Brothers Conflict Wiki

Asahina Masaomi: Gets a 7/10, Yikes

Asahina Ukyo: Gets a 8.3/10, Restraining order

Asahina Kaname: Gets a 10/10, WEE WOO WEE WOO

Asahina Hikaru: Gets a 4.5/10, On thin ice ordinary joe,,,

Asahina Tsubaki: Gets a 9/10, Predator

Asahina Azusa: Gets a 7.8/10 Restraining order

Asahina Natsume: Gets a 9/10, Predator

Asahina Louis: Gets a 5.2/10, On thin ice

Asahina Subaru: Gets a 5.6/10, Ew... ur on thin ice

Asahina Iori: Gets a 0.2/10, The only redeemable character, I love him so much he is good :)

Asahina Yusuke: Gets a 1.9/10, Actually somewhat likable!

Asahina Fuuto: Gets a 7/10, Yikes. He would get a higher score but he's still a child :/

Asahina Wataru: Gets a 0.6/10, The only redeemable character (this is because he is 10 years old).