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Kenji Nagami (永見 研二, Nagami Kenji) and Yukie Nagami (永見 由紀絵, Nagami Yukie) were the biological parents of Hinata Ema who make a brief appearance in Episode 9.

Kenji died in an unknown accident during work and Yukie died earlier than her own husband.


Both Kenji and Yukie have brown hair with Yukie's being more vivid.

Rintarou tells Ema in the novels that she resembles her father a lot.


Kenji and Yukie were a kind and loving parents who both deeply loved their daughter Ema.


They both were orphans who later fell in love and got married. Afterwards, Yukie gave birth to Ema and they both loved their daughter, but Yukie died shortly after Ema's birth and Kenji died in an accident.

During an adventure trip before he died, he used his dying breath to ask Juli to take care of Ema.


Hinata Rintarou[]


Rintarou was Kenji's junior which is the reason why he adopted Ema when Kenji died.     


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Ema is their daughter, and, if Ema's flashback of them is to be believed, they loved her dearly. It is also worth noting that, just before he died, Kenji used his dying breath to ask Juli to take care of his daughter.


Juli was Kenji's squirrel friend whom he often fed when he went into the woods. Juli liked and trusted Kenji a great deal, and was the first to find him when he fell of a cliff. Just before he died, Kenji asked his friend to take care of his daughter. Juli would honor this request, and later followed Rintarou home so that he could fulfill his promise to Kenji.


  • In the novel, it is mentioned that Kenji and Yukie were both orphans, so there were no other family graves around their own.


Light Novel[]

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