s more concerned about his health instead. Ukyou, on the other hand, is clearly bothered that Masaomi calls Ema instead of him, because usually everyone would inform him and not Ema if anything happens. Right after Ukyou leaves, Yusuke and Kaname come to eat dinner. Kaname starts flirting with Ema as usual, but that’s only until Juli and Rui comes to stop him. Juli rages and mentions that Kaname did something to Ema during their summer trip, and this causes Rui to repeat “Kaname nii-san, what did you do to Chii-chan? Was it something you can’t tell us?” until Kaname gets extremely terrified and flees from the living room. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Obviously Kaname is really surprised because Juli was the only witness, and so does Ema. When Rui tells Ema that he’s now a part of the “Protect Chii-chan Club”, Yusuke suddenly asks if he’s allowed to join in as well. He says he wants to protect her too, but sadly he instantly gets rejected by Juli — who starts attacking him saying he’s just the same as Kaname. xD Ema bombards Juli with a lot of questions after that, so Juli explains about what happened between him and Rui. Kaname also calls Ema to apologize for earlier, but since Juli hijacks the phone and screams at Kaname until he hangs up.. Ema goes to play a game she received from Natsume instead LOL. The game Natsume gave her is an insanely difficult RPG which never got released, and Ema quickly gets stuck at the first boss. The story is really interesting though, and curious about how to proceed, Ema mails Natsume asking for some advice. The next day, Natsume replies saying he’ll give her the game data and asks her to meet him in a cafe after school. The cafe is full of OLs and housewives — who absolutely LOVE gossiping — and Ema blushes when they start whispering about how her “boyfriend” is already working. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Natsume is completely unaware though, and he thinks Ema’s turning red because she’s got a fever LOL. As he sorts out the game data for Ema, Natsume explains that he always clears the game he worked on, and so he feels sad that the RPG he gave her won’t ever hit the market thanks to the difficulty level. Just then Natsume receives a call from Azusa, asking if he knows where Tsubaki is. It seems like Tsubaki hasn’t returned home since yesterday, and Natsume wonders if it’s because he’s shocked. From Natsume, Ema learns that Tsubaki decided to become a seiyuu because of an anime he really loved in the past. Recently it was announced that the anime will have a sequel, and so Tsubaki immediately applied as a cast candidate. The producer gave him a positive response because he’s popular, but unfortunately he didn’t get chosen.. Azusa did. Ema knows Azusa must be feeling terrible because of this, but Natsume says Azusa needs to answer people’s expectations — it’s his responsibility as a pro. After leaving the cafe, Natsume walks Ema to the station and wraps his muffler around her neck. He tells her it’s an early Christmas present from a “lonely big brother” to his “lonely little sister”, because both of them has absolutely no plans for Christmas. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ Upon returning to the mansion, Ema finds an unhappy Azusa by the entrance hall. She tries to get him inside since he might catch a cold here, and when he says a cold won’t be a problem, she points out that he has a new anime to work on. Azusa keeps saying that he’s planning to refuse the offer because it’s “Tsubaki’s role”, but Ema encourages him to take the role instead — because she loves his voice. She also says he would only betray everyone’s expectations if he refuses, but he only replies by saying he’ll get angry if she continues. However, Azusa turns silent when Ema tells him that Tsubaki won’t be happy if he gives up the role out of pity. Besides, there’s no guarantee the producer will choose Tsubaki anyway. It’s not up to them to decide the roles. Then suddenly, Tsubaki appears behind them saying Ema already told Azusa everything he wants to say. He reveals that he’s been thinking about how to convince Azusa all night, and that’s probably why he disappeared from home. Tsubaki then tells Azusa to take the offer, because he doesn’t want anyone but Azusa to voice that role. When Tsubaki says he’s Azusa’s no. 1 fan, Azusa finally agrees and promises to do his best — calling Tsubaki “nii-san” instead of his name. Tsubaki hugs Azusa, and they make a pinky promise. 

After that, Tsubaki takes Ema for a walk in the park. He admits that he’s actually disappointed about the role, but he knows Azusa’s acting skills are superior than his. In fact, things have always been that way between the two of them. Tsubaki often invites Azusa to do various things together, but Azusa always does a better job and surpasses Tsubaki in every single area. Tsubaki asks if Ema loves him as much as she loves Azusa’s voice, but Ema doesn’t fall for it and answers that she loves his voice too. Even though she doesn’t know much about acting, Ema thinks Tsubaki has a wonderful voice — that’s why his fans are always excited during his live events. Ema then tells Tsubaki not to think about how Azusa is better than him, because she wants Tsubaki to be himself.. and she believes there must be a role only Tsubaki can do. For a moment Ema notices that Tsubaki looks happy and sad at the same time, and the next second, Tsubaki suddenly kisses Ema on the lips. He says a guy needs one kiss from a cute girl when he’s feeling down, then he kisses her again. Definitely not just “one” kiss. xD1.


However, Tsubaki soon notices that Ema is wearing a men’s muffler when he hugs her. Ema couldn’t tell him that it was from Natsume, especially since Tsubaki then says it pisses him off and tightens his arms around her.  

Before #009 – Side Wataru: オトナのオトコのオツキアイって[]

[ How adult men date ][]

On December 31, Wataru visits Fuuto asking about “how to date a woman” LOL. He’s going to turn 11 in only a few days, and he wants to become Ema’s boyfriend by then because turning 11 means he’s already an adult. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Fuuto is dead tired and has to work again starting from tomorrow, so he slams the door shut in front of poor Wataru’s face.. but Wataru keeps pestering him until he eventually gives up. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Fuuto only gives him a piece of advice: “candy or cane”, but keep “cane” as the default. Sweet words only feel sweet if you hear them every once in a while, so only praise the girl once out of ten times. Other than that, be harsh and call her “バカ” or “ウザイ” all the time. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! Fuuto also warns Wataru that it only works for good-looking guys, but Wataru’s already gone. After leaving Fuuto’s room, Wataru meets Tsubaki in the elevator. He’s carrying a mountain of eroges (because he collects all the tokutens) and tells Wataru that a man can’t be considered an adult yet before he knows 萌え LOL. It’s impossible for Wataru to have an 妹萌え because he’s the youngest, so Tsubaki suggests developing a tsundere 萌え instead — explaining that tsundere means “cold at first and turns hot later.” \(^o^)/ Upon reaching the 4th floor, they also meet Kaname who mentions that money can never buy love.. but he can’t approve those who get into relationships with absolutely no money either. Money is also necessary in order to date a woman. From everything he learned today, Wataru concludes that there are 3 things necessary in order to date a woman: “candy or cane”, “tsundere” and “money”. Wataru then finds Ema gaming in the living room, and he immediately tries practicing what he learned.  First, Wataru decides to “be cold” by turning down the air conditioner temperature so much he sneezes on the spot. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Following Fuuto’s advice, the next thing he does is to call Ema “バカ” and “ウザイ” nine times in a row — even though it breaks his heart to insult his beloved big sister — and he ends the “candy or cane” session by telling her “Onee-chan, you’re so wonderful. I love you.” (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Wataru then raises the temperature to “turn hot”, and he slaps a 1000 yen note onto Ema’s cheek — saying money is more important than love in this world. xD Of course Ema is confused, and when she asks if someone taught him about all of this, Wataru accidentally reevals that he asked Fuuto, Tsubaki and Kaname. Ema then tells Wataru that she loves his usual self better. Even if he grows up and turns into an adult someday, Ema wants Wataru to be himself rather than forcing himself to act like an adult. Wataru says he understands, and he happily agrees when Ema invites him to play the game with her. He now thinks that she loves young boys instead of grown-up men, and this makes him even more determined to become her boyfriend next year. xD

Chapter 9: 憂える肩に降り積もる雪が[]

[ The snow piling up on lamenting shoulders ][]

On the night of January 2, Tsubaki suddenly asks everyone to go snowboarding together. The weather forecast says tomorrow will be perfect for snowboarding, and Masaomi thinks it’s a good idea since Wataru is turning 11 tomorrow — the trip will be a wonderful birthday present for him. After inviting Natsume to join them, Ema and the brothers go to the Naeba Ski Resort in Niigata. Not all of them though, because Iori and Fuuto are busy with entrance exams, Rui has to work, Subaru has practice, while Ukyou stays at home to take care of them. Tsubaki leaves to buy a drink for himself and Ema when they arrive, and not too long after that, Natsume also arrives with his own car. He asks if she can buy a warm tea for him since it’s really cold, and ignoring his protests, she takes out her wallet saying she’ll pay for his drink. Ema notices that Natsume looks surprised for a moment, but before she can figure out what’s going on, a thief suddenly pushes her down and steals her bag. Natsume quickly catches Ema before she hits the road, and he chases after the thief with an amazing speed. In less than a minute, Natsume already retrieved the stolen bag and gives it back to Ema. Even though he had to run around, she notices that he’s not running out of breath at all. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ Knowing that Ema is shocked, Natsume gently tells her to forget what just happened — everything is alright now. Natsume then notices that Ema is wearing his muffler, and Ema says she loves it because it’s really big and warm. Unfortunately, Tsubaki returns at the same time and hears everything. He doesn’t even bother hiding his jealousy, and he tells Natsume that he’s incredibly pissed about the muffler. Tsubaki doesn’t say anything else when their brothers come to pick them up, but he keeps avoiding Natsume as they go snowboarding together. It doesn’t help that Natsume is really good at snowboarding, and Ema is really impressed as she watches him sliding down the snowy course. Tsubaki keeps clinging to Ema after that, and noticing that Yusuke wants to teach her how to snowboard, Natsume asks Tsubaki to visit the advanced course together. Tsubaki coldly refuses and goes back to the service area instead, saying he can never follow Natsume’s pace. After dinner, Yusuke takes Ema to the top. She’s a bit afraid since she’s still learning, but he promises to guide her slowly through the course. Ema notices that Yusuke looks really happy when she agrees, though he tries to hide it and tells her not to look at him. (❤ฺ→艸←) Sadly the weather gradually turns worse, and things get out of hand when Ema suddenly lost control of her snowboard. Instead of taking a quick turn and following Yusuke, she slides way past the turning point, crashes into the safety net and falls out of the course. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ Her bad luck continues as she gets buried under the snow, and she can’t move until eventually someone comes to save her. He pulls Ema out of the snow, and she catches a glimpse of gold before realizing that it’s actually Kaname. Since Ema sprained her right ankle, Kaname lifts her up and carries her back to the hotel. Despite her cold attitude towards Kaname ever since he kissed her, Ema actually feels relieved and falls asleep in his arms. In the hotel, Kaname asks Masaomi to examine Ema’s sprained ankle. Luckily it’s only a sprain, but Ema notices that Kaname looks sad when he smiles at her. It’s the same expression as the one she saw back on Miwa’s wedding day, when Kaname told her about his father. Kaname says he doesn’t want to see misfortune falling upon his family anymore, and he leaves Ema in Masaomi’s hands. It seems like it’s snowing in Tokyo too, and he wants to call home because he’s worried about Iori. Not too long after Kaname walks away, Masaomi sadly whispers that he’s really unreliable. He can’t take care of their household like Ukyou, he doesn’t have time to help Iori and Fuuto with their studies, and he couldn’t protect Ema despite his promise to stay with her. Masaomi also says that Kaname is always so reliable whenever necessary, and he can understand why Kaname is really popular with the ladies. On the contrary, Masaomi feels sad knowing he can never help a lady in need like Kaname. Upon hearing this, Ema says it’s true that Masaomi and Kaname are different.. but Masaomi’s presence always makes everyone feel safe. At first Masaomi thinks Ema is only comforting him, so Ema explains that he might not realize this, but everyone always asks about Masaomi whenever they don’t see him in the living room. Even earlier, Natsume was relieved when he heard that Masaomi is also here in the ski resort. Ema then says that Masaomi is like the roof of the Asahina family. Normally people won’t realize how important the roof is, but the roof is always there to protect them from the weather outside.. and they feel safe just by having the roof around them. After a moment of silence, Masaomi finally smiles and hugs Ema’s shoulder — saying he feels happy to hear those words. After taking a bath, Ema runs into Azusa in the lobby. As he sits down across of her, Azusa informs Ema that he already accepted the role. He says it’s all thanks to her, because if she didn’t open his eyes back then, he would have refused the offer and betrayed everyone’s expectations in him. Azusa also apologizes for getting angry that night, and when Ema asks him not to apologize, he smiles saying she’s a strange person. He was surprised when she slapped some sense into him during their argument, so he can’t believe the humble girl in front of him is the same person. Azusa realizes that he never really talked to Ema in private before, and he wonders what he’s been doing in the last six months. When Azusa asks if she loves watching anime, Ema answers she only watches a moderate amount.. but she often hears his voice in games. She gets really excited as she explains that minor games have quite a lot of contents too, and he laughs saying her fiery side is showing up again. Azusa promises to let Ema know if he voices more games in the future, and they return to their room to celebrate Wataru’s birthday with everyone else. The moment they enter the room, they immediately see Tsubaki and Wataru fighting over the chocolate on Wataru’s birthday cake. Tsubaki says this world is about survival of the fittest, and that’s why Wataru should give up on the chocolate. However, Tsubaki is surprised when he sees Azusa and Ema together. Azusa explains that he talked to Ema when he went to the bath earlier, and Tsubaki takes it as Azusa talking to Ema as they took a bath together. xD He sadly says Azusa is betraying him too, and Wataru stabs his wound of jealousy by saying “Tsukkun, I know! This is what you meant by survival of the fittest!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ As the result, Tsubaki gulps down Wataru’s birthday chocolate and complains about how bitter it is. Since the weather is still bad and shows no signs of improving, everyone decides to go home instead. They stop by the Omiya Hachiman-gu shrine on the way home, where they pray for health and prosperity for the upcoming year. When Ema tells Natsume about what happened between Tsubaki and Wataru, he says Tsubaki used to cheat too when they played together in the past. Whenever Azusa got angry, Tsubaki always impersonated anime characters and Azusa would smile again. During the Shichi-Go-San festival, Tsubaki did a solo performance on top of the staircase and gathered quite a lot of audience. Of course the shrine owner got really angry, and both Azusa and Natsume got scolded too even though they were innocent. Soon after Natsume goes home, Kaname comes asking if they were having a date.. and this conversation ensues: Ema: “Yes, that’s right. It was a date.”Kaname: “Ah, that’s so mean. You’re saying that even though you know how I feel? Could it be that you’re picking on me? I’m not into that sort of thing, but..” ..but Ema already walks away. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Ema then goes to buy some charms, and Kaname’s expression suddenly changes when she says she’s buying exam charms for Fuuto and Iori. He asks why would she do something like that for Iori, and he seems relieved when she answers it’s simply to wish them good luck for their entrance exams. Obviously Ema realizes that Kaname seems really concerned about Iori, and she also notices how Kaname refers to his brothers with nicknames like “Tsuba-chan” or “Fuu-chan”.. but with Iori it’s simply “Iori”. Kaname then asks Ema to return to the car right after she buys the charms, because he doesn’t want any accidents to occur. As Kaname walks to their car, Ema notices that his back looks like it’s calling for help.

Repeat #009 – Side Azusa: のぼせる身体、その身体にのぼせて[]

[ Lightheaded, dizzy because of that body ][]

Upon returning to their hotel room, Azusa finds a sad Yusuke inside. Yusuke is really upset because Ema got hurt when she was with him, so Azusa tells him to just stay with her.. but he says she’s currently taking a bath. Azusa then decides to take a bath as well, and as he soaks into the hot water, he looks back at what has been happening recently. The producer of the anime was delighted when he accepted the role, and Azusa is ready to do his best for Tsubaki’s sake too. While he accepted the role because of Tsubaki’s words, Azusa is aware that he probably would still refuse if Ema didn’t open up his heart. Just then Natsume enters the bath too, warning Azusa not to fall asleep in the bath or else he’ll start feeling dizzy. xD It turns out Natsume doesn’t know why Tsubaki is in a bad mood today, so he asks if something happened to Tsubaki. Natsume also explains that it all started when Tsubaki found out about the muffler, and it’s more than enough for Azusa to figure out the reason. Here, Azusa feels strangely irritated as well though he doesn’t know why. When Natsume asks if he accepted the role, Azusa even explains that it’s all thanks to Ema for encouraging him. He knows it’s not necessary to let Natsume know, but somehow he just can’t stop himself from doing it. Azusa then leaves the bath, while Natsume still wants to stay warm for a little longer.


On the way back to their room, Azusa finds Ema sitting alone in the lobby. She seems rather concerned about her sprained ankle, and when she bends down to touch it, he can see her calves showing through her hotel yukata. It was then when Azusa’s heart suddenly takes a leap, and even though his heartbeat instantly returns to normal, he realizes it’s a sensation he has never felt before. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ 

Chapter 10: 白から黒へ、そして光が射して[]

[ From white to black, and the light shines ][]

On Saturday, Ema wakes up at 10 AM still feeling sleepy. She spent all night playing an action game from Natsume, and she falls asleep in the living room after eating breakfast. Eventually she wakes up upon feeling something warm on her shoulder, and she opens her eyes to find Yusuke standing really close to her. He apologizes for waking her up, and she realizes that he put a warm blanket on her — so she won’t catch a cold. Ema is shocked to learn that she’s been asleep for 3 hours, and she asks how long has he been around in the living room. When Yusuke answers it’s around one or two minutes, Fuuto suddenly comes out saying that’s a lie. Fuuto actually wanted Ema to bring some food to his room, but since she was asleep and didn’t answer her phone, he went to the kitchen and found her fast asleep in the living room. That was 20 minutes ago. 10 minutes later, Yusuke returned from his supplementary lessons at school, panicked upon seeing Ema asleep, and has been staring at her ever since.


As Yusuke blushes and desperately asks him to stop, Fuuto turns to Ema saying it’s her fault for sleeping in the living room. He asks if she’s doing it on purpose, though he understands if she wants everyone to see her sleeping face. Fuuto then says Ema looked really cute when she’s asleep, so much that Yusuke tried to attack her in her sleep. It’s actually only a joke, but Yusuke immediately grabs Fuuto’s collar and tells him to take those words back. Fuuto keeps provoking Yusuke though, which only causes Yusuke to rage even more until eventually a tired Tsubaki comes and asks them not to be so noisy. He just returned from Osaka, and all he wants to do know is to have a peaceful sleep. Since Tsubaki won’t allow Yusuke to rage any further, Yusuke then tells Ema that he really didn’t do anything.. and Ema answers she knows. Fuuto is amused to see Ema trusting Yusuke that much, and he tells them to enjoy their ラブラブ high school life while they still can. Because starting from spring, he’s going to give Ema an exciting school life as a present. Before leaving, Fuuto also insults Tsubaki by saying he sells well in the entertainment world because he can act — unlike a certain seiyuu who can’t even act properly. After Fuuto is gone, Tsubaki suddenly punches Yusuke’s head in silence, while poor Yusuke asks Tsubaki not to take it out on him LOL. Three days later, Ema receives a call from Ukyou after school. Iori is taking the entrance exam to Jouchi University — his first choice — today, and Ukyou is wondering if Ema can pick him up. Ukyou was planning to go, but he’s got an urgent issue to take care of. Ema agrees, but she finds it weird how both Ukyou and Kaname are so concerned about Iori. Especially when Ukyou tells her to wait the central station instead of going to the university. The station is full of people though, so Ema ends up going to the university anyway because she’s afraid she might miss Iori in the sea of people. After waiting by the gate for a while, Ema eventually finds Iori among the crowd. Iori also smiles when he sees her, and Ema feels happy thinking Iori’s exam must have gone well. However, Iori’s eyes suddenly turn empty the moment he reaches the gate.. and he whispers “it’s not her..” before collapsing to the ground. Ema is shocked and calls Ukyou immediately, and he directs her to a certain hospital. He mentions that Iori used to stay in that hospital, so it might be better if they can get the same doctor to take care of him. Not too long after that, Kaname comes to the hospital and apologizes for troubling Ema. Now that she already saw what happened to Iori, Kaname thinks Ema has the right to know about Iori’s past. Back in junior high, Iori had a girlfriend named Shiraishi Fuyuka. He took her home a few times, and Kaname says they used to look really happy together. They were planning to enter different high schools, and their entrance exams fell on the same day. After she’s done with her own exam, Fuyuka went to wait for Iori in front of his school gate — just like what Ema did today. It was a really snowy day, and Iori quickly ran towards the gate when he saw her.. but then a passing car suddenly slipped on the snow and hit Fuyuka right in front of Iori’s eyes. It was instant death. Ema feels terrible knowing she has revived Iori’s past trauma, but Kaname tells her it was only a coincidence. It’s not her fault. It took quite a long time, but Iori eventually managed to get back on his feet and started going to school again. Sadly it doesn’t mean he has fully recovered. After what happened today, Kaname finally realized that Iori still needs time to get over his past, so he asks Ema to leave Iori alone and watch over him from afar for now. Ema says she understands, and Kaname asks her not to forget it. It’s extremely important. That night, Kaname is staying over at the hospital. Ema is worried since Kaname seems to be really tired recently, so she decides to stay with him. He falls asleep on the lobby chair around midnight, and worried that he might catch a cold, she goes to ask for a blanket from the nurse station. From the nurse, Ema learns that Iori is actually awake and has been wanting to see her. The nurse asks if Ema can see Iori because he won’t sleep at all, so despite Kaname’s warning earlier, she agrees and goes to visit Iori in his hospital room. The moment Ema walks in, Iori apologizes for troubling her and Ema also apologizes for reminding him of the accident. Iori sadly says it’s really pathetic of him to get stuck in the past, and he actually wants to move on.. but he doesn’t know what to do. There are also times when he thinks moving on means betraying Fuyuka, but in the end he decided to keep living without her. Feeling sad for Iori, Ema asks if there’s anything she can do for him. Iori asks if she’s willing to stay by his side until he finds the answer, and Ema says she understands. She actually wants to say “because we’re a family”, but suddenly light returns to Iori’s empty eyes as she asks if he can trust her. Once again, he asks if she will really stay with him forever. She has no choice but to answer yes, and she notices how happy he looks upon hearing her answer. Just then a panicked Kaname suddenly enters the room, and he asks why Ema went to see Iori even though he already told her to leave Iori alone. The moment Iori hears this, his voice suddenly turns cold and he takes his silver cross necklace from the side table — pointing the edge towards Kaname. Iori asks why does Kaname keep getting in his way, and whether the cross alone isn’t enough. Kaname only asks Iori to forgive him, but he says he will do anything necessary in order to save Iori. Kaname then presses the nurse call button and quickly takes Ema out of Iori’s room, but Ema can hear Iori saying “Thank you, I won’t forget your answer..” as she walks out. ガタ((ノll゚Д゚llヽ))ガタ


Two days later, Ema goes shopping with Ukyou. Ukyou feels bad for asking her to pick up Iori, though he doesn’t know about what happened between Kaname and Iori after that. He also apologizes for the awkward atmosphere between them, but Ema actually feels glad because their relationship finally returns to normal. On the other hand, Kaname isn’t around as much as he used to. Usually he would come sticking to her like a glue, so it bothers her if he suddenly disappears like this. Realizing that Ukyou took her to go shopping because he’s worried about her, Ema feels really touched by the warmth of her family.. and she cries happy tears on the way home. Of course Ukyou is surprised, but before Ema can explain anything, suddenly they hear a voice saying “Oh, there’s a bad lawyer who made a girl cry.” When they turn around, they find a tall, flashy, long-haired woman standing behind them. Ukyou instantly turns ( ಠ_ಠ ) and asks what she’s doing here when she’s supposed to be in Italy, but the woman says she just came home. She asks Ukyou to help carrying her luggage, and when he refuses, she asks if Ema is really okay with a narrow-hearted “boyfriend” like him. After taking a closer look at Ema, the woman realizes that she looks really similar to Reiko — the woman in Ukyou’s old picture — whom she describes as the woman with “the worst personality in the world”. She says Ukyou’s taste in women doesn’t change at all despite all the painful memories he had, but Ukyou quickly answers that she’s wrong. Ema is their sister. Feeling confused, Ema then asks about the woman’s identity, but she answers that she’s not a woman. She, or rather.. he, is Hikaru — the 4th son of the Asahina family.