Kanji 千秋
Romanji Chiaki
Gender Male
Birthday May 23[1]
Eyes Light Blue
Hair Gray
Blood Type AB[1]
Professional Status
Occupation Monk
Partner Yuusei and Kaname
Personal Status
Status Alive
Anime Debut Episode 10
Game Brothers Conflict: Passion Pink
Japanese Voice Ishida Akira
English Voice Joel McDonald

Chiaki  (千秋) is a member of the Buddha Club. He is called "Chi-chan" by Kaname.


Chiaki has gray hair and light blue eyes. Just like Kaname, he wears a ceremonial Japanese robe, his signature color being violet, and earrings on his right ear.


Like Kaname, he is charming and kind towards potential customers, which is shown when he first meets Ema, whom he greets with flattery. In the second season's first volume of the light novel, Ema was taken to see him at a party. He reveals his true personality, shown to be arrogant controlling when he attempts to publicly rape Ema. His dislike towards Kaname and Yuusuke is apparent when they come to rescue her, in which he retorts that they are "perverted brothers".


Kaname Asahina Edit

He is a monk with Kaname. They seems to be on friendly terms.

Ryuusei Edit

They work in the same place. They get along well with each other.


  • In Episode 10 he mistakes Ema for a customer.
  • Unlike Kaname and Ryuusei, he has alot of accessories on his hands.
  • He is called ''Chii-chan'' a nickname by Kaname, it is very similar to ''Chii-chan'' because Juli calls Ema ''Chii-chan'' too.



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