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Rintarou Hinata (日向 麟太郎, Hinata Rintarō) is the adoptive father of Hinata Ema.


Rintarou is fairly tall, has black hair and brown eyes. He has a slight bit of stubble on his chin.


Rintarou is calm and gentle. He also seems to have really respected his senior, feeling responsible to take care of his daughter after the latter and his wife passed away.

He seems to love his new wife, Miwa, and, according to Juli, talks quite a bit about his new stepsons, indicating that he likes them as well. It is clear that he loves and cherishes his daughter, Ema, very much; he would do anything for her.


Asahina Miwa[]

He is the husband of Asahina Miwa, and the stepfather to her thirteen sons.

Hinata Ema[]

Rintarou loves Ema very much and vice versa. He took her in after her parents dies, and raised her as his own daughter, loving her with all his heart. In episode 9, Juli revealed that he was actually terrified of Ema learning the truth. He knew that he'd have to tell her eventually, but just didn't know how. When she finally finds out, he texts her, saying that they'd talk as soon as he returned, and sent an attached picture of her birth parents.

Later, it is revealed that they are still very close, with Ema continuing to see him as her father. This gives Rintarou relief and Ema peace, and the two continue on with their lives, still firmly bound together, and with them still loving each other as a father and his daughter.


  • He travels around the world as an adventurer. 
  • Miwa calls him "Rin-kun".
  • Sometimes he has interviews with the media, which is how he met Miwa.
  • He adopted Ema because she's the daughter of his senior.
  • He never actually been married before.
  • He often sends postcards of his travels to Ema.
  • He travels the world as a famous adventurer, and the brothers mention seeing him sometimes on TV. But because of this, he was absent for much of Ema's childhood and missed many of her birthdays while overseas.
  • According to some information and comments on personalities, likely his zodiac sign is Sagittarius.