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The Tenth Conflict: Equinoctial Week (第十衝突: 彼岸 Dai Jyu shōtotsu: Higan) is the tenth episode of the Brothers Conflict anime series, which aired on September 3, 2013.


As the family trip is cancelled due to everyone's busy schedule, Kaname invites every one to his buddha club event in which he is the host, everyone agrees, so Natsume, Ema, Hikaru, Subaru, Ukyo, Masaomi, Azusa, Fuuto and Wataru go on a trip as rest of the brothers are busy. On their way Hikaru asks Ema if anything happened in Natsume's which startles Natsume of them and Natsume tells nothing happened they are siblings and Ema agrees. He then asks if anything happened in the hospital. Azusa is shocked and tells nothing happened on which Natsume looks him suspiciously.

At the festival Wataru asks Ema to show him around there they see Fuuto's concert and later a guy named Chiaki who is friend of Kaname meets Ema, and tells her if she is follower then Kaname comes and tell they are siblings another monk name Yuusei comes and tells them to go back to customers or they yell on them, Yuusei tells Ema that family love is true love and that will keep them together in conflict. During dinner Ema adits to all she wants to be more like family at which all agree or rather so. That night Kaname thanks Ema for coming. Fuuto goes to Ema's room while she is sleeping and tries to rape her but stops and says he can't see her as family as he loves her.

The episode ends with Hikaru showing brothers conflict chart to Wataru and tells those having lowest score are closest to win.


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