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After her dad remarries, Ema moves into the Asahina Family house and acquires 13 new step-brothers. Ema intended to live peacefully with them as a family, but the sudden appearance of a girl in an all male household causes an uproar. Going on with their lives, the brother’s feelings for her start to change and could be the start of a romance or being close friends.

English Dub[]

On November 26, 2014, Funimation announced the DVD & Blu-ray release and English Dub of the first season of Brothers Conflict.

"Your favorite brothers (and squirrel) will be coming to home video in English! That’s right, Brothers Conflict will be releasing on Blu-ray and DVD in Fall 2015. Look for more details (including a cast announcement) ." - official blog quote. 

On November 12, 2015, it was annouced that the dub/DVD & Blu-ray release was delayed until March 8, 2016.

"Brothers Conflict – Complete Series (Limited Collector's Edition Blu-ray, Standard DVD)."

The English Dub Promotion Trailer

Cast & Crew

Ema Asahina  Colleen Clinkenbeard
Masaomi Asahina  J. Michael Tatum
Ukyo Asahina  Christopher R. Sabat
Kaname Asahina  Ian Sinclair
Hikaru Asahina  Todd Haberkorn
Tsubaki Asahina  Micah Solusod
Azusa Asahina  Josh Grelle
Natsume Asahina  Kyle Hebert
Louis Asahina  Jerry Jewell
Subaru Asahina  David Matranga
Iori Asahina  Eric Vale
Yusuke Asahina  Matthew Mercer
Futo Asahina  Vic Mignogna
Wataru Asahina  Bryce Papenbrook
Juli  Sonny Strait
Rintaro Hinata  David Wald
Miwa Asahina  Jamie Marchi
Kazuma Sasakura  Ricco Fajardo
Mahoko Imai

Lindsay Seidel

Kishida Kaori Morgan Garrett
ADR Director  Colleen Clinkenbeard


No. Title Summary Original Air Date
1 "The First Conflict: Brothers"
(第一衝突: 兄弟 "Dai ichi shōtotsu: Kyōdai")
Though I can meet when I want to meet, it is too near to whisper love I'll love you for now on don't forg~et me

In the wake of her father's remarriage, Ema is supposed to live with most of her brothers.

Looking forward to the increase in her family, the only child is moving to the apartment 「Sunrise Residence」 in Kichijoji. Thus her everyday life, will change drastically...

2 July 2013
2 "The Second Conflict: Confusion"
(第二衝突: 混乱 "Dai ni shōtotsu: Konran")
A few days after Ema moved to the Asahina House, a birthday party to celebrate Subaru's adulthood was going to be held. Wanting to open up to her brothers and be a 「Family」 in both name and reality soon―― was what Ema thought. At the request of Ukyo, Ema prepares a homemade cake. The cake was popular with the brothers, giving her a sigh of relief.

However, on that night, the words of Subaru that she overheard struck Ema in the chest...

9 July 2013
3 "The Third Conflict: Promise"
(第三衝突: 約束 "Dai san shōtotsu: Yakusoku"
By chance, Ema stopped by at a DVD rental store, and saw Fuuto's appearance. Forgetting he is an Idol, Ema unintentionally called out to him....

A few days later―― Father・Rintarou, Mother of Asahina Brothers・Miwa's wedding is going to be conducted. While the preparation is underway, Ema will be surprised to learn the truth. That is, being involved with The Asahina house's Brothers...!?

16 July 2013
4 "The Fourth Conflict: Jealousy"
(第四衝突: 嫉妬 "Dai shi shōtotsu: Shitto")
Tsubaki and Azusa extend an invitation, to the a game event where the 2 were set to appear to Ema and Yusuke. In the waiting room, she heard how Tsubaki was actually inspirated by the work he is auditioning for to be a Seiyuu, and knows how Tsubaki feels when he applies for the profession of a 「Seiyuu」, and supports Tsubaki but...

After that day, Ema asked Natsume's help for cheats to get pass the game, she hears the about the things that were bothering Tsubaki and Azusa.

23 July 2013
5 "The Fifth Conflict: Submersion"
(第五衝突: 浸水 "Dai go shōtotsu: Shinsui")
As Ema went into town to buy things in the middle of the cherry blossom viewing, met Subaru in the streets by coincidence . Along the way back to the cherry blossom viewing venue where the brothers waited, she was told to 「Come watch the game」 with a serious look on his face, and on a later date, decides to go and watch the basketball game to support him. There, Natsume who is concerned about the emotionally unstable Subaru appears...? 30 July 2013
6 "The Sixth Conflict: Picture"
(第六衝突: 写真 "Dai roku shōtotsu: Shashin")
Yusuke and Ema were promoted into 3rd years in high school. However a surprising person appears in front of her during the entrance ceremony for the new 1st year students.

On the other hand, the relationship between Tsubaki and Azusa changed――. One evening, Azusa is in denial with the special feelings that were beginning to sprout, making a drastic move, Tsubaki declared war against Azusa for her.

6 August 2013
7 "The Seventh Conflict: Limit"
(第七衝突: 限界 "Dai nana shōtotsu: Genkai")
Ema and Yusuke's class were determine to do a bulter cafe during the cultural festival, thus the 2 gave their attention to the preparations. Ema is even more tired with the overlapping exam study, and carelessly fell asleep in the living room. But a certain person appeared there――.

On the other hand, the said anime has started at last, although Azusa is originally fired up for Tsubaki, his complexion was not good, but lies, as his physically condition gradually deteriorates.

13 August 2013
8 "The Eight Conflict: Nightmare"
(第八衝突: 悪夢 "Dai hachi shōtotsu: Akumu")
Azusa ends up in the hospital and his siblings try to help him out especially Ema. Tsubaki doesn't really know what to do when his twin was brought to the hospital because he felt responsible for Azusa's current condition. Ema and Natusme talk to Tsubaki about this and he decides to visit his twin.

Ema picks up the official family register which was needed for her passport and sees something unexpected.

20 August 2013
9 "The Ninth Conflict: Vision"
(第九衝突: 夢幻 "Dai kyu shōtotsu: Bijon")
Ema finds out the truth about her identity, she is adopted daughter of Rintarou, depressed finding out that she is adopted she thinks that she is an outsider and can't go back, worried that Ema didn't come back to mansion and won't pick up her phone Natsume comes find her, she refuses to go back so he take her to his apartment. There she tell him about her identity, Natsume comforts her and says her to stay over at his apartment.

The next day Louis and Juli come to pick her up and take her to park where Louis tell her that he is also adopted, he also thought he was outsider but Miwa treated him like all other sons, he than tells her its heart that connects all not blood. Juli comes to Ema's dream and tell her he knew about her parents but afraid to tell. After that Ema feels much better and agree to go back to mansion.

The episode ends with Masaomi saying that he should act as substitute of Rintarou for Ema's sake.

27 August 2013
10 "The Tenth Conflict: Equinoctial Week"
(第十衝突: 彼岸 "Dai jyu shōtotsu: Higan")
As the family trip is cancelled due to everyone's busy schedule, Kaname invites every one to his buddha club event in which he is the host, everyone agrees and Natsume, Ema, Hikaru, Subaru, Ukyo, Masaomi, Azusa, Fuuto and Wataru go on a trip as rest of the brothers are busy. On their way Hikaru asks Ema if anything happened in Natsume's which startles Natsume of them and Natsume tells nothing happened they are siblings and Ema agrees. He then asks if anything happened in the hospital Azusa is shocked and tells nothing happened on which Natsume looks him suspiciously.

At the festival Wataru asks Ema to show him around there they see Fuuto's concert and later a guy named Chiaki who is friend of Kaname meets Ema, and tells her if she is follower then Kaname comes and tell they are siblings another monk name Yuusei comes and tells them to go back to customers or they yell on them, Yuusei tells Ema that faily love is true love and that will keep them together in conflict. During dinner Ema adits to all she wants to be more like family at which all agree or rather so. That night Kaname thanks Ema for coming. Fuuto goes to Ema's room while she is sleeping and tries to rape her but stops and says he can't see her as family as he loves her.

The episode ends with Hikaru showing brothers conflict chart to Wataru and tells those having lowest score are closest to win.

3 September 2013

11 "The Eleventh Conflict: Love-Hate"
(第十一衝突: 愛憎 "Dai jū ichi shototsu: Ai to Nikushimi")
Ema is upset that her grades have dropped after returning from vacation and her university exam is drawing near, everyone notice that she is sad so they try to cheer her up by making special food and giving good luck charm to her. This all makes her happy on her exam day everyone wish her good luck which makes her happy, Yusuke also tries his best to pass exam with Ema. After exam Kaname meet Ema and tell her he can cheer her up if she wants but Ema rejects and tell that Iori gave her iris flower through Louis and tell that it mean good news, Kaname gets shocked and leaves he pass by Iori and asks him that it doesn't mean good news in flower language after Kaname leaves Iori whispers "i'll put my everything into it I love you'(real meaning of flower)

Later ema meets Natsume he gives her reward for doing good in exam he says he wants to tell something to Ema but stops on learning that Subaru have became a professional player. Later Natsume drives Ema home and she wonders what he wanted to say Natsume suddenly grabs her and hugs her which Subaru sees and punches Natsume telling him to not touch her but he replies that he likes her which upsets Subaru and he says he wont lose to some quitter like him. Later Ema visits Subaru and tells him that Natsume was very happy to hear about his career on which Subaru surprises. Later Subaru leaves the house for because of his career and tells Ema that he regret that he blamed Natsume so much and says forget whatever he said to her earlier as he leaves we see Ema's eyes filled with tears.

At the end of episode Yusuke is saying that he will tell Ema her feeling once he passed exam.

10 September 2013
12 "The Twelfth Conflict: Romance"
(十二紛争: 伝奇 "Dai jūni no shototsu: Denki")

It's been a long time since Subaru left the mansion, and hasn't contacted anyone yet. Ema is worried about him, if he is having some problems in living alone,a moment Masaomi comes and tell Ema that they have just received a call from subaru he is alright and tells her not to worry because heis not the only faamily member who is leaving.Iori decided to study abroad and Kaname decided to continue his monk practice so the house will be a bit lonely from now on.Soon the university result is announced and Ema finds out that she have been accepted but yusuke is not she feels sad for him.

On her acceptance in university everyone congradulate her and Ema says goodbye to Kaname and Iori.Before leaving Kaname asks her to call him "Oni Chan" once and iori tells her to take care of her flowers and not forget him.Later she receives two similar messeges one from tsubaki and other from azusa who invites her to amusement park Ema decides to give a proper response to their feelings so after visiting amusement park she confronts the twins and tells them that she loves them but as a family she cant return their feelings on which twins get a little sad but tells Ema that they will still love her and kiss her hands.Later that night she meets subaru who apologize to her and tells that he feels bad for punching natsume.Ema than tells him that she just want to be a normal family on which subaru says he will still love her and kisses her forehead

On graduation day everyone throws a surprise party for Ema and Hikaru tells yusuke that he is a freebie so he is not invited to party but then Yusuke shows a letter to hikaru and they are surprised that yusuke is accepted in university and it is a backup canditate letter.During the dinner Ema receives a messege from fuuto telling her to turn on the T.V there she receives a congradulation from fuuto who is announcing it publicly that he is happy for her sister in the end he says that if anyone think they can have you then they are wrong cause your only mine,the audiance think that its a messege for fans but in reality it is for his brothers who are pissed off after hearing this and someone turns off the television.

After the dinner Ema sees Natsume standing in balcony she reaches to talk to him and tells him that she decided not to date anyone as she think of them as family and she can't choose one of them and tells him she feels bad because so much happened between all siblings because of her but he says she was just being nice to them and he can understand her.When ema is about to leave Natsume stops and tells her although he can understand her but he cant suppress his feelings and kisses her and says sorry for being a brother like this and leaves.Hikaru then tells Ema her way of rejecting was good and shows her brothers conflict chart and burns it,then he says he will make a new chart and now he will also be a contentender in it.

After the credits all the brothers are shown telling each other that they wont give up subaru and natsume get back on good term but tell each other that they won't give up on Ema.Tsubaki and Azusa are happy that they make up but they also decide not to give up.Else where Fuuto is mocking yusuke but Yusuke tells that he is determined and won't give up,fuuto then tells him that he wont lose to any of his brothers.

The season ends with Ema seeing the pictures of her and her new family (Asahina brothers) and decides to be a good family member.

Brothers Conflict Episode 12.5

Brothers Conflict OVA Episode 2

Brothers Conflict OVA Episode 1

17 September 2013


Beloved X Survival by Gero


Brothers Conflict - Opening ~ Beloved x Survival


14 to 1 by ASAHINA Bros.+JULI

Episode 1 Ending                                                                 Episode 2 and Onwards Ending

Brothers Conflict - Ending ~ 14 to 1


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