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I'm writing this page to inform you all about Brothers Conflict Season 2

I would like to say that we all have been waiting for Brothers Conflict Season 2 for A LONG TIME now.

  • We all know that the September, 2017 date was FAKE.

To everyone, the only proof about Brothers Conflict Season 2 being confirmed is Hikaru's words from Episode 12, the final episode. But now in 2022 we think it was of course most likely not helpful to figure it out.

"Instead, the next race is going to begin now. In other words, the Brothers Conflict is going to keep going for a good while to come. And I'll also be entering the fray this time, so good luck to us both."


However, to me, that's not the only proof that Brothers Conflict Season 2 is confirmed. Recently, I've found something else.


Now before you ask any questions about that site, let me explain what is it first.

When Release is a site where you can be informed of events dealing with Devices(Phones, Game Consoles), Cartoons(Western Animation), Anime(Eastern Animation), Movies, Games, etc.. When Release can tell you if something new/ a new season is announced and/or tell you when it's going to be released. Now..the article about Brothers Conflict was written on February 2nd, 2016. According to the article, Brothers Conflict Season 2 is confirmed, They thought it would be out in 2017,But now 2022 we are left waiting for new at the moment.

Honestly, my feelings for this site = Skeptical. However, I also use this site and article as a sense of Hope. Before now, we haven't heard ANYTHING about Brothers Conflict Season 2 being confirmed. And now, after all this time, When Release is saying that it's confirmed and coming out this year. I don't know whether the article is true or not, but to know that there's SOMETHING about BroCon Season 2 being confirmed means that there HAS to be something going on. So even if you don't believe what the article says, please at least take it as a sense of Hope. Let's move on now.. But even now we will not loose any hope,Due to how popular and money it has made theres no doubt there gonna make another season eventually but there just keeping us waiting for a little longer than expected but we will be able to watch an Brother conflixt season 2 ep 1 .

Also, please note that the article is something that I've found, and I don't know whether it's true or not.


Update: 3/18/17(You all might not like it at first, but it gets better)

  • The article I mentioned previously has been altered to "2017, to be announced." However, remember that there IS still proof toward season 2 being released, Hikaru's words.
  • Season 2 is probably taking so long because:
    • They were working on a new game, Precious Baby.
    • They made 2 OVAS on 2014 and 2015
    • They are POSSIBLY working on season 2 now

Here's where it gets better(kinda)...

  • First, there have been rumors going on about BroCon Season 2. Apparently, it's suppose to be released Summer, 2017. Again, this is only a rumor.
  • I did some research, too. I have found an article that revealed the release date(NOTE: I DON'T KNOW WHETHER THIS IS TRUE OR NOT).
  • The article CLAIMED that Brothers Conflict Season 2 will be released on July 2, 2017.
  • The article was made on February 24, 2017(so it's recent and possibly more reliable).
  • Link:

So you may be asking... What's the significance if there's no confirmed release date, only rumors?

  • Remember that rumors can be TRUE or FALSE, so there's always a chance.
  • Before, there was literally NO NEWS about Season 2 being released. Now we have some news about Season 2, which is a sign that season 2 is probably being worked on at this very moment.
  • Now there's more evidence that Season 2 will be released.

To be honest, I was about to give up on Season 2 being released, but when I found this new information, it encouraged me to not give up and keep researching to find a release date. So don't give up.


  • I know July 2nd, 2017 is around the corner, but please remember that July 2nd, 2017 is a rumored release date, which means that it can be either true or false.
  • Like I said before, I'm simply informing you all about the articles I find about Season 2.


  • We can now say the July 2nd, 2017 date is a false rumor.
  • From now on, we should depend on information found from official Brain Base, Funimation, BroCon's official site, Crunchyroll, etc.
  • If anyone finds any information, please do not hesitate to share it.
  • We still have Hikaru's words as proof, right?


  • The "July 2nd, 2017" article that I mentioned went through some changes lately.
  • They changed the "release date" from "July 2nd, 2017" to "November 2, 2017"
  • Should you believe it? Nope.
  • If it were true in the first place, they wouldn't have had changed it.


  • I took the time to look up Brothers Conflict's voice actors.


Official BroCon Twitter:


Masaomi's Voice Actor:


Ukyo's Voice Actor:

His Twitter:


Kaname's Voice Actor:

His Twitter:


Hikaru's Voice Actor:


Tsubaki's Voice Actor:


Azusa's Voice Actor:


Natsume's Voice Actor:


Louis' Voice Actor:


Subaru's Voice Actor(Same guy who voices Sebastian):


Iori's Voice Actor:

His Twitter:


Yusuke's Voice Actor:


Futo's Voice Actor:

His Blog:

His Twitter:


Wataru's Voice Actor's Main Twitter:

Other Site:


Ema's Voice Actor:

Her Blog:

Her Twitter:



  • So if nobody ever knew, Vic Mignogna is a famous English Dub voice actor who has voiced a lot of the famous anime characters you know today, for example, Tamaki Suou, Edward Elric, and Asahina Futo. Recently, I watched a video(uploaded April 11, 2017) about him at Kawaii Kon 2017, and he discussed his recording experiences and conventions. At the beginning of the video, he made a lists of the things he's working on.. he said "Black Butler... Free... Tokyo Raven... Sailor Moon..." and many others. Then he told a short story about how he loves Free. After the story, he pulled out his phone again. '''''BOOM''''' "Brothers Conflict." My first reaction was "WAIT... ''WHAT''?! What is he working on?! Brothers Conflict?! '''2017'''?! HUH?!" I got so hype because I thought that Brothers Conflict was completely finished, but for him to be working on something about Brothers Conflict in 2017, it makes me want to know what he's working on. Could it be dubbing a song? Could it be... ''Season two''?!
  • Vic Mignogna at Kawaii Kon 2017:


  • So in regards to Vic Mignogna, I took the time to e-mail him. I wrote, "Hi, Vic Mignogna! You are my absolute favorite voice actor! I love how you can act and sing, and it makes me appreciate you more as a voice actor. Although I intend going to college to become a medical doctor, I will always make time to witness your work because you are an inspiring man. Brothers Conflict is one of my favorites, and I know that you voice for Futo. So I wanted to ask if you are working on anything regarding Brothers Conflict because a lot of fans want to know the status of Brothers Conflict(i.e. whether there will be a season 2 or not, a new song, etc). If you read this, thank you for taking the time out of your busy day."
  • His response was "Hi Sydney, Thanks for your email! I'm so glad you're enjoying my work! Brothers Conflict was a lot of fun, even though my character was such a jerk! I have not heard of anything new with that show, but I would love to do more! I'll look forward to seeing you at a convention someday soon!"
  • Even though I am kind of sad that he hasn't heard anything about the show, the fact that he '''''responded '''''is so amazing because he's so famous and so busy, so you wouldn't think that he would have the time to respond to fan mail. Either way, I'm very grateful. :)


  • t's been nearly a year since I've updated this, and I would like to officially say that Brothers Conflict Season 2 is not going to be released. Yes, I know it is sad, but I've accepted it already...
  • I want to give a huge thanks to everyone for sticking with me with this page.
  • Here are some responses to the general comments...
    • "Oh, she's not telling the truth!" 'To begin, I have always stated that the articles may or may not be true. I have never claimed that Brothers Conflict would be released on a specific date, since there was never any solid/official news. 'Twas only a rumor.
    • "It's 2017/2018, and it's still not out." We get this. Commenting this obvious statement every day is not going to make Brothers Conflict Season 2 appear.'
    • "I hope season 2 comes out" 'Even though it's 2018, I still hope it comes out one day, but for now, we all have to accept that it is not going to be released. I do know that someone started a petition, though. As a fanbase, we all need to unite. If we can prove that Brothers Conflict is popular enough, then maybe(?) the creator can work on a second season.
  • Despite the bad news, I want to recommend something to everyone... So recently, I've been reading a few fan-made Brothers Conflict stories on Quotev, and they really have made an impact on me. The people who write these stories insert their own O.C. with their own distinct personality, and to be honest, it's satisfying because Ema does not have much of a personality in the show. The stories always make me wonder how much better Brothers Conflict could be if they added that one character or if they added more personality to Ema. I do not read many novels, however, stories like these make me love reading.
  • Here are the stories! The link takes you to the very first page!
  • If you like Ouran High School Host Club, I suggest reading "Conflicted" or "Wallflower" first. (╭☞^ᴥ^)╭☞
  • "Names Cause Panic" mentions gangs and gang violence, so read if you dare(it's a good story, nonetheless). I actually liked Futo in this story. ¯\_ʘ ͜ʖʘ_/¯
  • "Fae, Ema, and Family" is based on the game! Kaname really acts like a fool in this story! (¬  ͜ʖ¬ )


  • #IStandWithVic
  • Vic Mignogna is an innocent man!!!


  • Wow! It has been almost a year since I have last updated this!
  • Happy 2020, everyone!


  • I'm just realizing that a bunch of stuff from this page was removed, so I had to undo many changes. -_-
  • Something that I am interested in, however, is the game. There are summaries of the game on the wiki, but I really want to see them myself. Plus, it kind of sucks that the game is officially translated into English, but apparently it is not popular enough in the United States.
  • There are youtubers who are proficient in Japanese that have translated part of the game so far.
    • RestingPeachFace: She has only played Yusuke's route, which was adorable, and I think she needs to play more routes!!
    • Kayla'sLovely: She has played Tsubaki's route and is currently trying to finish Masaomi's.
  • However, I am not sure why, but they have received copyright strikes from Youtube from doing these types of videos. I'm not sure why youtube is deciding to copyright strike them now when they made those videos a while ago.
  • I've been thinking about this for a while now, but I really want to get the game and help translate it. I am currently teaching myself Japanese(through a book and duolingo), but I just know that kanji will be difficult to learn.
    • But let's just say that I do manage to translate it... how will I post it?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments.