Natsuki Minakami
Minakami Natsuki small
Natsuki as she appears in a game event CG.
Kanji 水上 夏希
Romanji Minakami Natsuki
Gender Female
Eyes Amber
Hair Blond
Professional Status
Occupation High school student
School Hinode High School
Personal Status
Status Alive
Game Brothers Conflict: Passion Pink
Japanese Voice Amika Takahashi
English Voice N/A
Minakami Natsuki (水上 夏希, Minakami Natsuki) recently transferred to Hinode High School to practically follow after Asahina Yuusuke. She bullies Hinata Ema constantly, as she considers her a threat in making Yuusuke hers alone.


Natsuki is a young cute girl. She has long wavy blond hair and amber eyes. She has pale skin and pink lips. Natsuki is a thin girl.

Personality Edit

Natsuki shows herself a kind person. She is a very demanding person and spoil. She sees Ema a rival for Yuusuke. She likes being popular and wants Yuusuke to notice her, she gets very jealous quickly and taunts Ema.

Plot Edit

Natsuki is a student at Hinode High School. She is very popular among students but she is only interested in Yuusuke.

Relationships Edit

Yuusuke Asahina Edit

She is in love with Yuusuke. She is a very different person around Yuusuke. He dosen't shows any interest in her but treats her as a friend.

Hinata Ema Edit

She at first is kind towards Ema but she wants to get closer to Yuusuke through her. While Ema is kind with her. She usually taunts Ema. She sees her a rival for Yuusuke affections.


  • Natsuki has only appeared in the game. She isn't heard in the novel or in the anime.
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