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Third Volume of the Novel Season 2

Chapter 30[]

Wataru thinks Boyfriend Future

Wataru's dream

Ema is helping Wataru in his studies. His grades in math are not as good as the other subjects. Suddenly, Wataru says, "I will become the president. Wait until i have got a lot of money" Wataru wants to run a company that makes a lot of money. Since Wataru is the youngest, he will need a lot of money to make Ema choose Wataru and Wataru can make Ema happy. Wataru looks straight at Ema. Wataru asked Ema to wait for him. Once Wataru makes a lot of money, she is going to be his bride. Ema is stunned. Ema doesn't want to break Wataru's feelings. Wataru notices Ema's puzzled look. Wataru apologizes, hugs her, and requests Ema not to be annoyed by him.

Wataru lets go of Ema when they hear someone behind them. It's Kaname.  Kaname teases Ema for letting her guard down. Ema asks if Kaname is returning home. Finally, Kaname is back. Kaname is happy when Ema finaly call him Nii-san.

Tsubaki commented Kaname's clothes. Ema noticed the way Kaname talks is different from the past. Ukyo is preparing dinner. Everyone is happy now that Kaname is back. Kaname mentions that their temple is holding an event. Ukyo isn't interested to come. Wataru wants to be like Kaname because girls always invite him. Yusuke tells Wataru that he doesn't want him to be like Kaname. Wataru says Yusuke is jealous. Yusuke is pissed and starts chasing Wataru. Subaru is irritated by the commotion that Yusuke and Wataru created. Kaname doesn't mind.


Azusa and Tsubaki with a glass and bottle of wine

Ema, Juli, Masaomi, Ukyo, Tsubaki, Azusa, Subaru, Yusuke and Wataru celebrate Kaname's return. Azusa and Tsubaki brought a bottle of wine. Ukyo gets drunk.

Subaru goes to the balcony. Kaname asks Ema to bring Subaru a glass of water. Ema was about to leave when Subaru asked her to stay. Subaru wanted to spend a day with Ema before he will be moved to Miyazaki for basketball. Ema agreed to go a date with Subaru. Subaru thank her and they head back inside.

Ema heads to the kitchen. Yusuke already washed the dishes for her. Yusuke asked Ema where she went. Ema told Yusuke that she talked to Subaru outside. Yusuke was surprised. Yusuke asked if Ema will go on a secret date with Subaru. Ema answered yes. Yusuke was astonished that he drop the plate he was holding. Ema and Yusuke work together to finish cleaning. Yusuke wished Ema and Subaru have fun. Ema thanked Yusuke.

Subaru and Ema went to Yokohoma. Subaru eats creepe for the first time and he enjoyed eating it. Subaru remembered that he and Natsume where here once before. Ema remebers that Natsume brings her their for her congratulatory present for passing the university entrance exam.


Ema and Subaru happened to run into Subaru's friend. His friend asked if Ema was his girlfriend. Subaru apologises to Ema because his friend assumed they were dating.

Subaru friend leaves. That situtation was awkward. Ema and Subaru decided that to ride in a Ferris wheel. The staff asks them to take their photo as memory of their date. Inside the cabin in the ferris wheel, Subaru thanked Ema. Subaru finally told Ema his other reason why he asked Ema out. Subaru wanted Ema to rely on him. Subaru notice that Ema wont smile naturally when he's around. Their cabin suddenly stopped at the top of ferris wheel. Ema got scared. Subaru pats Ema's head and sits beside her. Subaru tells Ema that he likes her. Subaru asked if he can kiss Ema when suddenly the Ferris wheel starts moving again.

It's been a week since Subaru asked her out. Ema was alone in the living room. Kaname returns home. Kaname asked Ema if she is going to see Subaru before she heads to the airport. Ema was surprised how Kaname knows. It turns out that Subaru talked to Kaname the day before they returned home.

the next morning, Ema sees Subaru leaving. Ema thinks their day in Yokohoma. Ema misses her oppurtunity to tell Subaru that if she had a chance, she wanted to go back.

Chapter 31[]

Yusuke newest member

Louis tells Ema that he is going to France. Louis is going to see his father  and he will be studying abroad. Louis has no idea how long he will be staying there. Louis asked Juli not to worry because he is going to introduce the newest member of Chii-chan protection club. The newest member is Yusuke. Yusuke promises Louis that he will try his best. Louis thanked Yusuke and they fist bump.

Juli rages

Juli becomes furious. Juli doesn't accept Louis decision to let Yusuke be a part of Chii-chan protection club. Yusuke was amused that Louis is talking to Juli. Juli, Louis and Yususke started to get noisy. Ema intervened. Suddenly they stopped when Ema sneezed.

Three days later, Ema is lying in bed with a cold while Masaomi is checking up on her. Luckily her cold’s gone, but she needs one more day of rest. Ukyo makes porridge or Ema. before Ema returns to her room, Ukyo says she has a letter. "thank you for your support" was written in a basketball magazine. Ema decides to rest before she is going to read the letter. Ukyo says, “Subaru also has a reason for sending it, huh.” Ema briefly wonders what Ukyo means.

Ema goes to sleep and when she wakes up, she reads the letter. Subaru has been training hard. He doesn't know when he can see Ema again but he asked her to look forward to his improvements. Ema decides to search Subaru’s name online and sees a lot of articles about him, as well a lot of female fans.

Seeing all the praise of Subaru online, Ema feels uneasy about the distance between her and the brothers. Subaru goes far away for his dreams. Louis going to France. Iori and Futo too.

Ema starts thinking about Louis. Even though he said he’d only be going temporarily, if he would want to stay in France after he found his father. She starts getting more uneasy, but knows she has to put it out of her mind. Ema decides to go help Ukyo out with dinner.

Natsume usb

Ema leaves her room when she meets Natsume. Natsume heard Ema is sick. Natsume came to visit her and bring her a present. the present was a usb with a new game he has been working on. It needs to be unlocked before Ema can play the game though. so he enters her room and uses her computer. Natsume's expression hardens. Ema realizes that Natsume can see her search history about Subaru, as well as the letter still lying on her desk.

Natsume says he also received a letter from Subaru. Subaru apologized for punching him.Natsume says, “He’s completely become a man… So much so that I have no position as an older brother.” Natsume then changes the subject – he had another reason to come today. Natsume wants Ema to be a test player for the game he’s working on, since he wants someone comfortable with playing and who can be honest with the problems which might be in it. Ema’s natural reaction is to agree, but she hesitates and can’t help but feel that her answer shouldn’t be as simple as that. They’re interrupted by a knock at the door – it’s Ukyo checking up on Ema. ukyo was surprised to see Natsume in her room and coldly asks what he’s doing here. Natsume replies that he was just checking up Ema and he doesn’t need to report to the family when he’s coming in. Ukyo asks Natsume to come with him, and they leave Ema’s room.

Yusuke leans

Three days later, Ema’s on her way to test out the game. As she arrives at the entrance of their residence, she hears someone saw, “I was waiting for you…” and sees Yusuke standing there. Ema immediately tries to make him go back to his room – apparently her cold was contagious and Yusuke got sick. yusuke starts coughing and needs to lean on ema for support. yusuke says “I promised Louis-nii… I’d protect you,” and says that he definitely can’t leave her alone with Natsume.

Yusuke azusa

Azusa appears. Azusa was on his way to a recording. azusa tells Ema he’ll take Yusuke back to his room first and he will take her to Natsume’s company. Ema asks if that’s okay, and Azusa says it’s fine – he’s also concerned about Natsume’s behavior and says it’s his duty as an older brother.

Natsume ema

It’s late by the time Ema’s finished the game. ema was about to leave when Natsume asks if she’s doing anything tomorrow night. natsume saw ema's hesitation and he says it’s not anything personal, but for work. natsume  like her to come back tomorrow since by then they should have fixed all the bugs she found today.

natsume talked about why  it is important to fix loopholes in games and not togive up halfway even if it’s difficult, making Ema happy to see someone as passionate as natsume working on games. As Ema goes home, she thinks about how both Yusuke and Azusa’s worries seemed to be unfounded.

It’s 4am in the morning. Natsume gives Ema a ride back to the Asahina residence. It took longer than they thought, but they’ve finally found all the bugs in the game and Ema no longer needs to test it. Natsume walks her to the entrance. they’re both quiet, an awkward atmosphere between them. Natsume says, “Ah, recently with you it’s already often become like this hasn’t it. You don’t think so?” As they wait for the elevator, Ema suddenly thinks of Subaru.

Natsume z02
Natsume z03

Ema was about to enter in the elevator when Natsume suddenly hugs her from behind. He holds her tightly and whispers into her ear: “I’m already at my limit. Just now, what were you thinking about? Could it have been Subaru? I don’t know who is in your heart. But, Me. I hope that person is me. I will believe it. Please don’t forget this.”  Natsume lets go of her and leaves.  It all feels like a dream to Ema. She thinks, it’s as if it’s the entrance to a new world.

Chapter 32[]


Ema was watching TV with Masaomi, Kaname, and Wataru. They were originally watching a movie but after it ended Wataru suddenly changed the channel because he heard that Fuuto and Iori were going to be on this program. Iori and Fuuto are talking about how they’re actually brothers and Fuuto describes Iori as, “Even though his character is a bit gloomy/shady… Ah, but he’s actually quite honest. As a younger brother I’m worried about him, whether or not he’ll be comfortable in this bustling world.” Fuuto also comments that it’s amazing that Iori’s a model for that famous perfume brand and the host goes on about how close their relationship seems to be.

Ema would rather watch this alone in her room, she continues to watch it.emaquite disbelieving at their act, especially since only she knows that Iori entered the entertainment business at Fuuto’s expense. The host asks if the two of them would act together one day, since Fuuto’s been really busy in movies and dramas lately. Fuuto looks slightly disturbed and passes the question to Iori, who calmly replies that he wouldn’t mind trying acting.

The host then directs their attention to a screen on which appears… Subaru. The host asks if Subaru is also really Fuuto and Iori’s brother, to which they reply he is. Fuuto says he’s an older brother he’s proud of and Iori mentions that Subaru was always single-mindedly focused on basketball since he was young. As Ema thinks of how the Subaru on the screen training for a club is different to the Subaru she knows from his university days, Wataru turns to her and asks if she remembers how he said he wanted to be a CEO. Ema replies that she does and Wataru now says he’s worried so he’ll ask her, which does she prefer – a CEO, an entertainer, or a sports player? Because he’ll try to become the thing she most likes.

Masaomi interrupts Wataru and tells him to stop disturbing Ema. Wataru says that he wasn’t disturbing her, but Masaomi says that even if you think you aren’t sometimes you will still end up disturbing people. Wataru apologises to Ema, who says it’s okay because she wasn’t angry in the first place, just surprised. Masaomi says it’s about time for them to go to sleep and takes Wataru back to his room. Before he leaves though, he says, “I’ll leave it to you then,” and Ema realises that he was directing that to Kaname.


Kaname says no matter who it is, if anyone, any of the brothers, become too much, Ema shouldn’t try to be tactful and should just say whatever she wants to say. He turns back to the TV but the program is wrapping up with promotions for Fuuto’s group FORTTE and nothing more about any of the brothers comes on. Kaname continues watching the TV, saying that Iori has come back, and even though he’s still not the same, it seems he’s recovered a lot. He says, “Iori is also doing his best, that’s good.” Kaname asks if Ema’s heard from him at all but she hasn’t. He then turns to Ema and says that even though he can’t say he’ll meddle a lot, he wants to give her some advice.

Ema chap 32
Kaname chap 32

Kaname says it’s about men’s hearts. He places his hand on Ema’s head and starts to stroke her. Ema is understandably shocked and jumps up, asking him not to tease her. Kaname says he wasn’t teasing her and asks if she felt happy just now. He says it’s not a difficult question but has an easy answer – ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Ema asks if he’s actually telling her that all answers can be easily answered with those two words and Kaname confirms that he is, and that he hopes that she’ll be able to explicitly answer to men like that. He places his hand on Ema’s shoulder again and tells her to shake him off, saying that until she’s consciously aware of when she wants to refuse something she’ll never shake off any painful feelings.

Ema has already been living in this family for three years, but because she’s never answered them, no one has complained and all the brothers still like her. Kaname says, “Love, compared to anything else, is the most strongest thing.” They’re both silent for a moment before Kaname reverts back to his normal self and tells Ema to get some rest. She thanks him for his advice, but before he leaves he asks her again what her answer from before would be, and this time Ema confidently says, “No!” Kaname warmly smiles and pats her head, saying, “…Do your best, imouto-chan.”

A month has passed since that night Ema saw Fuuto and Iori on TV. As before, neither of them have contacted anyone in the family, but Ema knows they’re alright since they appear on TV and in magazines often, and FORTTE is also promoting their new album. Ema doesn’t have classes for the next few days so she decides to take this chance to start a new game. A lot of people have said it’s really hard – one of the comments online was “The developers must be do-S!”– so she’s looking forward to it.

But her TV stops working (something to do with the cable) just as she’s about to play the game, so she decides to go up the 5th floor and play on the TV there – it’s 11pm on a weekday so no one will be there. But as she arrives she finds a light on and someone inside. An annoyed voice asks what she’s doing there and she realises it’s Fuuto. Ema was surprised and asks when he returned home and Fuuto’s silent for a moment before he says he hasn’t returned, he just came by to pick something up.

Ema asks what it is and Fuuto sighs, saying he might as well tell her quickly. It’s an application to quit school. Ema’s shocked but Fuuto dismisses it, saying it’s got nothing to do with her. She quickly refutes that, saying that they’re family so of course she cares. Fuuto goes,“Family? After all you are my Nee-san. But no matter how much I care about you, You never agree to change.”

Even though Ema wants to resist, Fuuto puts a hand on her waist and he’s too strong that she can’t push him away. He gets closer, breathing, “I like you… I really like you.” He gets really close… before he moves away and starts laughing.“You really truly believed I like you.You should understand after all these times that you’ve been fooled. You really are an idiot. I’m tired of it.”

He turns to leave and Ema asks what he’s going to do after he drops out of school. Without turning around, he says he’s going to Los Angeles, to start anew at an acting school. Ema asks if that’s the case, then what about FORTTE? But Fuuto simply says, “Bye… Nee-san,” and leaves.

Four days have passed since then. Fuuto as usual hasn’t come home, although each night Ema has seen Ukyo on the phone with a serious expression on his face. Ema thinks that even though Fuuto normally jokes and teases her, it really didn’t seem like that that day. In any case, Ema’s at uni and even though she has no energy she decides to go the library. There, she bumps into someone she’s met before – a member of FORTTE, Seike Ryo.

She asks if Fuuto really is going to America, and Seike asks if Fuuto told her. When Ema replies that she saw the application form to drop out of school, Seike says they’ll discuss it somewhere else and Ema meets him at his car and they drive to a quiet park. Seike says it’s true, Fuuto wants to leave FORTTE. Even though the members and their manager have all tried to stop him, they’ve all but given up and it seems like Fuuto really will leave. Seike says that Fuuto is headstrong, and passionate about acting, but he only relies on his own strength. They don’t know which acting school he’s going to, since he found it all by himself. Even though Ema is Fuuto’s older sister, Seike doesn’t hold back on describing him as arrogant though.

They’re silent for a while before Seike asks Ema if she has some time. He’s actually going to their company now, since they have a meeting. Fuuto needs to be there too so if Ema wants, it’s a chance for her to see him and to talk. Seike says that Ema is probably the only person now who can talk to him, since everyone else has tried, and he knows that Ema is a special person to Fuuto. Ema asks if it’s okay and Seike says he’ll talk to their manager, but there’s no pressure to go. But Ema firmly says she wants to see Fuuto again, and so they head to the company. Seike is smiling, and even though it’s small Ema thinks of how it’s the first time she’s seen him smile.

It’s six o’clock in the evening and Ema has been waiting outside the meeting room for an hour. Seike comes out and apologises to her – Fuuto’s not coming after all. He said that if his older sister was there, he wasn’t going to come. Ema thinks back to the night she saw Fuuto last at the Asahina house, where he said, “After all, you are my Nee-san.” At the time he sounded sad and Ema now understands what he was searching for, but to her Fuuto will always be her family, and her younger brother. Seike apologises again and says he’ll help her call a taxi, but a voice behind them says there’s no need. They turn around to see Iori smiling warmly behind them, and he says he’ll take Ema home.

A little while later Iori and Ema enter a restaurant. While they were in his car, Iori said that he hadn’t eaten anything all day because of a photoshoot, and asked Ema to accompany him to dinner. They go to a high class restaurant, and seeing Ema’s hesitation due to being underdressed Iori tells her not to worry – he’s asked for a private room. Ema briefly wonders when he did that while they’re led to a private area, since she didn’t see him make a phone call or anything. As they sit down, Ema starts feeling uneasy about being alone with Iori like this, but he asks her to stay, thanking her when she sits down.

Iori says that he overhead the conversation between the staff and soon after booked this room. Ema asked why he did that, and he replies that it’s been a long time since he’s seen her so for him it’s a special day, hence he chose a special restuarant. He’s been thinking a lot and has come to an answer.“For me, there is no doubt, and there is no way to cover up the truth. I want to be with you, to spend my life in the future with you.

Chapter 33[]

Continuing from his confession Iori tells Ema the story of how he was going to step off the cliff and was stopped by the shining light from his cross. Initially he thought it was just a coincidence, but he also thinks for the cross to shine in such a way that it is fate. 

He wondered at first, what fate? Who made this cross shine? He wonders if it was his previous girlfriend but since he’s already been separated from he says that theres one whilst pointing to Ema. 

He tells Ema “You are the reason why I live, I was saved in order to give you all of me.”

Iori gives Ema his cross necklace. Iori asked her to give it to Kaname. Ema gave the necklace to Kaname.

Ukyo reveals his past. His ex was only interested in him because of Miwa's social network.

Natsume is sick. Subaru contacted Ema. Subaru wanted to See Ema. But Ema chose to visit Natsume. Ema and Yusuke visit Natsume. They knocked and waited. No one answered. Ema was worried. Ema was afraid to use the key that Natsume gave her. Natsume eventually answered. Natsume asked Yusuke to buy something in the convinience store. When Natsume and Ema were alone, Natsume asked why Ema didn't use the key he gave her. He was looking forward that Ema would use the key. Natsume kissed Ema.

After #032 Side Louis[]

Louis is looking over the Seine River in Paris, France. He’s on his way to meet his real father, and thinks back to the time a few years ago when he first saw him. Although he was hesitating whether or not to meet him, Kaname was the one who encouraged him. Kaname said that if he doesn’t do it now, he might regret it later, especially if it’s something that’s important to him.

He thinks back to an incident that happened when he was around three years old. He had only just entered the Asahina family, their current residence hadn’t been built yet, and although he didn’t dislike the brothers and they didn’t bully him or anything, he felt like he couldn’t stay around them. Louis had been standing outside on the balcony alone when Kaname came outside and said that Tsubaki wanted to play a game, but they didn’t have enough people. Although Louis can’t remember how he answered, it was from that moment on that he began to think that the ‘blood’ you share with others isn’t all that’s important. He wonders how Ema’s doing, and hopes that she’s finding strength. But he knows she’ll be okay because she has Juli… and Kaname.

Two days before Louis left from France he returned late from work. The only person still up was Kaname who had also returned late and was drinking whiskey on the fifth floor by himself. He asked Louis to join him, and they sat together for a while. Kaname asked how long he was going for, and Louis replied he still hadn’t decided for sure, but around two months at least.

Louis then if Kaname can do a favour for him. Kaname says that Louis rarely asks anyone to do anything for him, so if he can do it he will. Louis says that Ema is getting stronger and she’s a good kid, but it’ll definitely cause some trouble for everyone. Kaname is surprised that Louis has said that, and gets straight to the point, saying that they’re all rivals for Ema’s love. Louis agrees and says,

“Chii-chan is an important family member. But, everyone else is the same. They’re my brothers, family members. I don’t want any harm to come to them.”

Kaname then asks what kind of favour Louis is asking of him. Louis says that Kaname has helped him a lot of times, and Kaname immediately understands and says, “If I don’t make it clear at least, then it’s no good. This I understand.” Kaname then asks Louis a question, does he like Ema? Louis immediately replies he does. She’s an important family member that he must protect. Kaname smiles and says that among their brothers at least, there isn’t anyone like Louis who is only thinking of Ema, and not of his own desire.

Kaname says he definitely will talk to Ema, and so Louis is able to leave Japan with peace of mind. One last memory appears in Louis’ mind though. As Kaname left the room that night, his voice was quiet but Louis could still here him.

Kaname: “If I could change as well, it would be good to be like Ru-chan… But there’s still no way I can completely give up.”

Louis remembers wondering what Kaname meant by that, and decides to ask him about it when he returns. However there are still some things he has to do before he goes home, and as he thinks that he continues walking to the place where he’ll meet his father.


  • At the back of the cover, Asahina Wataru is seen.
  • It was revealed that Yuusuke is now a member of Protect Chii-chan Club, that now has 3 members.
  • The volume 3 Udajo's Corner has some bonus pictures with a total of 6 images.