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When her father decides to remarry, Hinata Ema suddenly has to live with her new brothers. There are 13 of them, with the oldest being a 31 year old pediatrician and the youngest is a 10 year old elementary school student.

Season One[]

Season One of the novel was released on 22 december 2010 by ASCII Media Works . It is written by Takeshi Mizuno.The First Season consists of  volumes,which shows life of ema with her 13 step siblings and how each one of them eventually starts falling for her.

Volume 1[]


The first volume of Brothers Conflict delivers the shocking “first conflict”, the suspicious sight of the brothers, an exciting summer vacation along with a heart-throbbing night, and how the brothers take care of Ema when she caught a cold.

Volume 2:[]


After living together with the Asahina brothers for several months, Ema finally knows how it feels to have a warm and loving family. However, some of them are starting to grow romantic feelings towards her. The second volume covers an unexpected happening during Subaru’s birthday, watching movies with Fuuto, a parent-teacher meeting with Yusuke and Kaname, a culture festival date with Iori, and also Natsume’s first appearance in Miwa’s wedding party.

Volume 3[]

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Even though Ema wants to stay with everyone as a family, the brothers are slowly starting to look at her in a different way. As they continue living under the same roof, their relationship is starting to cross the line. In this volume, Tsubaki’s sad expression causes Ema’s heart to beat faster, everyone goes to have an enjoyable family ski trip, and the shadow of Iori’s dark past is finally revealed — along with how Kaname tries to solve the seemingly dangerous situation.The main focus are Kaname, Iori’s past, and the triplets. 

Volume 4[]

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Whether Ema wants it or not, she can’t deny the facts that her brothers are falling in love with her one by one. Her kindness drives a certain someone towards the edge of desperation, and in the end it only causes more conflicts to come her way. In the fourth volume, everyone goes flower-viewing together in spring, Fuuto shocks Ema with his choice of high school, she goes on a beach trip with the triplets, and she also finds the shocking truth about her real identity.

Volume 5[]

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