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Minakami Natsuki (水上 夏希, Minakami Natsuki) recently transferred to Hinode High School to practically follow after Asahina Yuusuke and she bullies Hinata Ema constantly as she considers her a threat in making Yuusuke hers alone.


Natsuki is a cute young pale-skinned girl with long wavy blond hair, amber-colored eyes, pink lips and she has a thin body.


Natsuki shows herself a kind person. She is a very spoiled and demanding person. She thinks of Hinata Ema a rival for Yuusuke. She likes being popular and wants Yuusuke to notice her.


Natsuki is a student at Hinode High School who is very popular among students, but she is only interested in Yuusuke.


Yuusuke Asahina[]

Minakami is in love with Yuusuke. She is a very different person around Yuusuke. Yuusuke doesn't have any interest in Minakami, although he is still courteous (polite, respectful, or considerate in manner) with her.

Hinata Ema[]

Minakami sees Ema as a rival to Yuusuke's love and used to constantly bully her for this.


  • Minakami means "aquatic, on the water" (水上).
  • Natsuki means "summer" (夏) (natsu) and "hope" (希) (ki).


  • Natsuki has only appeared in the game, so we don't know if she is in the novel or the anime.