Shiraishi Fuyuka
Kanji 白石 冬花
Romanji Shiraishi Fuyuka
Gender Female
Birthday 1992
Age 15
Eyes Brown
Hair Blond
Blood Type O
Height 62.9" (159.7 cm)
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Anime Debut N/A
Game Brothers Conflict: Passion Pink
Brothers Conflict: Brilliant Blue
Japanese Voice N/A
English Voice N/A
Shiraishi Fuyuka (白石 冬花) was the girlfriend of Asahina Iori.

Appearance Edit

Fuyuka is shown to have long blond hair that goes til her waist. She has brown eyes. She was an average height person. She used to wear a long pink dress and would wear a short white jacket with long selves.

Personality Edit

She was a kind and friendly person. She loved Iori very deeply. It was stated by Kaname Asahina that she was a shy and a bit dreamy person, but around Iori she became lively. She was a very nice person.

Plot Edit

Fuyuka was the girlfriend of Iori. They both loved each other very deeply. Iori loved her too and would give everything to Fuyuka. After she died. Iori heart got fill with sadness and emptiness. Iori wanted to commit suicide to be with her and follow her to the other world.

Death Edit

One Winter day Fuyuka was waiting in front of Iori's school gate. The roads were iced-over and a driver lost control of their car. Iori was running toward Fuyuka, who was smiling and waving at him, when the car hit her head on. She died instantly.

Relationships Edit

Asahina IoriEdit

She loved Iori very much. She would always wait for him infront of his school gate. After she died in an accident Iori heart was filled with emptiness and sadness.


  • Fuyuka was only fifteen-years-old when she died.
  • Fuyuka presumably never existed in the anime.
  • Kaname give the cross to Iori telling him that it was memento from Fuyuka.

Gallery Edit

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