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Ema Hinata (日向 絵麻, Hinata Ema), born as Ema Nagami (永見 絵麻, Nagami Ema), is the main protagonist / heroine of Brothers Conflict (Anime).

She is the adopted daughter of a well-known adventurer named Rintarou Hinata who was friends with her late biological father Nagami Kenji. Her name gets changed to Ema Asahina (朝日奈 絵麻 Asahina Ema) when her father gets re-married to Asahina Miwa, thus making her the stepsister to the Asahina brothers.


Ema is described as a very beautiful fair-skinned girl who stands at average height with mid-back length light-brown hair (which she inherited from her biological mother Yukie Nagami) that is often seen tied up in a side ponytail with bangs swept to the left side, big brown eyes, visible pink lips and it's also worth noting that Ema is a thin girl with a small constitution. However, this usually goes unnoticed due to her baggy clothes. According to Rintarou in the novels, he explains to her that she resembles her biological father Kenji Nagami a lot.

Her most common outfit that she's usually seen in is her school uniform, which basically consists of a sailor uniform with an oversized cream-colored cardigan, a black pleated skirt with a single pink stripe, black knee-socks with diamond designs and brown loafers. However, outside of school, she is shown to wear cute and casual outfits.

In Brother's Conflict Gimme Love special, a boy who lives in 2F at the Sunrise Residence, claimed that Ema is an amazing beauty. Reiko Amamiya (Ukyou's ex-girlfriend), who shares a likely resemblance to Ema, is also described as a beautiful young lawyer.


In the anime, Ema is a kind-hearted, polite, honest and soft-spoken young woman who is also shown to have an open-minded nature, but can be seen as a bit of a pushover because of this.

She's also prone to getting embarrassed rather easily, especially when becoming the target to her brothers flirting or when they find an opportunity to get close to her. Despite such, she loves her stepbrothers very much and enjoys being in their company. She is also seen as a very devoted daughter to her father and tries her best not to let her new stepmother down.

While it may seem that Ema possesses a very permissive, almost submissive nature, she always carries an absolute certainty when it comes to her own thoughts and feelings. This can be seen from the way she expresses how she feels, understands what she wants, and that she doesn't let herself get pressured into a dishonest relationship. That said, she is always honest with both her brothers and herself.

And contrary to what they may think, she always tells them the truth, nonetheless. Which is seen from the way how she'd always tell them that she only wants to be their sister, and that she also tries to express this within her actions.

Unfortunately for Ema, however, the message doesn't seem to relay in the way she'd hope, only because it would lead her stepbrother's feelings for her to further deepen and grow, even as they spend more time with her, gradually making them all falling deeper and deeper in love with her each passing day. Not only does this cause increasingly aggressive conflicts between the brothers, but it also causes Ema to experience more and more distress.

As the series progresses onward, and that Ema comes to realize that she is the cause of all the conflicts in her new family, she begins to feel guilty to the point of thinking that they'd all be better off without her, seeing herself as the outsider who've destroyed their peace.

Although Ema fails to see that she has done absolutely nothing wrong, and that none of the conflicts between the brothers are her fault, through it all, she does her best to grin and bear with it, even while keeping her head held high by making it perfectly clear that she only wants to be a member to the family.

Despite how she says that there are times when her heart wavers, especially regarding her stepbrother's romantic feelings towards her, she has faith that she will be able to make it clear someday, and then she, along with her 13 brothers, will finally be able to become a real family.

In the light novel, Ema's personality is a stark difference compared to the anime. As she is seen to be more independent and outspoken when it comes to her brothers attempting to woo her.


Ema is first introduced as the adopted daughter of the famous adventurer Rintarou Hinata.

One day, Ema finds out that he is going to remarry to a successful fashion designer named Asahina Miwa. Rather than bothering them, she decides to move into the Sunrise Residence complex that is owned by the latter. Once her father has remarried, Ema discovers that she has 13 stepbrothers.

As she gets to know all of them, all of the brothers start to fall in love with her, disregarding the fact they are now step siblings.


Hinata Rintarou[]

Despite being home alone more often than not, Ema has a fond relationship with her father, often addressing him as "Papa". When she discovered that she was adopted, Rintarou apologized via text, stating that he would explain soon enough, and attached to the text was a photo of her biological parents. After receiving comfort from her stepbrothers, since he had raised and cared for her, Ema still accepted Rintarou as her father.


He is Ema's pet squirrel. Ema can understand when Juli speaks, unlike the Asahina brothers, with the exception of Louis. Ema has had Juli ever since she was young, and he is always looking out for her by protecting her from the "wolves," intending to "pass judgement on those animals" if any of them get too close to her. He is a member of the "Chii-chan protection society" along with Louis.

He has the ability to take on the form of a human, which he does in Episode 9 in order to clear up the issue of Ema's birth parents. While in it, he also confesses that he loves her.

Masaomi Asahina[]

To Ema, he's someone she can look up to. He takes care of her when she's sick and gives her medicine. At school, in her college preference sheet, she states him as her guardian. It's hard to see if Masaomi loves Ema as a woman. However, in Episode 9 he is shown contemplating how, while Rintarou is away, he has to be like a father to Ema, and how that is a problem for him; indicating that he too has feelings for her. Then, in the Christmas special, when Ema is hurt and they talk in her room, he is visibly moved by her words about how important he is; he then quickly excuses himself.

Ukyo Asahina[]

They are both the cooks of the house. Usually Ukyo takes care of everything, but Ema starts helping with it, Ukyo starts relying on her to help whenever he needs it. When she wants to know how to cut a big piece of meat, he said it's very hard to explain so he stands behind her and shows her. It is stated by Hikaru that the back of his neck became red when he held her hand, meaning that he was blushing. Ukyo was jealous when his brothers called up Ema to tell they won't be present at home. He soon falls in love with Ema like the other brothers. During the Valentine's Day special, he has a fantasy about him and Ema being alone in his room on that day, kissing.

Kaname Asahina[]

He always flirts with Ema. At first, in Episode 1, Ema asks him to stop teasing her, saying how she knows that he is a kind person. Kaname was surprised, but continued to flirt with her before saying goodbye, telling her how he might be serious about it. In the elevator, he is shown smiling after thinking about their encounter. After that, he flirts with her as usual, which makes her blush a lot. Ema is shown to blush frequently whenever she is around Kaname. He is in love with Ema. In Episode 10, he meets Ema after she has said that she would like to be more like a family with her brothers. He tells her that her feelings were well received by the brothers before pulling her into an embrace. He asks her to just stay like that with him for a moment. That's when she notices his tattoo. He then explains how it's symbolic of the old analogy that "the pen is mightier than the sword." Then he tells her that love is more powerful than both of them. He then says that she has said how she feels, and now he intends to make his move. With that, he kisses her on the forehead, and tells her goodnight before leaving.

At the end of the anime, it is implied that his love for her remains, as he appears jealous and worried whenever she tells him that Iori gave her an iris, which has two meanings in the language of flowers. One: "Good luck for things to come." Two: "I will risk everything, to love you."

In the Christmas special, he is the one to come rescue Ema when she has her snowboarding accident and takes her back to the lodge. He appears fairly distraught that she had hurt her ankle and was in danger of getting hypothermia.

Hikaru Asahina[]

When Hikaru appeared, Ema thought he was Ukyo's girlfriend until he stated himself that he was the 4th son, Hikaru. He likes to watch the reactions of his brothers whenever they are next to Ema. So far Hikaru is not yet infatuated by Ema, although he states that he is determined to participate in the next "game". However, his feelings for her, if he possesses any, are always in check.

Tsubaki Asahina[]

Although he likes to tease Ema, in Episode 4 he takes a liking to her after she comforts him. He kisses her, saying that the best way to get a depressed boy back on his feet is a kiss from a cute girl, then kisses her again. Later, in Episode 6, he finally makes his feelings known when, while practicing his lines, he suddenly embraces Ema, who was placing pictures in her scrapbook. He tells her that he won't apologize for kissing her, because he meant it and didn't just do it on the spur of the moment. He then says he'll prove it to her and kisses her again. Ema is shocked by this and pulls away, but Tsubaki advances and pushes her down and pins her on the couch. They look at each other for a moment, before he tells her that he loves her, and that he won't let anyone else have her. He then forcefully kisses her. Ema gradually loses the strength to resist, and just when she is about to give up, Azusa violently pulls Tsubaki off her. She watches, concerned, as they argue about not giving up on her until Tsubaki was told to leave the room due to Azusa's demand. She calls his name as he reaches the stairs, but is shocked to see his fist tighten around his script. He looks at her with conflicted eyes before saying goodnight.

In Episode 7, he becomes concerned and furious when he sees the bite mark on Ema's neck. He then asks who it belongs to. She tries to explain, but he cuts her off saying that it hurts to see it, demanding that she give him an answer to his advances. Azusa comes in just as he is about to kiss her and they argue. Azusa then faints and Tsubaki is left speechless. In Episode 8, he apologizes to Ema about being so pushy, stating that he understands that Azusa was just trying to protect them both. He says he now sees that, if he had continued, he may have hurt her, and she wouldn't have been able to recover. He then embraces her, saying that he knows he has no right to do so before crying on her shoulder. This event only seems to increase his feelings for her, but he begins to be less aggressive and more considerate of her feelings. He firmly states at the end of the anime that he's not about to give her up and that he won't lose to any of his brothers, especially Azusa.

In the Valentines special OVA, just like his brothers, he makes chocolate for her, and imagines that she chooses him and returns his feelings. In Episode 12.5, he dreams of both of them on a beach, with him volunteering to 'protect' her body of the scorching sun by embracing her and kissing her.

Azusa Asahina[]

Even though at first he's confused about his feelings for Ema, he soon realizes that he loves her. In Episode 4, she makes him understand that by not taking the part in the anime, it would hurt Tsubaki. At the time he brushes her off, but Tsubaki tells him that she's right. Later, in Episode 6, when Azusa gave Ema a blurry photo of his younger self, Tsubaki tells him that he won't let Azusa have her. He later is seen talking on the phone with Natsume, who asks him if everyone has changed because of Ema. Azusa merely says that she's just their little sister, but is shown to be contemplating whether or not this is actually true.

He later walks into the living room to find Tsubaki kissing her on top of the couch; he then violently pulls him off of her in a fit of jealous rage. They argue over not giving her up before Azusa tells Tsubaki to leave. Once he does, he turns to Ema and asks her if she's alright. She answers yes and they fall silent. Azusa then stares at her lips with conflict in his eyes. He then tells her to return to her room, and proceeds to say that he had no right to yell at Tsubaki since he is the same and just as bad as his identical brother.

Then in Episode 7, Tsubaki is about to kiss her again when he intervenes, although the condition he had been brushing off for some time causes him to collapse. When admitted to the hospital, in Episode 8, Azusa confesses to Ema that he loves her as a man and not as an older brother, and embraces her, his eye glistening. When he feels her push against he chest slightly he lets her go, realiZing what he'd done, and says, painfully, that even though he knew this would only complicate things for her, because several other brother are also in love with her (i.e. Tsubaki, Natsume, Subaru , Yuusuke, Fuuto, etc.), he still had to tell her the truth. Near the end, he says he now realizes that there are some things that you just can't give up, determinedly stating that he doesn't want to lose to Tsubaki and that he won't give Ema up to anybody. He then holds her in an embrace before kissing her forehead, saying that he won't apologiZe anymore since he loves her more than anyone else. In the end, he and Tsubaki make up, but Azusa makes it clear that he will never give up on Ema.

In the Valentine's Day special, he too tries to make chocolates for Ema, and has a dream of sharing a bath with her, embracing and kissing her from behind. In the 12.5 OVA, he dreams of wishing to make her happy, imagining them alone at a resort and kissing her.

Natsume Asahina[]

Natsume is a game corporation worker, he is the CEO of a game corporation. In the novel, it has been stated that Natsume is the only one who truly understands her. When they first met inside the church, Natsume suddenly wants her to go outside, telling her that she doesn't have anything to do there, until he learns that Ema is their new stepsister. Surprised by this, he is embarrassed. After that, when they meet again for a second time, he gives his business card and is shocked to find out that Ema likes to play the games that his company makes. In Episode 5, he is surprised when he sees her at Subaru's game. After the match, he offers her a ride home, but has to take a business call first. He gets jealous upon seeing Subaru embrace Ema, and tells his younger brother to go back inside. He then asks Ema if she is dating Subaru, which she denies. He then apologises for hurting her, saying that he had not meant to at all, and asks for her forgiveness.

In Episode 8, he give her a ride back from the hospital, and asks her to keep smiling for Tsubaki and Azusa, because her smile would give them strength. In Episode 9, when Ema does not want to return to the apartments, after discovering that she was adopted, Natsume offers her to stay at his home. There, he explained that although they are in conflict, they do need her. That is when he first kisses her, firmly declaring that he was not sorry for doing so.

In Episode 11, he takes her to a video-game event after she finishes her exams. While there, he says that he has to tell her something, but doesn't because he is shocked to find out that Subaru is going pro. After he drops Ema off at home, she wonders what he wanted to tell her, before he runs up behind her and pulls her around into a hug. He then apologises, saying that he couldn't not tell her how he feels. Just as he is about to confess, Subaru shows up and tells Natsume to let Ema go. Natsume is too stunned to move, and ends up getting punched square in the jaw by a furiously jealous Subaru. In anger, he demands to know what Natsume was planning to do to Ema, when she suddenly casts herself between them. Natsume rises and says it's alright. He then tells Ema that he loves her, which shocks her and only augments Subaru's rage. Later, at a park he tells Ema why Subaru hates him so much.

After the surprise party for Yuusuke and Ema, in Episode 12, Ema sees him outside, smoking, Ema finally gives a proper response to all of them. When Ema is about to go, Natsume grabs her wrist, kisses her, and apologises for being a brother like that but nevertheless, like all the brothers, he still loves her. Ema is shocked. Then Hikaru appears out of nowhere and tells Ema that next time he will also join the fray of the brothers conflict on the next season. At the end, he is shown making up with Subaru, before telling his younger brother that he won't give up this time, and that he won't allow any of them to have Ema. Subaru then says that his challenge is accepted, warning that he won't give up either.

In the Christmas special, he helps Ema learn to snowboard, and later talks to her on a hill. At the end he tells her 'Merry Christmas,' along with the other brothers, as the fireworks go off. In the 12.5 OVA, when he envisions his perfect wish, he sees himself giving Ema the spare key to his apartment, telling her that she can use it whenever she wants to, forever. He then kisses her.

In the manga only, at Ema and Yuusuke's graduation party, Ema meets him on the balcony and, after clearing up a misunderstanding, they kiss, becoming a couple. Later, they are shown to be living together. Natsume believes that it was fate for him to end up with Ema because they met in a church for a wedding. Natsume also mention that he can't wait for the day when they'll say their vows in the same place where they met. Juli is later show to be upset by their wedding plans.

Louis Asahina[]

He makes a promise to Juli to help him protect Ema from the other brothers, showing that he cares a lot about her. Louis often fixes Ema's hair for her, particularly for Subaru's birthday party and their parents' wedding, and also to become more than friends. Like his brothers, he is in love with Ema, but does not lose his cool over it. It should be noted that Louis is the only brother that Juli allows to touch and kiss Ema without attacking him.

In one of the Brothers Conflict CDs, Ema sleeps in the same bed as Louis and tells him that he can have her. Later, Louis tells his brothers this, and they get angry. Further on, in the same storyline, Ema and Louis sleep together, consummating their relationship. Afterwards, they tell the brothers that they are a couple.

Subaru Asahina[]

In Episode 2, when he sees Ema out shopping, he hears her saying how amazing he is, and hides behind a building, blushing. Later, he says living with her is annoying, and she overhears him. He genuinely feels bad about her hearing something he didn't mean, and goes to apologise. While there, he passes out and his lips fall on hers. Later, he's even more upset about what happened, causing his game to be off.

Later he asks her to attend one of his matches, because he wants to win in front of her. In Episode 5, she does just that, and Subaru is able to fulfil his own desire to win with her there. After the match, he runs outside tightly embraces Ema, saying that the only reason he was able to do his best is because she was there. He then, hesitantly asks her if she's seeing anyone. When she answers no, he tells her that he wants her by his side forever. They are interrupted by Natsume, who tells Subaru to go back inside. Subaru, still sore at him, angrily leaves. He later tells Juli that he asked Ema to go out with him, and wonders if she could be thinking of accepting.

In Episode 10, he saves Ema from falling off a small bridge, asking her if she was alright. He then tells her that he had received an offer to play professionally, but that if he accepted it would separate them. She asks him to separate her from basketball, and to think of his future. This seems to cheer him up, and he says that he'll think about it more.

In Episode 11, when Subaru sees Natsume embracing Ema, he becomes furious and tells him to let her go. Natsume, shocked, only says his name. Seeing that Natsume didn't move, Subaru then furiously demands that he let her go before running up and punching him square in the jaw. He yells at him, demanding to know what he was planning to do to Ema. His rage only increases when Natsume tells Ema he loves her. Furious, he states that he won't lose to a quitter like Natsume before leaving. Later, he is seen in his room, listening as Ema talks to him from outside his door. Before he can go out, though, Ema leaves, and he punches the door in frustration. In the end, he is shown looking at the tree outside, when Ema comes out to him. He says that he has been acting childish with his anger, and muses over his hatred for Natsume. Subaru quietly says that he let his anger get the better of him, and because of that he punched his brother in front of the woman he loves. He tells Ema to forget about everything he'd said before, then leaves.

In Episode 12, a phone call is received from Subaru, who says that he's doing alright. In a cut scene, he is shown embracing Ema in the front yard, and kisses her on the forehead. Later, at the end, he and Natsume patch things up, but Subaru warns him that it doesn't mean that he's giving up. He won't lose in the race for Ema's heart, and is still very much a competitor.

Iori Asahina[]

When they first met, Iori just greets her. He tries to protect her by stopping Kaname from toying with Ema like he does with his other women. He often gives her flowers with meanings related to her current situations to help her feel better. He gave Ema a red tulip which means "confession of love" also an iris which means "I love you." Iori has said that he will "risk everything" to love Ema.

In the Valentine's Day special he appears at various point throughout the episode, brewing something in his room. It is later revealed that he was making chocolate roses for Ema, and presented a bouquet of them to her at the end. However, the other brothers, who had been making their own chocolates for Ema and had had them ruined, each took a rose and ate it before Ema could eat any.

Yuusuke Asahina[]

Yusuke is Ema's classmate. Yusuke already had a crush on her ever since their first year, and because of this, he can't accept her into his family at first. Despite this, he soon learns to accept it, but suddenly holding off his feelings, he keeps reminding himself that he is digging his own grave.

Begrudgingly, he knows he has to compete against his brothers for Ema's affection. Still, he secretly sees this as his chance to get closer to Ema and tries to enjoy it. Also, Ema seems to trust Yusuke more than his brothers, as stated by a jealous Fuuto. This is probably due to the fact that they spend so much time together in school. Yusuke has also yet to make a serious move on Ema, as he is more aware of her feelings and respects her wishes. He has also clearly stated that he is even willing to hit his brothers if they hurt her.

In the 12.5 OVA, Yusuke mistakenly wastes a wish and regrets it. However, it is revealed, later on, that his ideal wish would be him marrying Ema. He envisioned him running up stairs of a chapel to meet Ema at the top. He, then embraces her tightly as she jumps into his arms and declares to a crown that they'll be together forever, blushing furiously.

Fuuto Asahina[]

When they first met, Fuuto's attitude towards to Ema was so harsh that Ema's image of his sweet idol personal was suddenly torn into pieces. Later, he teases Ema a lot but deeply loves her, even transferring to her high school so he could be with her, though he still thinks he did it for other reasons. He likes to seduce her, even biting her neck with faux vampire fangs. At one point when Ema was asleep he took advantage of it, but stopped because he loved her and couldn't push himself to hurt her. After this revelation, he still maintains his previous attitude towards her, but he begins to wish that she would believe him instead of assuming that he's just teasing her all the time, as shown when he calls to wish her good luck on her finals.

At the end of the anime, Fuuto makes it clear that he is still in the race for Ema's heart, sending a hidden message to her from his live concert. In it, he says that he loves her and that he is not about to give up. Later, he and Yuusuke confront each other, each stating that the war of love isn't over, with Fuuto declaring that he won't lose to any of his brothers.

In the 12.5 OVA, when he pictures his perfect wish, he sees himself alone with Ema, asking her if her feelings had changed. He then tells her that this is the real him speaking, and that it's not an act, before pulling her onto the bed. He looks down longingly at her and sighs, before leaning to kiss her. His fantasy ends before he can though.

Wataru Asahina[]

He immediately accepts Ema as a part of his family, calling her big sister. Wataru is excited and happy to have her in the house. In Episode 11, he gives her several tickets to help her feel better during the exams. One of the tickets was a "Big Helper Ticket" and the others were "Game Day" and "100 Smooches". In Episode 12, Wataru claims that one day he will become a big CEO after he studies and games hard. This happens when Ema and Wataru are gaming with each other in what may be a car race game. In the Valentine's Day Special it is revealed that Wataru is in love with Ema when he decides to give her "Reverse-Choco", a chocolate given to a women to show that he loves her, although like the rest of his brothers he fails to give her the "Reverse-Choco".


  • The name Ema means "picture, painting" (絵) (e) and "hemp, flax" (麻) (ma).
    • Her birth surname Nagami means "eternal" (永) (naga) and "see, hopes, chances, idea, opinion, look at, visible" (見) (mi).
    • Her adoptive surname Hinata means "sunny place" (日向).
    • After Rintarou marries Asahina Miwa, Ema's current surname Asahina means "morning sun" (朝日) (asahi) and "apple tree" (奈) (na).


  • Ema shares her first and last name with Ema Hinata from the Aikatsu Friends! series.
  • Ema's given name "Ema" is never said in the anime, and no one calls her by name.
  • Ema's nickname with Juli, and later Louis, is Chii (ちぃ).
  • Ema and Yuusuke are classmates.
  • In the Light Novel, the first to kiss Ema is Kaname.
  • The room she is using previously belonged to Natsume.
  • She and Louis are the only ones who can communicate with Juli.
  • She is very good at cooking.
  • She plans to enter Meiji University.
  • She loves zombie games.
  • Amamiya Reiko, (Ukyo's ex-girlfriend) looks a lot like her but both have different personalities.
  • Her real father was also an adventurer like Rintarou.
  • According to Yuusuke's route, Ema had shoulder length hair when they started high school.
  • She doesn't know how to wink.
  • Yuusuke and Ema have been classmates ever since they were in their first year of high school.
  • Ema has a daughter named Chitose with Subaru in the novel.
  • Ema and Masaomi are married in Masaomi's route and later they are expecting a child.
  • She is engaged to Natsume only in the manga Natsume feat.
  • Kaname calls her Imouto-chan, which means "Little Sister".
  • Her zodiac sign is Libra, the Scale.