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Brothers Conflict: Passion Pink is a Japanese otome game, or in a more simple terms, a Japanese dating simulation. It is one of the two games of the series published by Otomate; the other being Brothers Conflict: Brilliant Blue . The difference between the two games is that the possible love interests you may acquire are different due to the many choices and candidates.


Hinata Ema is the daughter of the famous adventurer Hinata Rintarou . One day, Ema finds out that her dad is going to remarry with a successful apparel maker named Asahina Miwa . Rather than bothering them, she decides to move in to the Sunrise Residence complex that is owned by Miwa. From there, she discovers that she has 13 stepbrothers. As she gets to know all of them, will one of her step-brothers fall in love with Ema?


Main Characters[]

The main protagonist in the game, and who you play as. A sixteen year old girl who has recently learned the true feeling of being in a family. Despite this, she is actually the adopted daughter of Hinata Rintaro, but is still considered part of the Asahina family.

One of the seven characters you can choose as a love interest. A mature thirty-one year old who works as a doctor. He is the eldest of the thirteen brothers, usually seen around the house when he isn't working. Masaomi is rather easy-going but has a sense of authority and good understanding.

One of the seven candidates you can choose from in the game. A flirtatious twenty-eight year old whose occupation is a monk. He is rather assertive and doesn't hold back when he wants to express his affections for Ema. Because of his flashy appearance and attitude he is despised by Juli

One of the seven playable characters in the game. An active twenty-four year old who works as a novelist. He is usually seen dressed as a woman, despite being a man. Hikaru is the fourth son; he is usually watching over his brothers create conflicts because of Ema.

One of the seven characters you can choose as a love interest. An easygoing twenty-four year old who works as a seiyuu (Japanese for "voice actor", usually for anime or video games). He is one of the fan-favorite triplets with Azusa and Natsume



Affections by Asahina Tsubaki & Azusa


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