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満員電車[ Crowded Train ][]


In June, Ema already got used to her new life in Sunrise Residence. After breakfast on June 4, Kaname asks how she’s doing recently. He’s afraid the sudden change of environment might cause her to feel exhausted, but she actually enjoys living with them. The only problem is that she has commute to school by train now, and the morning rush is a bit hard for her to endure. Kaname says it should be Yusuke’s role to protect Ema in the train since they’re heading to the same school, but it turns out both of the have been going to school separately. Or rather, they do it on purpose because Yusuke wants to keep their relationship hidden at school. He claims that he leaves the house early because he’s “busy”, but of course everyone knows he’s just embarrassed to walk to school with Ema. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Feeling sorry for Ema, everyone asks Yusuke to walk to school with her. Tsubaki also says Yusuke fails as a man if he lets Ema get squeezed alone in the train, so eventually he agrees to go to school together. He stresses that it’s just for today though, and he tells her not to call his name after leaving the mansion. During the train ride to school, Ema gets trapped among the morning rush crowd as usual. She stumbles when the train rocks along the way, but Yusuke manages to catch her and asks her to hold onto him — protecting her from the crowd. Since the train is packed with people, they end up standing really close to each other. When Ema looks up and finds Yusuke’s face right in front of her eyes, he blushes and looks away. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ She thanks him when they arrive at school, but being a shy ツンデレ that he is, he says it’s just a coincidence and tells her not to call his name. They soon meet Amai Mahoko, Ema’s best friend, by the school gate, and she asks if they have started dating since they walked to school together. (❤ฺ→艸←) Yusuke blushes and runs off to class, while Ema asks Mahoko not to tease them since she does know about their relationship. Ema thinks it would be nice if she can walk to school with Yusuke again, and she goes to follow him to class.

 お弁当 [  Lunchbox ][]

On July 1, Ema makes a lunchbox for Yusuke. She goes over to hand it to him on lunch break, and since she keeps calling his name, he asks if she’s really trying to fix that habit. When Ema gives him the lunchbox, Yusuke turns red on the spot — just as Mahoko had predicted. Since Yusuke always buys his lunch from the school store, Ema wanted to him to eat nutritious food as well. However, he asks if she’s stupid for handing the lunchbox in the classroom out of all places. Just then Sasakura — a classmate who clearly has a crush on Ema — comes to see what’s going on, mentioning that Ema and Yusuke have been getting along really well recently. He wonders if they’re dating, but since they deny it, he drops the subject and asks about the lunchboxes in Ema’s hands instead. Noticing that she has two of them, he asks if she made it for someone. Before she could think up of an excuse, Sasakura suddenly asks if he can eat it. Of course Ema is troubled since she made it for Yusuke, and eventually he drags her out of the classroom — leaving Sasakura confused. Yusuke then brings Ema to the school roof, when he gathers enough courage to say he’ll eat her lunchbox. Knowing that Sasakura will be suspicious if she returns now, Ema tells Yusuke that they should eat lunch together on the roof. She’s worried that he doesn’t like the lunchbox since he eats in complete silence, but since he keeps saying it’s not true, she asks which part of the lunchbox does he like the most. He quietly answers the fried eggs are delicious, which she actually made with Ukyou’s help. (* ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ He panics saying the other side dishes are good too, and she laughs upon seeing his desperate attempt to make her feel better. Ema thanks Yusuke for eating her lunchbox, wishing they can eat lunch together again when the weather is nice. 

浜辺で [ At the Beach ][]

For summer vacation, everyone goes on a family trip to Miwa’s private island. On August 13, the third day of the trip, Ema takes a relaxing stroll along the beach. Despite Juli warning her that it’s dangerous, she takes off her sandals and accidentally cuts her foot on a seashell. From afar, Yusuke notices Ema crouching on the shore. He soon comes to see what happened to her, and he’s shocked to see her foot bleeding. Ema tries to explain that it’s only a small cut, but Yusuke doesn’t listen and carries her on his back. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* She also asks him to put her down, but he refuses saying he’ll take her to see Masaomi. They run into Azusa and Tsubaki along the way, and Yusuke — still in panic mode — asks them to save Ema. He’s really afraid that she wouldn’t be able to walk anymore, so she quickly says it’s okay because she only stepped on a seashell. Upon hearing this, Yusuke instantly goes Σ(゚д゚ノ)ノ saying she should have told him sooner. Well.. she did try to tell him, but he thought she was just trying to be strong. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Tsubaki also teases Yusuke further by pointing out that he carried Ema on his back with both of them only wearing swimsuits, though it doesn’t seem like he had enough composure to feel her chest pressing against his back. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Yusuke nervously says it’s all Ema’s fault for not telling him sooner, and then he flees out of embarrassment. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ She chases him all the way back to the beach, where she thanks him for worrying about her. He blushes and asks if her foot is really okay, telling her to clean the wound with disinfectant later. This makes Ema realize that while Yusuke is rather awkward when it comes to expressing feelings, he’s actually a kind person inside.

 文化祭準備 [ Culture Festival Preparations ][]

Ema and Yusuke’s class is going to open a cosplay cafe for the upcoming culture festival, and so everyone’s busy with the preparations. On October 1, they stay back after school in order to finish all the remaining work. In the evening, Mahoko goes to buy supplies while Ema works on the cafe’s signboard. Mahoko is going home directly after shopping, so she asks Yusuke to stay with Ema. It’s already late, and they’re going back to the same mansion anyway. At first Yusuke panics since he’s going to work with Ema, but when she reveals that it was her who requested for his help, he blushes and mutters “you chose me..” (❤ฺ→艸←) She feels bad that he has to stay behind with her, but he doesn’t mind since it actually makes him happy. By the time they’re done with the signboard, it’s already dark outside. Yusuke notices that their classmates have left too, and since it’s eerily quiet.. Ema wonders if they’re the only ones left at school. Yusuke then goes to check the staff room, but soon he returns saying the teachers already went home. Plus, the school gate is locked. They can only wait for someone to realize that they’re gone, and Ema mentions that in the worst case scenario, they might have to spend the night at school. Yusuke instantly goes “t-t-there’s no way the two of us are going to sleep at school! Σ(〃д〃)”, and the thought of spending the night together causes strange thoughts to appear in Ema’s head as well. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ However, Ema soon remembers that Mahoko is a culture festival committee member. She might be able to contact a teacher, so Ema mails her while Yusuke goes to check if there are other exits aside from the school gate. Sadly he can’t find anything, and Mahoko doesn’t reply either. When Ema starts sneezing beside him, Yusuke takes off his uniform and tells her to wear it so she won’t catch a cold. He says it’s a man’s duty to protect a woman, but she refuses saying she’s worried about him too. Yusuke whispers that Ema is surprisingly stubborn, and he holds her hands instead. Then he stutters saying it’s not like he wants to hold hands, but he doesn’t know how any other way to keep her warm. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Not too long after that, Mahoko sends a reply and calls the teachers to open the school gate for them. Yusuke keeps holding Ema’s hands until they arrive, but she ends up catching a cold the next day. When he learns that she has a fever, he says that’s exactly why he told her to wear his uniform yesterday. Ema says she’ll go to school since they still have a lot of preparations to do, but Yusuke tells her to stay at home and get some sleep — he’ll do everything in her place. If she shows up at school with a fever, he’s going to kick her butt. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Ukyou scolds him for using such words against a girl, but Ema thanks Yusuke and promises to recover quickly. 

文化祭当日 [ Culture Festival Day ][]

Hinode High School’s culture festival takes place on October 23, and Ema is busy helping out in her class’s cafe. Mahoko makes all the waitresses wear bunny outfits to attract people, and Yusuke is gaping like a goldfish upon seeing Ema as a bunny. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ Their cafe is really popular thanks to the bunny outfits, but Ema has to delay her break since they have so many customers. After a while, Yusuke comes saying he’ll replace her for a while so she can have lunch. She feels bad since he’s on break, but he tells her not to worry — he’ll only replace her for 10 minutes. Σ(・д・ノ)ノ Yusuke keeps helping Ema in the cafe even after lunch, and she can finally have her break thanks to him. By the end of the day, their class wins the highest award due to the cafe’s high popularity. On the way home, Ema thanks Yusuke for helping her today. She really enjoyed this year’s culture festival thanks to him, and he blushes saying he enjoyed his time with her too. (❤ฺ→艸←)

 寝起き [ Waking Up ] []

On October 25, Ukyou asks Ema to wake Yusuke up before breakfast. He tends to oversleep if no one wakes him up, and recently he has no time to eat breakfast because of this. Yusuke won’t wake up no matter how many times Ema calls him, so she has to follow Ukyou’s advice by pulling his blanket. Or at least that’s what she was planning to do. The moment she comes to his bedside, Yusuke suddenly pulls Ema into his arms. She obviously resists and tells him to let go, but thinking he’s hugging Wataru, he doesn’t open his eyes and asks her to let him sleep for a little longer. When Ema tells him that it’s her and not Wataru, Yusuke thinks he’s seeing a dream.. and mutters that he won’t let go of her. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´. Ema can’t help but to ponder about the meaning behind those words, but knowing she had to do something, she slaps Yusuke with all her might. イエ━━ヽ(★´д`)ノ━━イ!! ..which finally wakes him up.


The first thing Yusuke says is “h-h-how did you get in!?”, and Ema answers that she used a spare key from Ukyou. He’s completely lost as of why she slapped him across the face, and he completely flips out when she explains what just happened earlier. He apologizes saying he thought it was just a dream, but she tells him it’s okay. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Ema then changes the subject by reminding Yusuke about the time, since he’s going to be late to school if he doesn’t get out of bed. Before she goes back to the living room, he thanks her for waking him up.. and then this happens:

Ema: “Um.. Yusuke-kun..?”

Yusuke: “Hm? Is there anything else?

”Ema: “Before going to the living room.. please wear your pants.

”Yusuke: “Huh? *looks down* Arghhhhhh!!!” ア━━ Σ (lli´Д`)σ ━━ッ!!! Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! 

真実 [ Truth ][]

A week after Rintarou and Miwa’s wedding, on November 13, Ema goes to her old apartment. They asked her to help organizing their wedding photos, but she ends up finding a book which states that she’s actually adopted. Before Rintarou could explain anything, Ema runs out of the apartment and cries in the park until night falls. The one who eventually finds her is Yusuke. When Yusuke asks Ema to go home with him, she refuses and falls into silence. He also tells her that everyone — their brothers and Rintarou — is worried about her, but she still refuses to go home. Ema admits that she’s afraid to hear the truth from Rintarou, and even though she actually wants to thank Yusuke for worrying about her.. she ends up saying that he won’t be able to understand how she feels. Miwa is his real mother and he has a lot of brothers, while she doesn’t have a real family. Upon hearing this, Yusuke angrily says it’s true that he doesn’t fully understand Ema’s feelings. However, he does think of her as a family. The same goes for Rintarou, Miwa and everyone else. They’re a family, so Yusuke doesn’t want Ema to say such a sad thing. Realizing that Yusuke is right, Ema apologizes for what she said. She got scared and jumped to conclusions, but she realizes that she’s not alone. Yusuke then asks Ema to go home, and she finally agrees. Ema asks if he was worried about her too, and Yusuke replies with “Isn’t that obvious!? I’m the one who’s most concerned about you!” (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Then he holds her hand, helps her stand up, and takes her home.

 大切なもの [ The Important Thing ] []

After learning everything from Rintarou, Ema goes to see Yusuke in his room. She thanks him for earlier, but he only gives her a short, cold “okay” and turns silent. However, Ema realizes that Yusuke actually isn’t being cold. He’s just embarrassed. xD Yusuke immediately denies it, but then he admits he’s glad that Ema and Rintarou have resolved their issue. Ema then says she feels really happy with Yusuke’s concern, especially since he was “the one who’s most concerned” about her. This causes Yusuke to go ア━━ Σ (〃Д〃) ━━ッ!!! while Ema laughs beside him, thanking him for giving her the strength to stand back up.

 補習 [ Supplementary Lesson ][]

On November 15, Ema invites Yusuke to walk home together. Sadly Yusuke got a red mark on his maths test, so he has to do an extra assignment after school. Despite his wild exterior and his constant red marks, he actually takes school seriously — not even thinking of skipping the supplementary lesson. Instead of going home, Ema then decides to stay back and help Yusuke with the assignment. Since he keeps saying it’s not necessary, she tells him she’s only here to study on her own. Now he can’t force her to go home. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ After a while, Yusuke is stuck at a question about numerical sequence. He doesn’t remember the formula at all, so Ema patiently teaches him how to solve the question. She’s happy to see him solving the question on his own, while he blushes and thanks her for explaining the formula. She also promises to cook his favorite food for dinner if he can finish the assignment, which instantly fires him up. Just then Sasakura enters the classroom, and upon seeing them studying together, he asks if they’re dating. He also heard them talking about dinner earlier, and it obviously makes him even more suspicious. Yusuke quickly denies it saying there’s no way he’d date Ema, and she also makes it really clear to Sasakura that they’re not dating. Ema is aware that Yusuke and her are a family, but recently the word “siblings” starts to feel painful for her.

 追試当日[ Supplementary Exam Day ][]

On December 24, Hinode High School holds the closing ceremony before the year-end holiday. Yusuke has to take a supplementary exam today, and Ema waits by the school gate until he’s done. Mahoko notices that Ema has been helping Yusuke with his studies lately, and she tells Ema to do her best — because today is Christmas Eve. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Yusuke comes not too long after that, revealing that he did really well on the supplementary exam. He then asks if she’s waiting for him, and when she says yes, he replies that she’s really stupid. Ema wonders if she’s just troubling him, but Yusuke points out that her hands are red because she’s waiting outside in the cold. He’s not angry at her. He’s just worried that she might catch a cold again. Ema apologizes saying she was only curious about the supplementary exam, and she’s glad to hear that Yusuke did well. Just before Ema leaves, Yusuke stops her saying he’ll treat her to eat something. She helped him with his studies, and he wants to return the favor.


When Yusuke asks where she wants to go, Ema mentions a cute parfait she’s been wanting to eat. ヾ(◕‿◕✿) He blushes and stutters upon hearing this, and he holds her hand as they walk towards the cafe — telling her not to look at him. Obviously because he has turned into several shades of red. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ Since it’s Christmas Eve, the cafe is full of couples today. The waitress soon brings a couple’s parfait for them, telling them to enjoy the parfait together. While Ema happily notes about how delicious it looks, Yusuke goes “c-c-couple!? Σ(〃Д〃)” and blushes in silence. Ema then thanks Yusuke for the wonderful Christmas present, and he tries to (unsuccessfully) hide his embarrassment by saying he returned the favor now. They share the parfait and walk home together after that.

 お正月 [ New Year's][]

On New Year’s Day, everyone goes to pray at the shrine together. Ema reminds Yusuke that they’re going to become third-years soon, and she asks if he has decided on which university to enter. He’s about to say that he wants to enter the same university as her, but he stops and asks about her wish to the shrine instead. Ema is wishing for her grades to improve, and she asks Yusuke to buy academic charms together after praying. This reminds her that he always keeps around a “safe delivery” charm, and she wonders why he has such an unusual charm. It turns out Miwa had a difficult delivery when giving birth to Yusuke, even though she never had any problems with her older sons. His father was really worried because of this, and so he bought the charm for her. After Yusuke was born, Miwa gave the charm to him saying he was born safely thanks to the charm, and she believes the charm will continue protecting him in the future. Yusuke says he feels calm just by keeping the charm, and somehow he can feel that his father is watching over him from heaven. He thinks everyone will find it ridiculous for him to believe in such a thing at this age, but Ema doesn’t think so — she believes the charm is really protecting him. After buying the charms, Ema and Yusuke notice their classmates standing nearby. They will definitely get the wrong ideas, so Yusuke grabs Ema’s hand and takes her back to everyone’s place before anyone sees them. However, they got caught by Kaname and Tsubaki instead — who clearly see them holding hands. (❤ฺ→艸←) Yusuke immediately lets go of Ema’s hand, but Kaname keeps teasing him by saying he has turned into a man. (゚∀^d)グッ♪ Beside them, Ema laughs saying this year seems to be a good year.. and she’s hoping that she can smile beside Yusuke too next year. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

 告白 [ Confession ][]

On January 12, Ema relays a message from Ukyou to Yusuke at school. She notices that their classmates suddenly start whispering, but she decides not to think about it. Before Ema goes home, Sasakura asks if he can talk to her in private. Everyone in the classroom quietly sneak out to give him the chance, and Sasakura confesses that he’s been in love with Ema since the opening ceremony last year. He asks her to go out with him, but she apologizes and turns him down. Sasakura then asks for the reason, and Ema honestly admits that it’s because she has someone she likes. Yusuke appears in her mind for a brief moment, and this makes her realize that she might be in love with him. On the other hand, Sasakura also takes the rejection as a confirmation that Ema is really dating Yusuke. He reveals that rumors about them have been floating around the school, and soon they also hear a sound from the classroom door.. which means some people were eavesdropping earlier. In order to clear the misunderstanding, Ema decides to tell Sasakura the truth — revealing that Yusuke and her are now a family. Knowing it must be Yusuke who wants to keep it hidden, Sasakura promises to keep this a secret. He also says he’s not giving up on Ema yet, but for now he’s satisfied just by staying friends with her. Sadly while Ema is glad that things doesn’t become awkward between Sasakura and her, she can’t do anything to stop the rumors from spreading. Because of this, Yusuke soon starts avoiding her at school.

 けがの手当て [ Treating Injuries ] []

For the next three weeks, Yusuke keeps avoiding Ema at school. On February 1, Mahoko asks Ema and Yusuke to move to the audiovisual room for their next class. At first Yusuke agrees, but the moment Ema joins them, he suddenly tells them to go ahead of him. When Ema tries to talk to him, Yusuke immediately flees and leaves them behind. Ema obviously notices that he’s avoiding her, and she sadly wonders if Yusuke hates her now. After school, Sasakura finds Ema crying alone in the classroom. Just by looking at them, Sasakura can tell that Yusuke has been avoiding Ema because of the rumors. Ema thinks Yusuke is angry because she caused such a huge misunderstanding, but Sasakura says she’s probably wrong. He thinks Yusuke is actually trying to protect Ema, and he’s avoiding her so people won’t spread rumors about her anymore. Sasakura feels bad knowing his suspicion also caused the rumors to float around, and even though Ema rejected him, he’s still wishing for her happiness. He jokingly asks if she wants to switch to him, but he stops her from replying — knowing she’ll reject him again. 

Just then Yusuke suddenly enters the classroom. Upon seeing Ema in tears, he angrily asks if Sasakura did anything to her. Yusuke doesn’t believe that they were just talking, so Sasakura admits that he actually confessed to her. Sasakura also says he’s free to do so since Yusuke and Ema aren’t dating, and he challenges Yusuke to punch him if he wants to — because he also wants to give Yusuke a good punch. Despite Ema’s attempt to stop them, both Sasakura and Yusuke end up punching each other in the face. It quickly escalates into a fight, but luckily none of them got any serious injuries. Ema takes Yusuke to the infirmary after that, where she compresses his swollen cheek in silence. When he asks if she’s angry, she sharply answers that she does. If anything happens, the school might call Miwa or even give him a suspension. Yusuke apologizes for causing such a commotion, but he doesn’t get why Sasakura stopped after punching him once.. and Ema answers it’s because Sasakura is mature enough. Unlike a certain someone. She also asks him to apologize to Sasakura tomorrow, and she wants him to stop fighting as well. After all, she wouldn’t know what to do if anything happens to him.


Yusuke: “Alright. So don’t cry anymore.

”Ema: “Really? Will you promise?”

Yusuke: “Yeah, I promise that I won’t make you sad anymore.

”Yusuke: “…and sorry for avoiding you.

”Ema: “Okay. I don’t mind the rumors, but I don’t want to be ignored by you.

”Yusuke: “I won’t do it again.” 

Yusuke pats Ema’s head to make her stop crying, and they go home together after that. It’d be rather hard for him to eat dinner with his injured mouth, but that won’t stop him from eating her cooking. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ The fight obviously caused the rumors to escalate even more, but Mahoko already cleared the misunderstanding for them. She also told everyone that Ema and Yusuke are step-siblings. At first Yusuke isn’t happy about this, but Mahoko scolds him saying rumors appear because he hides such an important thing from people. Plus, she won’t forgive Yusuke if he ever makes Ema sad again, and he says he understands. That night, Ema makes curry for dinner — Yusuke’s favorite. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. バレ

ンタインValentine's Day ][]

For Valentine’s Day, Ema gives a handmade chocolate to Yusuke. When she hands it to him, he.. completely freezes in place. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! He has to take deep breaths just to calm himself down, and he blushes as he thanks her for the chocolate. Then he goes back into his room without saying anything else, leaving her all confused LOL.

 ホワイトデー[ White Day ][]

On White Day, Yusuke gives Ema a bottle of candies and her favorite character stationery set. He knows she’s using a notebook with the same character at school, and she’s really happy that he noticed. Yusuke then says Ema’s “round chocolates” (truffles) were delicious, and he ate the “powdered one” (cocoa powder) first. He choked on the powder as soon as it entered his mouth, and it went all the way up to his nose.. so his nose also got a taste of her delicious chocolate. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Yusuke says he also likes the “crushed pink one” and “the one that looks like a “marimo“, and Ema thanks him for the opinion — it’s very him LOL. Yusuke asks Ema not to tell their brothers about this, and when she says it’s their little secret, he turns red and nods. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

 後輩 [ Junior ][]

When the new school year starts in April, Ema and Yusuke has new juniors around them. One of them is Fuuto, who decides to follow them to Hinode High School. Yusuke sighs saying it’ll be troublesome to have him around, and he refuses when Ema says the three of them should go home together. He almost says he only wants to walk home with her, but then he blushes and stops himself. The new juniors remind them of their first year of high school, and Yusuke mentions that Ema had a different hairstyle back then. He says it used to be “オカッパ”, though she asks him to call it “shoulder-length bob” instead. xD She wonders why he knows her old hairstyle since they were in different classes, but he quickly says it was just a coincidence. Here, a blonde bitch suddenly appears and clings to Yusuke. He recognizes her as Minakami Natsuki, his junior back in junior high. Minakami says she came to Hinode High School in order to chase after Yusuke, and Ema is surprised to see him getting along normally with a girl. Just then Minakami notices Ema’s presence, and the first greeting that comes out of her mouth is “the heck are you?” \(^o^)/ She’s clearly not pleased at how Ema calls Yusuke by his first name, but Yusuke slaps her head and forces her to introduce herself properly. Minakami then forces Yusuke to show her around the school, and he smiles saying it can’t be helped. After apologizing to Ema, Yusuke leaves with Minakami — who flashes her victory smile at Ema. Of course Ema is irritated, though she hasn’t realized that she’s actually jealous.

 嫌がらせ [ Harassment ][]

The next day, April 12, Yusuke has to attend a career counseling after school. Ema asks if he wants her to wait until it’s over, but since he doesn’t know how long it’s going to take, he tells her to go home first. Ema doesn’t say anything because he doesn’t want Yusuke to worry, but a certain someone has been pulling pranks on her all day. Her shoes are gone from her shoe locker, and soon Minakami comes to laugh at her. She says Ema must be hated so much that someone threw her shoes away, and she mentions that Ema’s loafers were pretty — proving that she’s the one who got rid of them. She doesn’t admit it though, and she walks off to wait until Yusuke’s counseling session is over. ┻━┻ ︵ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Since her shoes are gone, Ema has no choice but to change into her sports shoes. Fortunately for Ema, Fuuto soon appears to see what she’s doing. He asks why she looks so gloomy in front of the shoe locker, and she tells him that her shoes are gone. Fuuto then asks if she knows who’s been pulling pranks on her, and when she says no, he tells her not to put up an act in front of him. Eventually she admits that it might be Minakami, whom he recognized as a girl who keeps sticking to “stupid Yusuke” like a glue. Fuuto wonders why Yusuke isn’t doing anything to stop this, but Ema says Yusuke probably doesn’t realize. She doesn’t want to trouble him, so she asks Fuuto to keep it a secret — promising that she’ll talk to Yusuke if it’s getting out of hand. Fuuto tells Ema to contact him if anything happens, and when his manager comes to pick him up with a car, he takes her along for a ride home.

 侑介の決意 [ Yusuke's Decision ][]

On April 30, Fuuto finds Ema sighing in the living room. She’s been ignoring Minakami’s pranks hoping it will stop eventually, but the bitch keeps harassing her at school everyday. Ema also finds it hard to tell Yusuke about this, though Fuuto says Yusuke’s stupidity is the main reason that causes this harrassment. Just then Yusuke comes asking what they’re talking about, and Fuuto says it’s got nothing to do with a stupid an insensitive person like him. Yusuke obviously gets angry, but he’s really surprised when Fuuto says he’s hurting Ema without even realizing it. Knowing that Yusuke wouldn’t notice until someone slaps him with the truth, Fuuto reveals that Minakami has been harassing Ema ever since they first met. Fuuto says it’s up to Yusuke whether he wants to believe it or not, but if Yusuke can’t protect Ema.. then Fuuto is going to take her. Fuuto then asks Ema to move to his room, but Yusuke stops them and tells Fuuto to let go. He knows she wouldn’t lie, and he’s really angry at himself for failing to realize what’s going on. However, he doesn’t have any intentions to hand her to Fuuto. He asks both of them to come to the roof tomorrow, because he’s going to make things clear between them. The next day, Yusuke calls Minakami to the roof. She grumbles about how Fuuto and Ema are disturbing them, but he only tells her to listen. Yusuke then mentions that someone has been harrassing Ema recently, and Fuuto immediately says it’s definitely Minakami. She denies the accusation and asks Yusuke to believe in her, but Yusuke replies that he doesn’t know who the culrpit is. Not that he cares either, because the most crucial issue is that he failed to notice what’s going on. Yusuke is really disappointed in himself, and he realized that a man needs to protect the woman he loves — confessing that he’s in love with Ema. He first saw her during the opening ceremony two years ago, and it was love at the first sight. They were in different classes on their first year, but passing her at school was enough to make him happy. He was surprised when they suddenly became a family, but he secretly thought it’s a chance for him to approach her. His love for her grew stronger as they spend time together, and he always thought about protecting her smile.. but in the end he failed to do so. That’s why from now on, he’s going to stay with her and protect her from everything. If anyone dares to hurt her, he’s going to punch that person. Even if it’s a girl or his own brother.


Behind them, Fuuto laughs saying it’s a good confession for a fool. He would never make Ema cry, but Yusuke promises that he won’t make her cry anymore — it’s the decision he reached. Yusuke then asks if Ema doesn’t want to accept his decision, but she answers that she feels happy. When Ema says she won’t be scared anymore with Yusuke by her side, he promises that he will come to save her when she’s in a pinch. He’s going to wipe her tears whenever she wants to cry. All she have to do is to stay beside him and smile. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ 

プロポーズ [ Propose ][]


A year after the confession, Ema and Yusuke go to check his university entrance exam result together. They took the exam to the same university, and he’s been studying really hard to get accepted. Ema actually received a recommendation and passed the exam safely, and now it’s up to Yusuke’s to determine their university life. They don’t have to worry though, because he passed and got accepted too. Ema happily congratulates Yusuke, and she starts crying out of relief. When she says they’ll be together for the next four years, he replies that it’s not only for four years — they will always be together forever. Now that he’s passed the entrance exam, Yusuke says he’s got something to say to Ema: “Please be my wife!! I will make you happy for the rest of your life, and I will protect you forever! No matter how many years will pass, I only want you to stay by my side.” (*ノ∀ノ)キャー♡ He asks if it’s strange to say something like this out of the blue, but she knows he’s always serious about everything he says. Yusuke then asks for the answer, and Ema replies with: “No matter what will happen from now on, please never let me go.” .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.

 デートはおあずけ [ Postponed Date ][]

One day in university, Ema’s fourth period class got cancelled. She meets Yusuke by the gate, and he invites her to go out and play since he’s done with classes for today. She reminds him that the exams are approaching, and he complains saying they haven’t got any time to go out recently. They’re both busy with circles and part-time jobs, so they don’t have much chance to go on a date.. though they’re always together at home. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Since Yusuke looks like he’s about to cry, Ema finally agrees to go on a date. The destination is his room. He blushes and asks if they’re going to do “that”, and she says he’s right — they’re going to study! ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Yusuke says she just destroyed the delusion of an adolescent man, but Ema replies that they will go on a date after the exams are over. Poor guy. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ It’s been a while since the last time they go home together, and they hold hands along the way.


Back in mansion , Yusuke gives up on studying and asks Ema to play a game instead. He’s not worried about his grades since they’re still first-years, so she tells him that he might have to repeat a year if he doesn’t study properly. That means when she’s taking internship, he will be busy fixing his grades; when she’s writing her thesis, he might have to repeat his classes. In the end she might start working before he does, and then fall in love with a handsome boss in her office. He panics saying that’s stupid, but he resumes his studies right away. (❤ฺ→艸←) When she teaches him to solve a question, Yusuke suddenly calls Ema and kisses her when she turns around. They’re going to have a date when the exams are over, and they will also do the continuation of the kiss. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・ 

Source Credits: koiiro.wordpress:[1]