Kishida Kaori
Kanji 岸田香織
Romanji Kishida Kaori
Gender Female
Birthday 1983
Age 27
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Blood Type AB
Height 63.7
Professional Status
Occupation Homeroom Teacher
Personal Status
Status Alive
Anime Debut Episode 2
Game Brothers Conflict: Passion Pink
Brothers Conflict: Brilliant Blue
Japanese Voice Kyoko Hikami
English Voice Morgan Garrett
Kaori Kishida (Kishida Kaori) is the homeroom Teacher of Yuusuke Asahina, Sasakura Kazuma and Ema Hinata, Mahoko Imai.

Appearance Edit

Kaori has a fair complexion. She has dark brown shoulder length hair. She has dark brown eyes. She wear earrings. Her hair are tied in a pink barrette. She wears a black neckerchief. She also wears a purple waist coat underneath is a white shirt. She wears a light black short knee length skirt and wears a medium high black heels. Kaori is shown to be wearing a light brown watch on her left hand.

Personality Edit

Kaori is shown to be a calm and kind person. She is concern about her students and wants them to achieve good grades. She dosen't likes it when someone flirts with her when Kaname calls her Beautiful. She enjoys her class and enjoys teaching her students.

Plot Edit

In episode two she is shown reading a book to the class and is shock when Yuusuke says aloud that he won't give up on Ema. In episode three she is seen with Yuusuke and Ema. After Kaname joins them She discuss about their future plans and when Kaname Asahina starts flirting with Ema which makes Yuusuke anger she quickly tells him to calm down. In episode six she is seen talking with two students near Ema and Yuusuke. In episode seven she is standing near kazuma Sasakura and tells her class to pick a nice theme for the cultural festival.

Relationships Edit

Ema HinataEdit

Ema is her student and she is happy that Ema has good grades. She is proud of Ema how she works so hard.

Yuusuke AsahinaEdit

Yuusuke is her student and she wants him to get good grades and gives him supplement lessons.

Mahoko ImaiEdit

She is Makoko's homeroom teacher. They are on friendly terms.

Sasakura KazumaEdit

Kazuma is one of her students and she is proud of Kazuma's grades.

Trivia Edit

  • In episode three in Japanese version Kaname calls her '' Ms. Kishida''.
  • Her name kaori means ''Fragrance''.
  • In English version Kaname calls her ''Beautiful'' instead of ''Ms. Kishida''.
  • Her first name Kaori was discovered in Passion Pink and Brilliant Blue.
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