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Ryuusei (隆生, Ryūsei) is also a member of the Buddha Club.


Ryuusei has blond hair and hazel eyes. Just like Kaname, he wears a ceremonial Japanese robe, his signature color being red, and earrings on his left ear. He can tell when a person is distressed just by reading their body language, and he offers advice to them.


Ryuusei is shown to be very comforting and understanding. He likes to listen to people's problems and help them through it as much as he can, which is shown when he talks to Ema after Kaname and Chiaki run off to help customers.


Kaname Asahina[]

They are shown to be on friendly terms. He recommended Kaname to a temple in Season 2 for training.


They work in the same place. They do get along well with each other.


  • He gives Ema advice in Episode 10.
  • In the novels after when Kaname sees Iori and Ema kiss at the festival, Kaname talks with Ryuusei. Ryuusei advices Kaname to choose what is important.
  • According to Kaname, apart from Ema, Ryuusei is the only person who noticed the cross tattoo on his chest.