Brothers Conflict Wiki

Chapter 1[]

Natsume meets Ema at the altar where their parents (Asahina Miwa and Hinata Rintaro) are to be married. Natsume does not find out that Ema is his sister until the day of the wedding because Tsubaki did not inform him (on purpose).

During work, he was shocked because the almost complete game was frozen because the higher ups thought that the game would not sale well because of its high level of difficulty.

Natsume then remembers his promise to Ema and stops by the Sunrise Residence on his way home to give her the game samples. He sees Subaru but decides not to call him. Azusa notice Natsume standing in front of the house because he forgot to bring his keys. Natsume told Azusa that he had an errand near by and that he's there to give Ema a sample of the game and leaves.

Chapter 2[]

Natsume is in a bookstore, reading Basketball Monthly (a magazine dedicated to basketball). He sees that Subaru is "in a slump" and wonders what is going on. He then recieves a call from Azusa saying they are hosting their annual Sakura viewing picnic and asks if Natsume is coming but hangs up before Natsume could answer. Natsume sighs and states he just went with his colleagues and it was a complete disaster but goes anyways.

When he arrives he sees his siblings and Ema had already started to eat. Azusa sees him and invites him over. When Natsume says that they would have been fine without him Azusa chides him and says "you should at least try to attend our family gatherings" and also makes a reference that didn't Natsume want to see Ema, to which Natsume is confused.

Recalling things that he's done with/ for Ema so far, Natsume wonders what on earth Azusa could mean by his late comment when Tsubaki starts to sing and creates a riot. Ema realises Natsume has arrived and gives him some food from the bento that she and Ukyo made. As Natsume eats, he sees that Ema is looking at him with a worried expression and says with a smile "why are you looking so worried? It's good. Honestly". Relieved, she smiles and Natsume stares at her in wonder. Subaru then asks Ema if she has a minute and goes away with her for a moment.

Sudden shouting has Natsume turn around to see his younger siblings Yusuke and Fuuto fighting because Yusuke poured juice onto Fuuto. Hikaru comments that it was funny and is surprised to see Natsume going to call them off. Natsume tells them to cut it out, but in a moment to confusion, Yusuke slips and all three fall into the lake. Embarrassed, Ukyo and everyone else tells them to get out. Ema comes back from her talk with Subaru and offers Natsume a handkerchief which he accepts. Natsume inquires about what Ema and Subaru were talking about but Ema says it was nothing.

Azusa suggests Natsume return to the condo to take a shower and Natsume agrees. Ema walks away and both Azusa and Natsume stare after her in puzzlement. After Natsume's shower, he gets out so see Subaru sitting on the couch. He asks about his slump but is surprised when Subaru tells its none of his business.

A month later, Natsume excuses himself for a while before his next meeting to go see Subaru's basketball match and sees that Subaru is doing well on contrary to what the magazine said. Subaru looks up and smiles at someone in the audience and Natsume is surprised that the person in none other than Ema herself. 

Chapter 3[]

Natsume was surprised to see Ema watching Subaru's basketball game and decides to greet her. They stay for the duration of the game, which Meiji university wins.

Ema was thinking about staying and waiting for Subaru, but Natsume says that if she's worried she could just leave him a message and talk to him at home. They head to the train station as it was about to rain. Natsume gets a call from work from one of his clients and excuses himself, asking Ema to wait for him.

A few minutes later, Natsume sees Subaru run out and talk to Ema and kiss her hand. Natsume finishes his call and tells Subaru to go back to his team and to not get cocky just because he won the game. Subaru storms off in anger.

Natsume asked Ema if she is dating Subaru. Ema says no and also says that she regrets coming to watch Subaru's match.

At work, Natsume is thinking about Ema and gets teased by his colleague Kazamatsuri and his boss about it. His boss says that Ema reacted the way she did because she did not want to be misunderstood. Natsume looks confused.

As Natsume is hanging his clothes, he receives a call from Azusa. He initially plans to ignore it but ends up picking up anyways. He heads to the condo and finds that it was just to help Tsubaki find his snorkeling equipment for his, Azusa, Natsume and Ema's upcoming trip to the beach. Natsume tells Ema not to work too hard and pats her head. They search for the equipment together but then Ema accidentally knocks down a figurine. Natsume shelters her from the figurine but ends up in a compromising position where Ema is against the wall. He looks at her in wonder but is interrupted by the appearance of Tsubaki and Azusa, who asks Ema why her face is red. Natsume wonders aloud to himself about what that feeling he had just then was.

Chapter 4[]

They arrive at the beach and Ema stares in wonder at the scene before her.

Tsubaki is surprised that Natsume came along. Natsume says he only came because Azusa said he would not be able to handle Tsubaki alone. He then realises that neither of Tsubaki nor Azusa is hiding their love for Ema, and in hindsight neither is Subaru. He wonders what would happen if Ema accepts their feelings but catches himself at it.

Tsubaki asks Ema to come swimming with them and is not surprised that Ema didn't bring a bikini. He takes one from out of nowhere, which shocks everyone. Natsume realises Ema is looking uncomfortable and takes her away suddenly, leaving Tsubaki and Azusa to stare after them curiously.

Ema asks Natsume why he pulled her away and he says it was because she was looking uncomfortable. He apologises and says that it would be fine if she didn't want to change into a bikini in their presence, since even though they are siblings, they have only known each other for a short while so it is ok to refuse. Ema says it's okay and that she has always wanted to snorkel and asks Natsume to teach her since he is coming as well. As punishment for stealing Ema away, Tsubaki and Azusa make Natsume prepare the BBQ but realises that they didn't bring meat. They drive off to buy the meat while Natsume prepares to cut the vegetables but receives a call from work instead. His colleague Kazamatsuri says that his boss went to the event instead of him and will "kill" Natsume if he doesn't bring a gift for her. Natsume asks his colleague what he should get for a woman, unaware that Ema had arrived and was standing in the doorway listening to his conversation, looking sad. He is startled when he sees her and she asks where Tsubaki and Azusa are and Natsume replies they went to buy the meat. Ema then begins to prepare the vegetables but Natsume tells her to go and take a break since it's his punishment. Ema argues that it was because of her that he is being punished so she should help as well. They cut the vegetables side by side and Natsume states that she works too hard. Ema shakes her head and says she has been relying on Natsume and Natsume is confused. Ema notices Natsume's speed at cutting vegetables and remarks at it in surprise. Natsume begins to tell her about how he became like this but abruptly stops because it is related to his past

Ema accidentally cuts her finger and Natsume, acting on impulse, grabs her hand and kisses her finger. He apologizes just as the image of Subaru kissing Ema pops up, which makes Natsume wonder why he is thinking of that incident at a time like this. He starts to realise his feelings for Ema may not just be that of siblings.

Chapter 5[]

Natsume is getting a haircut at where Louis works and Louis asks if something happened at the villa since Ema has been acting strange. Louis thinks it may be because Ema is in love. They then see Wataru and Ema come into the shop. Natsume asks about how Ema had been and notices the cut has healed, which makes him remember the incident at the villa where he kissed her cut and realises his feelings stem much further than that of siblings, even to the point where he is jealous of Subaru.

Later that day, his boss approaches Natsume and asks for two favors. One to get Tsubaki and Azusa to do some CV's for it. He agrees and realizes with a start that all of his siblings are all very accomplished (a list appears in his head) and remembers what Louis said to him about Ema falling in love. His boss brings him back to his senses and tells him about the second favor, which is to attend a meeting with his colleague Kazamatsuri the next day to repay her for the event she went to in his stead while he was at the villa, which he says ok too.

After his meeting finishes, Natsume receives a call from Azusa saying Ema didn't come home. He rushes off to find Ema and finds Ema in a deserted alleyway. 

Chapter 6[]

Natsume says that he is worried about Ema as he approaches her. He then proceeds to text everyone that he's found Ema but she stops him saying she doesn't want to go back to the mansion. Ema asked Natsume why he comes to look for her and that he could have just left her alone. Natsume asked ema what happened, and when she doesn't answer offers to let her stay in his apartment for the night.

When they get to Natsume's apartment, Natsume asks Ema again what happened. She says nothing happened but explains in the end that in order to get the passport, she needed a copy of her family register. When she saw she was an adopted daughter she was very shocked. Natsume was also shocked to find out that Ema was adopted and believes that Rintaro should have told her even at least during the wedding if not before. Ema feels she has no right to stay with the rest of the family because she is not related to anyone by blood.

She is about to leave when Natsume grabs her and kisses her, saying he will not let Ema go since he will be at her side so she has no reason to say she does not have a place to stay. He holds her as she cries onto his shoulder.

Chapter 7[]

The chapter begins with a flashback to when Natsume and SUbaru's relationship takes a plunge when Natsume goes for a job interview and tells Subaru that he will be quitting Track and Field when he reaches university.

Then, returning to the present, Natsume realises his inferiority to Tsubaki, Azusa, and Subaru. He also says that every time he sees Subaru's face he feels guilty about giving up, which is why he is never going to quit or let go of Ema, no matter what happens. Ema finishes crying and Natsume holds her wrist and asks her to stay the night. Ema says that she is sorry and that she is still depending on Natsume, to which Natsume replies with a genuine smile that if it is Ema, he's fine with her depending on him. They both lie awake, facing away from each other.

Natsume turns around when Ema was shocked to see his cats, Tsubaki and Azusa crawled on the blanket. Natsume was surprised and removes the cats. He then asks why she is not asleep. His feelings make him want to kiss her again but he refrains from doing so because he realises he wouldn't be able to hold himself back if he did.

Right before he falls asleep, he also realises that, should Subaru find out, their already frail bond would probably break ad never mend itself.

Chapter 8[]

Natsume was surprised when he received a text from Ema that her first choice of is Meiji business college, the same university that Subaru is currently attending. His colleague Mazamatsuri just happens to see and they start arguing.

In order to finish the park on time, the higher ups order each department to help. Natsume's boss picks him and Kazamatsuri from their department to help out.

He becomes very busy and in the end was not able to ask why Ema chose Meiji. It has been 4 months since he last saw her and the love he feels for her has grown stronger than before. He also realises he'd never confessed his feelings to Ema.

As a congratulatory present, Natsume is given beta tester tickets to the amusement park. As a reward for taking the Entrance Exams, Natsume takes Ema there and is beaten continuously by Ema (20 times in a row). Natsume says he is glad that Ema enjoyed herself. Ema says that she would like to come again with all their siblings, to which Natsume replies that "are you planning to give us all a whopping?" She rebuffs him and states that several of their siblings would be hard to play against and mentions Subaru going pro. Natsume was surprised at the news.

Natsume meets his boss who warns him not to let his brothers steal Ema. Natsume wants to confess to ema but realises that Subaru is the better option for ema because, unlike Natsume, who gave up halfway, Subaru worked hard and focused on his dream. Natsume thought that Ema's affection for Subaru had tipped already so she chose Meiji. He says to his boss that there is nothing going on between him and Ema and by chance, Ema just happens to be there standing in the doorway. She also hears about the gift Natsume bought for his boss.

Chapter 9[]

As Natsume drives Ema back to Sunrise Residence, he asks her if she is alright, sensing something is going on since she is being very quiet. Ema says that she is just tired from doing so many things today. Natsume smiles and continues driving.

When they get back to the apartment, Ema thanks Natsume for the fun day and tells him to take care but hesitates as she opens the door to get out of the car. In the end, she closes the door and walks away.

Natsume is frustrated as he lights a cigarette since he didn't get to confess his feelings to Ema because he gave up after hearing about Subaru, thinking him to be the better man for Ema but regains his resolve as he stubs his cigarette and gets out after Ema. he grabs her by the arm just as she is about to enter Sunrise Residence and confesses his feelings to her. Before he can say he loves her, Subaru arrives and tells him to get away from Ema. He then proceeds to punch Natsume on the side of his mouth, causing to hit the asphalt from the impact. He is about to explain to Subaru when Ema gets in between them and Subaru storms off in anger.

Ema takes Natsume to her room and proceeds to clean Natsume's wound and gives him an icepack. Natsume apologizes, saying his only intention was to stop her but that he didn't check their surroundings before doing so. Ema hands Natsume a band-aid and Natsume thanks her. Ema asks him why he hugged her even though he thinks there is nothing between her and him. Before he can answer, Tsubaki and Azusa barge into Ema's room, asking her is she wants to go to the amusement park with them to celebrate, but stop when they see Natsume with Ema.

In Azusa's room, Tsubaki and Azusa question Natsume about being alone with Ema in her room. Natsume says that she was just patching him up and Azusa sees that Natsume did something that provoked someone to punch him. Tsubaki then asks Natsume about what he thinks of Ema, saying that both he and Azusa are serious about her and that if he doesn't feel the same he should butt out. Natsume replies that he loves Ema as a woman and will not back off or give up where she is concerned.

Chapter 10[]

Natsume is being teased by his colleague and his boss for wearing a face mask. They immediately deduce the reason was because he was punched by his younger brother (though not specifically which one) because of Ema.

Azusa texts Natsume and asks if he’s coming to Sunrise Residence for Ema and Yusuke's graduation party. He is hesitant to agree since he has been trying, and failing, to message Ema ever since the incident where Subaru punched him.

He then sees Subaru passing by in front of his apartment and calls out to him and they talk. Subaru apologises for punching him and said that just because he loves Ema doesn’t make it an excuse.

Subaru: Because of her I was able to do my best in basketball. I loved her.

Natsume: Whatever course you went through, you showed results through basketball and became a pro. It’s amazing. Even now, I’m going to cheer for you. Do your best.

Subaru leaves, leaving Natsume thinking about how persistent, serious, and sincere he must be about his feelings towards Ema.

Natsume resolves to do the same and finally replies to Azusa, saying he’ll come.

On the day of the party, Natsume couldn’t get close to Ema because she’s always surrounded by the other brothers which are fine for her because she’s purposelessly trying to avoiding him.

Azusa confronts Natsume, who sighs and says he needs to go out to the terrace to smoke when Ema comes out, sees him, and calls out to him. Natsume finds out that Ema was tricked into coming out by Azusa who said that Tsubaki, not Natsume, was there. Natsume recalls the time when the three of them were talking in the room (Tsubaki, Azusa, and Natsume) telling him that they (Tsubaki and Azusa) can’t believe that they lost to him and that they had never been in her room and realizes that they knew about his feelings towards Ema.

Natsume smiles and congratulates her on graduating. Ema thanks him and tries to leave immediately but Natsume grabs her hand. Ema says that she is just nothing to him and doesn’t consider her someone important so why would he stop her from leaving. Natsume asks what that was about and finds out that Ema misunderstood a lot of things such as the souvenir for someone from the beach chapter as well as what Natsume told his boss to stop her from pestering him about him and Ema. He clears these misunderstandings one by one and Ema is glad that they were all her own misunderstandings. She says this, and Natsume grins and asks her why she was glad. Ema blushes as she tried to confess, muttering a few words but is beat to the point by natsume (see conversation below).

Natsume: Why are you glad?

Ema: Ah… That’s… Towards Natsume-san, I…

Natsume: —-I love you. I said it before too. But that’s not it. I want to be by your side. Being your older brother is not enough.

Ema: Me too… Being your little sister is not enough.

After some time, they agree to meet up after Natsume attends the wedding of a colleague. As they’ re walking Ema mentions how she looks up to June brides. Natsume thinks back on how they first met in a chapel and how it must be fate but he sets the idea aside, blushing a little because he was thinking of something illicit. Ema asks him if there’s something wrong because his face is red (see conversation below). 

Natsume: No… It’s just a small cold. Can you nurse me?

Ema: Yes, of course. In that case, let’s head back to the apartment so you can rest…

Natsume: Then… Stay in my home the whole time. I won’t let you go home.

Natsume thinks aloud that he hopes that someday the chapel where they met would not just be a place of meeting, but a place where they exchange their vows!

Chapter 10.5[]

Natsume thinks that Ema has been acting strange lately. All she does, even at his apartment, is stare at her phone and smile goofily but says nothing is wrong whenever he asks what is going on. He thinks back and finds that this started only after he and his colleague Kazamatsuri met Ema on the streets and he (Kazamatsuri) exchanged numbers with Ema. He questions Kazamatsuri about it and he admits that they have been texting frequently but when Natsume asks what about Kazamatsuri just laughs and says that could it be Natsume is jealous, to which Natsume blushes and states that he would like to punch Kazamatsuri.

When he gets home he sees Ema acting strange again. He decides to confront Ema in the kitchen, trapping her between him and the counter as he demands an explanation. Ema is reluctant to answer, which leads Natsume to believe that something is going on between her and Kazamatsuri. Ema relents and shows Natsume her cell phone, which contains a whole lot of pictures of Natsume at work because Ema hardly gets to see that side of him. We see Kazamatsuri on the other side of the line laughing his head off and saying this is so amusing while, on the other hand, we see Natsume silently fuming and declaring that he wants to "kill" Kazamatsuri while Ema stands where she is and smiles awkwardly.