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The Ninth Conflict: Vision (第九衝突: 夢幻 Dai kyo shōtotsu: Bijon) is the ninth episode of the Brothers Conflict anime series, which aired on August 27, 2013.


Ema finds out the truth about her identity, she is adopted daughter of Rintarou, depressed finding out that she is adopted she thinks that she is an outsider and can't go back, worried that Ema didn't come back to mansion and won't pick up her phone. Natsume comes find her, but she refuses to go back, so he take her to his apartment. There she tell him about her identity, Natsume comforts her and says her to stay over at his apartment.

The next day Louis and Juli come to pick her up and take her to park where Louis tell her that he is also adopted, he also thought he was outsider but Miwa treated him like all other sons, he than tells her it's heart that connects all not blood. Juli comes to Ema's dream and tell her he knew about her parents, but was afraid to tell. After that, Ema feels much better and agrees to go back to mansion.

The episode ends with Masaomi saying that he should act as substitute of Rintarou for Ema's sake, no matter how hard it might be for him.


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