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Ukyo Asahina is the second oldest son of the family, a lawyer, and commonly known as the "mother" figure to the family due to the fact that he does most of the cooking and cleaning. He can be very strict when it comes to his younger brothers' behavior and grades, but it's only because he cares greatly for them. He is very responsible and intelligent, but also a little socially awkward, a perfectionist, and admits to having a bit of a mean streak, though he suppresses it mostly.

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Part 1[]

Ema comes downstairs in the morning and is surprised that Ukyo is awake and in the kitchen before her. He is also surprised, but offers to use the time to teach her how to make miso soup, which she had asked him about earlier. Ema agrees and is happy that Ukyo remembered his promise.

To start off, Ukyo explains how the base in miso soup affects most of the resulting flavor, and Ema is impressed that Ukyo makes the base from scratch. He walks her through how to make a base using seaweed and dried bonito flakes: clean and cut the seaweed to make the flavor come out, don't spoil it by having it boil for too long, put in all the dried bonito flakes at once, etc. Ema thinks about how she has to learn quickly since Ukyo's taking the time to teach her all of this and how it's easier than she thought it would be.

When they're done, Ema asks Ukyo if all the leftover seaweed and dried bonito flakes are going to go to waste and be thrown out. Ukyo compliments her thinking and comments that it will make Ema a good bride one day. ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

Then he explains that the leftover seaweed and dried bonito flakes could be arranged into furikake or put into rice balls as filling. Ema thanks him for teaching her all of this and says that it was fun to be able to cook with him, and Ukyo agrees that cooking has become more fun now with Ema around to help him. To herself, Ema thanks Ukyo for making her enjoy cooking more and resolves to try making the soup base he taught her tomorrow.

Part 2[]

Ema gets home from school and greets Juli by asking if he was good while she was gone, which annoys him, and he asks if she assumes he was bad. Then Ema gets a sudden call on her phone from Ukyo, who apologizes, but explains that he already tried calling the home phone, but no one picked up. Ema says that she just got home, and Ukyo says that he left some important documents in the living room. Ema agrees to run them over for him, and Ukyo emails her the address of the office where he works, thanks her, and then hangs up. When Ema explains the situation, Juli insists on accompanying her so that she won't get lost.

At the office, Juli spies someone who looks like Ukyo talking to a woman who appears to be one of his clients. Ema overhears the woman tell Ukyo that she's counting on him in court tomorrow, and he replies that he's counting on her, too. He tells her that if she has any questions about the case before tomorrow, she can call him anytime. She thanks him, and he assures her that it's normal to feel nervous before a case, but that they should both work hard together. She thanks him again and tells him that she's glad someone like him is in charge of her case.

Once she's gone, Ema thinks to herself how amazing Ukyo was in work-mode, but Juli only insists that he's more pleasant at home. Then Ukyo spots them, so Ema apologizes, saying that she didn't want to interrupt him and his client earlier, but she brought the documents that he wanted. Ukyo thanks her, but Ema assures him that she had free time after school, and anyway, it's only natural for family to help one another.

While they're talking, Ema compliments him on how amazing he was with the client just now. The concern that he showed for her, even though it's not his job to do so. But Ukyo brushes it off, saying that his job is technically one in a service industry, so it was just like helping a customer. But Ema still insists that the woman trusted him and that he looked really cool doing his job. ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) Ukyo goes a little awkward for a second, but recovers, saying that of course it's important for lawyers to be trustworthy in order to get clients to share their stories so that you can help them. But Ukyo knows that a lot of people aren't quick to trust, so he stresses how he tries to show them his willingness to help them first, and that can usually start up the trust process. Meanwhile, Ema agrees in her head that this is the perfect job for Ukyo.

Ukyo has to get back to work, but before Ema leaves, he stops her and thanks her again for bringing him his documents, and he reminds her to think about what she wants as a reward. Ema tries telling him that he doesn't have to, but Ukyo insists, saying that if it's a given for family to help each other, then it should also be a given for him to thank her in some way for helping him. And since they're family, all the more reason for her not to refuse. Ema finally agrees, and Ukyo wishes her home safely. On the walk home, Ema thinks to herself how kind Ukyo really is, how good it felt to help him when he's so busy with work, and how she should also work hard.

Part 3[]

During the family vacation, Ukyo and Ema are discussing what to do for breakfast since they still have to cook for their brothers. Ukyo tells her that there's a nearby morning market that he always goes to whenever they visit since it sells fresh produce and seafood. He'll make breakfast with whatever they get there. Ema thinks of how she's never been to a morning market and asks to go with Ukyo. Ukyo asks if she really wants to get up early to do such a thing with him when they've waiting so long to go on holiday, and Ema points out that he's doing the same thing and that it'll be more efficient with two people there, anyway. Ukyo agrees and thanks her, telling her to meet him early the next morning to leave.

The next morning, Ema finds Ukyo already waiting for her, and for once, he's got his hair down (and he looks even hotter than usual) instead of slicked up like it normally is, and she thinks it's a refreshing look for him. After saying good morning, Ukyo asks her if it was hard for her to get up early, but Ema says that it wasn't, and they leave to go to the market together.

When they're done shopping, Ema and Ukyo are on their way home when Ema comments how much good food they were able to get, and Ukyo says that it's all thanks to her. Ema silently admits that's true, since people kept mistaking them for a cute couple and offering them stuff. She gets really embarrassed thinking of it, but when Ukyo asks what's wrong, she just quickly changes topic to how nice the morning sea breeze is (smooth, Ema...). Thankfully, Ukyo rolls with it and offers for them to take a detour along the beach on their way home. Ema's a little worried about breakfast, but Ukyo assures her that the brothers back home won't even be awake yet. Ema can't help but agree and admit to herself that she wants to stay with Ukyo a little longer.

She asks Ukyo if he's very used to getting up early and if it makes him tired all the time, but Ukyo says that he's so used it from making his brothers breakfast every morning for forever. Ema asks if it's hard cooking for so many people for so long, and while Ukyo admits it's troublesome when he's tired at work, he still does it because even though his brothers are stupid and lazy (I feel you, Ukyo...), they're still cute. He likes to cook, sure, but he also wants his little brothers to have a healthy breakfast every morning... and besides, with Masaomi's irregular work shifts and Kaname not usually getting home until morning (really, Kaname), who else is going to do it? Ema is just starting to think again about how nice and considerate Ukyo is for taking care of everyone when Ukyo adds that by getting up early, he got to have this morning seaside walk with her, so it's really not so bad. ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) And before Ema can react, he reminds her to keep this little sojourn a secret from their brothers, as they'd probably just be really loud and annoying about it.

Ukyo says that they should really be getting home now to make breakfast, and he asks for Ema's help. Ema, of course, agrees, and thinks to herself how lucky the other guys are to have Ukyo taking care of them.

Part 4[]

Ema gets home one day and lets out a big sigh, which Kaname hears and immediately asks her about. But Kaname's smarter than he looks and guesses that she's sighing about the paper in her hand, which is probably her recent test grades. He tells her to hand it over to her big bro, but Ema refuses, saying it's embarrassing and that he's just now playing the "big brother" part? When Kaname finally cajoles the grades out of her hands, he admits that they've gone down in the past year, but tells Ema that it might be the brothers' fault for eating up more of her study time. Still, he assures her that he's not lecturing her, and Ema admits that it might be true, but she also likes having fun with the brothers and is secretly impressed that Kaname actually sounds serious for once. Kaname is glad they're not a bother to her and offers to tutor her, saying that he can teach her a lot *wink, wink*. When Ema rejects him, he laughs it off and says that no, seriously, he knows a great tutor.

Later, Ema is studying Japanese Classical Literature in Ukyo's room with none other than Ukyo as her tutor. He teaches her a new grammar rule, and though she worries that she won't remember it all, Ukyo assures her that there aren't that many patterns to memorize. While he's talking, Ema's thinking about how nice his voice is and how good of a teacher he is (I would be too, Ema). He helps her through a problem when his cellphone rings and he leaves to take it. On her own, Ema works through some problems with what Ukyo taught her, but hits a wall after a while. Ukyo still isn't back, so Ema takes a break and decides to look at the books in his room while he's out.

When she picks up one book, an old photo falls out. In it, a slightly younger Ukyo is laughing with a "glamorous" woman who Ema remembers slightly from somewhere... But then Ukyo comes back in and says that Ema's been misbehaving. Ema's never seen him this angry or cold, so she's super freaked-out. He asks what happened with her studying and why she's snooping around his room, even though he helped her. He says that he doesn't have anything to teach someone who does that. But he tells her that if she has any explanation, he'll listen. Ema wants to say something, but is frozen stiff, so Ukyo asks her coldly to get out of his room. Ema does, and outside, she's freaking out a little over how cold he was and how she's ever going to face him again...

The next morning, Ema goes to help Ukyo with breakfast, and though she's still scared out of her mind, Ukyo is as cool as ever, greeting her and asking why she's so jumpy around him--he's not going to eat her. Ema says it's nothing, but can't stop thinking about his expression from last night and how he definitely wasn't acting normally... but she snaps out of it when Ukyo asks why she's spacing out.

Part 5[]

Ema's helping out at her school's culture festival when she sees an email from Kaname saying that he's coming over to her school to visit her. She's shocked when Kaname, Ukyo, and Subaru suddenly appear. Kaname immediately notices her bunny costume, and Ema explains it's for her class's cafe. Kaname tells her that she must be the cutest in the class and asks if she can take the costume home, because if she wears it for him in his room, he'll definitely turn into a wolf... *wink, wink* ... to which Ukyo responds by immediately hitting him over the head for saying something so disgusting in a school.

Then Ema's friend, Imai Mahoko, runs over to talk to Ema and notices three super-hot guys with her, who Ema introduces as her older brothers. Typically, Ukyo politely thanks her for looking after his younger sister and brother, Kaname flirts with her by calling her cute, and Subaru just gives a disinterested, "....Hi." (the personalities are almost too much...). Imai also says hello and says that she's surprised these cool, hot guys are Yusuke's brothers.

When Kaname asks, Imai explains how her nickname for Ema, "Hina", was short for Ema's surname, "Hinata," but it works for "Asahina" too, so she didn't change it. Suddenly, Imai pulls Ema aside and asks which of her hot brothers is her favorite, to which Ema get really flustered and says that she can't think of her brothers that way. So Imai changes tactics and asks which one Ema wants to hang out with the most, to which Ema replies that it's Ukyo, and Imai's like, "Right. Smart-looking guy in the glasses. Good choice."

They go back to the brothers, and Imai pulls Subaru and Kaname aside to show them where Yusuke's working as a waiter, saying that they'll want to check up on how he's doing, right? Kaname and Subaru agree to go look, but Ukyo declines, and Imai's like, "Great timing! Ema's also off this shift! Have fun!" and then proceeds to drag off Kaname and Subaru once Ukyo reminds Kaname not to do anything too stupid while he's gone.

Ema asks Ukyo if it's alright that he left the others, and he just brushes it off, saying he's not glued to them and that he wants a chance to look around the school. Since they're alone together, Ukyo asks Ema to guide him around, and Ema agrees. While they're walking around, Ukyo notices how a lot of the classes are putting up food stalls, and Ema explains how everyone had wanted to do it, so competition is high between them. Ukyo just laughs at how happy everyone seems when they're cooking is all wrong: they should've used broth, not water, to make the takoyaki dressing, they cut the ingredients for the crepes wrong, etc. He admits that it's just a cultural festival, but says that if they were going to be cooking, they should've known the basic preparations, and there's a lot of room for improvement. Meanwhile, Ema's laughing at how that's such a typical thing for Ukyo to say, and Ukyo gets super embarrassed, saying it just kinda slipped out... but Ema assures him that she completely agrees, and Ukyo says that she was also making desserts earlier, right? He says that she did a clean job of it, but she doesn't do delicate or glamorous dishes very well, so they turned out a bit crude. She should've used a dispenser or toothpick to draw patterns with the sauce, not a bamboo skewer... duh. (Ukyo, I love you, but please shut up.)

Ema says Ukyo can lecture her all he wants, but she'll forget it. He'll just have to teach it to her back home later. Ukyo agrees, then asks about what's in another school building, and Ema continues to show him around for the rest of the day.

Part 6 - Finding Out About Adoption[]

When Ema finds out by accident that she's adopted while helping Rintarou and Miwa sort through wedding pictures, she runs away to a nearby park before Rintarou can explain. Soon, it gets dark, and that's when Ukyo finds her, saying that he saw someone out this late and suspected it might be her.

When he tells her to come home with him, she refuses. He tells her that he and all the other brothers heard about what happened from Rintarou and are currently out searching for her. Again, he tells her to get up and come with him, but she doesn't budge. He calls her stubborn and asks to hear her side of the story, but Ema shouts that she doesn't want to talk about it at him. After a while, he says that if that's the case, he'll just stay there with her until she does want to discuss it. She's confused, but he tells her not to force it. He knows what it's like not to want to talk about something, so he'll just wait until she's ready to talk. Ema tells him there's no way he'd understand, and while Ukyo admits that that may be true, he also takes a guess and says that she's feeling too scared right now to talk because saying it would make it real and the truth. Ema's shocked since she was just thinking that to herself, and Ukyo explains that although he gets not wanting to talk about, that's also when you need to talk about it most to make it easier.

Ukyo says that as a lawyer, he has to listen to people's troubles a lot, and he's noticed how when they're scared and keep everything to themselves, it only makes things worse. So they need someone else there to support them and share the burden. And that's what he's going to do for Ema: support her. He'll wait as long as it takes for her to share things with him. Ema admits that it's her fault for burdening him with her problems, but Ukyo says that in actuality, he's being selfish for wanting to hear more about herself and her problems. She should just think of it that way.

After a lot of "....." and probably-really-awkward-in-real-life eye contact, Ema tells Ukyo that she feels all alone since she has no immediate family. She can go anywhere in the world, but she'll never belong and never have family--never has, never will (a little extreme, but okay...). So why go home? Ema knows she doesn't have a home anywhere. And after more silence, Ukyo asks if that's really true. Rintarou brought her up and has always been there for her, and aren't the Asahinas her family? All the brothers are still out looking for her... and isn't he her family?

Ema doesn't really respond, but Ukyo says that he'll be by her side from now on, for forever. He'll help her through all the pain and loneliness, so she won't be alone. Ema thinks to herself how some of the pain has lifted thanks to Ukyo's words, and when Ukyo tells her to come home to her family where she'll see that she's not alone, Ema agrees and takes Ukyo's hand.

Part 7[]

Ema goes to Ukyo's room later that night after talking things over with Rintarou. The first thing Ukyo does after hearing Ema talk about her conversation with Rintarou is comment on how she's still somewhat teary from the relief of having the conversation, how she's surprisingly unable to suppress her emotions, and how he can't leave someone like that alone. Ema's confused, but Ukyo tells her to dry her tears since she has to help Rintarou with dinner preparations for tonight and he won't help her if she cuts herself while cooking just because her eyes were still blurry with tears. Ema agrees, but thinks to herself how even if that did happen, Ukyo would probably still treat her cuts, no matter what he said. The thought makes her laugh, and Ukyo tells her that she's scary when she's laughing and crying at the same time. Ema calls him rude, but Ukyo just laughs, saying it was a joke and that it's nice to see her smiling again. She thanks him, and the two of them go downstairs to help with dinner, Ema thinking happily along the way how Ukyo and the others are her family now.

Part 8[]

While Ema's in the kitchen getting dinner preparations ready, Ukyo comes down and asks if she has a second. She asks if it's the soy sauce, and he's like, "Uhhh... no." Ema waits, and Ukyo finally awkwardly asks if she wants anything. And Ema's response is, "Sure, could you pass me the tofu, please?" But Ukyo says that's not what he meant, either. And for a while, they just kinda stare at one another with Ema being completely clueless and Ukyo being adorably awkward. Finally, Ukyo chokes out the real question: Christmas is coming up soon, and he wants to know what she wants as a present. He wants some way of thanking her for helping him cook and all. It's appreciation, that's all. Ema says he shouldn't feel indebted to her, but she also wanted to get Ukyo something as thanks for Christmas. Since neither of them know what the heck they're doing, they agree to go shopping together. But Ukyo's so busy with work, the only day he's free is Christmas Eve. But hey, Ema's free too, so she agrees to meet him at the mall then, feeling excited, but also super nervous for some reason...

Part 9 - Christmas Date[]

It's Christmas Eve, and Ema gets to her and Ukyo's meeting spot 15 minutes early. She wonders if he just hasn't gotten there yet since he's nowhere to be found, and reflects on how she may have arrived too early. She thinks on how excited she's been for this day, though she feared getting laughed at by Ukyo if she told him that. Just as she's thinking about what to get Ukyo, he runs up, apologizing for making her wait. She tells him not to worry since it's still before the scheduled time, but Ukyo says he actually got there earlier and was just browsing a nearby bookstore. He didn't mean to make her wait. Ema tries to say that she just got there, but Ukyo calls her out on the lie, saying her hands are all red, so she's clearly been out in the cold for a while. So he tells her that he'll warm her up a little and holds her hands, making Ema really embarrassed and also confused since her heart is pounding really hard...

When Ema asks him what he wants, Ukyo admits that he's not really sure, since he normally just gets whatever he needs when he needs it on his own. Ema agrees, and Ukyo also admits that he's been trying to think of things to get her and couldn't think of anything. Still, he says he'll be happy with whatever she gets him so long as she picks it out.

Ema decides to get him a necktie since it's something you can use any day, and they go to a store that has men's accessories. Looking around at the ties, Ema decides that calmer tones suit Ukyo better than the flashy patterns. Ukyo tells her that maybe she's looked at too many of them, but Ema insists that she wants to get her first present for Ukyo just right, even though she can't really choose. Ema reasons that Ukyo often wears white and has light hair, so a lighter color would suit him best... and she also knows that he's a lawyer, so he can't look too foolish or garish. Ukyo listens and admits she's right about all of that, and that he personally prefers the chic one. But Ema holds up one--it's a light beige with bold stripes that give off a calm atmosphere. Ukyo says that he doesn't have that color, so Ema gets that one.

As the clerk is wrapping up the package, they tell Ukyo that they're jealous he has such a cute girlfriend to pick it for him. Ema's embarrassed, and only gets more embarrassed when Ukyo nonchalantly agrees. When Ema asks him why he said that once the clerk's gone, Ukyo says that he was just being honest. Ema starts to get a warm feeling in her chest, and then the clerk comes back with the wrapped present. Ema gives it to Ukyo, and he thanks her, saying he'll wear it to work... or maybe Ema only wants him to wear it when he goes out with her? Ema's surprised, but says that if that's what he wants to do...

Then Ukyo gives Ema her present, saying he got it earlier. Ema opens it up to find a cute wristwatch, which she loves, and Ukyo tells her that he's happy she likes it so much. Then he comments how they should be getting home to get dinner ready and also make a lot for the Christmas party tomorrow, which will be extra-fun since Ema's there this time.

Part 10 - New Year's Day[]

Ukyo invites Ema to go pray at the shrine for New Year's with him. Ema is happy that Ukyo invited her and agrees.

Afterwards, Ukyo and Ema are walking around the temple together when Ukyo suddenly lets out a very exasperated sigh. Ema asks what he's sighing about, and Ukyo just directs her attention to where nearby, Wataru is begging Masaomi to buy him some takoyaki. Masaomi's on the fence since they still have dinner at home, but he agrees, so long as Wataru shares half with him and eats all of his dinner without any leftovers. Wataru agrees to his conditions, and Masaomi buys Wataru some takoyaki.

Right before Wataru can dig in, the triplets--Tsubaki, Azusa, and Natsume--all stroll up together, and Tsubaki sees Wataru has a snack and snatches one of his takoyaki. Wataru yells that it's his, but Tsubaki just eats it, explaining to Wataru that it's all a matter of "survival of the fittest." When Wataru admits that he doesn't know what that means, Tsubaki explains that it means the strong will always eat the weak, so the strong can take whatever they want from the weak and the weak can't do anything about it (Tsubaki... why you gotta be like this...). Wataru immediately protests that he's not weak, but Tsubaki tells him that he is because he was able to steal his takoyaki so easily. Wataru is still mad, but Azusa just laughs, saying Tsubaki is acting like a kid for telling Wataru about the whole "survival of the fittest" thing. Tsubaki pulls the innocence act, saying he's just trying to teach Wataru about the cruelty of the world. But then Tsubaki mentions that he's actually hungry now, so Azusa and Natsume suggest going to get something to eat.

Meanwhile, Ukyo is still facepalming next to Ema and wondering why these guys have to be related to him. But Ema's just upset because if they eat now, they won't eat the New Year's dishes that she and Ukyo made for dinner. But Ukyo says that since it's food that he and Ema made together, they should just go home right then and eat it all themselves. Ema's surprised, but Ukyo just laughs and tells her that he's joking.

That's when Tsubaki, Azusa, Natsume, Masaomi, and Wataru all notice them and walk over. Tsubaki immediately asks why Ema is with Ukyo, and when Wataru tries to tell Ema about how Tsubaki took his takoyaki, Tsubaki insists that that hardly matters right now--the problem is that Ema and Ukyo seem to be getting along a little too well... But Ukyo tells him that they just went to pray together, and Tsubaki's disappointed because he was going to ask Ema to go pray with him instead... and when Ukyo tells him what a pity that is, Tsubaki says that there's something about his tone that really pisses him off.

But before the fists can fly, Wataru suddenly exclaims that this must be what Tsubaki meant by "survival of the fittest." All the guys just look confused, but then Ukyo laughs and says that Wataru is saying that he's "stronger" than Tsubaki. Tsubaki gets really mad at this and steals the rest of Wataru's takoyaki, saying he'll eat all of it, and thus begins stuffing his face with takoyaki. Azusa and Natsume are rolling their eyes at how stupidly childish this is, Wataru starts getting super mad at Tsubaki, and Masaomi's offering to buy him more when Ukyo reminds Tsubaki rather smugly that if he eats all that takoyaki, he won't have any room left for the food that Ema cooked. Tsubaki stops in his tracks like, "Wait, what?" And Ema agrees, reminding them all that she and Ukyo made roast beef for New Year's. Wataru suddenly smiles, saying Tsubaki can have that takoyaki since he's going to get to eat Ema and Ukyo's cooking. Natsume and Azusa agree that they won't need to buy any food then, and Ukyo suggests that they all go home for dinner while subtly reminding Tsubaki not to be wasteful and leave any takoyaki. Wataru's laughing at him since Tsubaki won't get to eat Ema's cooking since he'll be too full from the takoyaki, and Azusa and Natsume are poking fun at Tsubaki all the way home.

It's going to be a good year. Ema can tell just by watching these guys.

Part 11[]

One day, while he's out, Ukyo's mentally going through all the chores he has to do when he runs into a pretty woman who greets him, saying it's been a long time. Ukyo's shocked, but he responds shortly and coldly. The woman only laughs, saying he shouldn't be so blatantly hostile towards her. No one likes a cold-hearted guy. Ukyo tells "Amamiya-sama" to get to the point, but she only says that he should call her "Reiko-san" like he used to.

When Ukyo dismisses her, saying that he's in the middle of work, Reiko brushes it off and explains that she was in the area for a business case and saw someone she recognized from the past, so she stopped for a chat. She asks how he's doing. Ukyo says he's fine. She asks if he's still just handling small stuff, and Ukyo replies that he doesn't believe in "small" or "large" cases. Reiko says that she can't be bothered with low-publicity cases--Ukyo should agree since he's a lawyer too, right? Ukyo tells her to leave if she doesn't need anything from him. Reiko calls him cold again, but then suddenly asks if Ukyo has a girlfriend now. Ukyo's silent at first, but then says that that has nothing to do with Reiko. But Reiko's like, "No, no, you should totally tell me about it! She's a teenager, isn't she? She picked out this tie for you, right?" Ukyo's pretty confused, but Reiko's just like, "Hey, man, no need to get worked up. I'm just saying." Ukyo tries to leave again, stating plainly that he can't be around her. Reiko says they should go out sometime--since they already know each other and all. But Ukyo just excuses himself and leaves with Reiko behind him, still laughing at how cold he's being.

Once she's gone, Ukyo reminds himself that this isn't lingering affection--just a nightmare that won't go away. He really hates himself for having once been so fooled by one woman... (cue dramatic flashback)

In the flashback, a slightly-younger Ukyo runs up angrily to Reiko, demanding to know what's going on. Reiko feigns ignorance, but Ukyo says that rumors are spreading about how she was out with another man last night. And he's already heard this rumor several times. Ukyo says that as her lover, he wants to believe in her, but first, he wants to hear the truth directly from her. Reiko thinks about it, then admits that she was getting bored of him anyway, so she doesn't really care about keeping secrets anymore: yes, the rumors are true. All of them. But so what, right? And before Ukyo can respond, Reiko tells him that she only dated him to experiment with a younger guy, and also to cash in on his rich family and the connections of his famous, talented mother. She never really cared about him, though she admits he was cool... like a pretty accessory or something.

But hey, now she doesn't need him anymore. Reiko can get what she wants by herself now. For example, that guy she was with last night? He was another lawyer who taught her a lot about work... and other stuff *cough, cough*. And now, she can still have all of that, just minus the trouble of pretending to date Ukyo. So in a way, she should be thanking Ukyo for finally waking up and smelling the roses. And she's going to be a judicial student and he's just taking the bar exam, so really, it's great timing for a breakup. See ya!

And the whole time, poor Ukyo just stands there in shocked silence, taking all the pain she's dishing out and sounding lost and confused and hurt... (so many tears...) (cue dramatic end of flashback)

Back in present day, Ema's happy because Azusa helped her clean up, and she's just thinking about how irreplaceable Ukyo is for doing all this himself when Ukyo walks in. Ema immediately notices his complexion isn't looking good, and Ukyo just chalks it up to exhaustion and goes to his room.

Concerned for him, Ema makes a light snack to cheer Ukyo up and brings it up to his room. Ukyo apologizes for making her worry, but Ema says she just threw together some dinner leftovers. It's nothing special. Then she tells him how Futo was pretty rude to her when he got back home, demanding she make food that was low in calories and had some kind of special filling, etc. etc. But she still listened to him and did it because she knows he works hard. She also makes midnight snacks for Tsubaki and Kaname when they work late, so this is nothing new.

Ukyo goes quiet at first, but then laughs coldly and wonders aloud why the women he's involved with always go running off with other men. Ema's confused, but Ukyo says that she's just like that, too. And when Ema asks what he means, Ukyo grabs her and asks why women think it's so fun to lie to men, making them think they're so nice... and now, Ema's super confused and Ukyo's kinda starting to scare her. But Ukyo ignores her and says that he can't believe she's just like "that woman." She must've thought she could get away with it if she just acted caring and thoughtful enough... when in reality, she must've been laughing at how stupid he was. Ema doesn't understand any of this and asks why he's so angry, but Ukyo just responds that there's something about Ema's face that really angers him. He kinda wants to see that face twist in pain right now, and he wonders aloud if he should do it with brute force, even though he says he didn't want to be Ema's enemy. Ema keeps shouting at him to stop, thinking to herself how terrifying Ukyo looks, but Ukyo isn't listening, so finally, Ema slaps him (and speaking from experience, that really hurts when you wear glasses).

Ukyo's shocked, but he just comments on how rude Ema is... women like her never seem to care until something scary actually happens to them. But Ema shouts at him that she doesn't know who he thinks she is, but it's her! Ema Asahina! The Ukyo that Ema knows can be strict sometimes, sure, but he's still always kind underneath. She doesn't understand what could've happened to make him act like this. Pretty soon, Ema's crying and shaking, and little by little, Ukyo's grip on her wrists is relaxing until he lets her go. He apologizes, saying that he didn't mean to keep this a secret from her, but the story's embarrassing. Ema still pleads for him to tell her about it, and Ukyo tells her all about his crazy ex-girlfriend, Reiko Amamiya--a lawyer who he dated for 6 months while in college. He really loved her and thought she loved him back, but... guess not.

She forgot about him easily, but she dumped him right before his bar exam, and thanks to her, he completely failed. He studied hard to pass it again the next year, but he still felt like a failure. It's laughable. Ema says that it isn't, but then awkwardly asks if he still likes her, to which Ukyo responds that there's no way in Hell. He just hates how the sight of her reminds him of how stupid he was. He wants to erase that part of his past, but her ridicule is constantly going through his head, even now. Ema responds that if that's the case, it's weird for someone as strict, yet kind as Ukyo to be so tormented by just a woman. Then she flatly says that if he's comparing her to that woman, then he should stop, since Ema would never betray Ukyo like that. She'll always be beside Ukyo because she... because Ukyo is... is...

She trails off, and Ukyo thanks her earnestly, saying that he doesn't deserve such words from her. But because of what she said, he feels like his head's finally cleared. Ukyo tells Ema that Reiko actually looks kinda like her, so he panicked a little when he first saw her, but the more they talk, the more he realizes that they're completely different. Ema's so kind to everyone... even someone like him. As he speaks, he starts slowly brushing Ema's hair, and Ema thinks about how strange it is that not long ago, Ukyo was so scary. She tells him that it's nothing new for people to have things about their past that they don't like to talk about, and Ukyo shouldn't be so hard on himself. In fact, understanding other people's weaknesses will help him as a lawyer. Just when Ema begins to think maybe she was being too bossy and tries to backtrack, Ukyo suddenly hugs her and thanks her for saying such things. Then he apologizes for hugging her, but he couldn't help it.

Struggling to find something to say, Ema says suddenly how earlier, Ukyo was acting a little... erm, out of control. Ukyo says that perhaps that's who he really is on the inside. When he can't think straight, he can't act as composed as usual, though it's childish, really. But perhaps it's just proof that he really is related to people like Tsubaki and Yusuke by blood... although he doesn't enjoy the idea. And besides, Ukyo says, whenever he sees a cute person, he can't help but want to bully them a bit--though he usually suppresses the urge. But around Ema, he feels like he doesn't need to restrain himself as much. After all, she promised to stay with him even after seeing his scary side. And while Ema's happy that he's feeling better and showing her his real self, she also wonders if she can keep up with such changes.

Part 12 - Sleeping Over[]

Ema goes to sleep in Ukyo's room and sits down while he goes to bring her a hot drink. He asks if there's something wrong since she's been so quiet and then guesses that she's nervous, even though she was the one who asked to sleep in his room in the first place. But really, there's no reason for her to be so scared. It's not as if he's going to suddenly attack her or anything. (ᗒᗨᗕ) That is, not unless she wants him to...

Ema starts sweating, but before they can give it a try, Ukyo's phone rings and Ema breathes a sigh of relief. (´Д`) Ukyo's talking to someone about emailing a document, and then he hangs up, turns to Ema, and apologizes, but says that he has to run back to the office really quickly. He'll be back in a second if she could just wait there for him. Ema asks if it's really okay for her to wait in his room, and he assures her that it's fine. She can watch TV or something--he'll be back soon, anyway. He apologizes again, but Ema says that he shouldn't worry about it if it's for work. Besides, it sucks that he's stuck working so late, anyway.

Once he's gone, Ema wants to stay awake and wait for him to get back so she can welcome him home, but she's starting to feel a little sleepy... Ema drifts off to sleep on Ukyo's bed, and when she wakes up, she can hear Ukyo thinking aloud to himself how a teenage girl like her shouldn't fall asleep so carelessly in a man's room. She can't trust men in situations like this and should be more careful. But then again... it's strange how her sleeping face doesn't look much like hers. Though he did think they looked the same for a second, Ema's is... better. Ema wakes up a little more and calls Ukyo's name, startling him. Ema asks if she fell asleep, but Ukyo tells her to stay how she is and not to open her eyes. Then Ema feels Ukyo kiss her softly over her eyelids and Ukyo asks if she really expected him to be calm, seeing her asleep like that. She must trust him a lot. But there are also times when he just wants to destroy all the trust she has in him... He asks her to give herself to him, just like this, and Ema's panicking over the fact that he called her "Ema" instead of "Ema-san," and the fact that his hand is slipping down to her hip...

But Ema doesn't want anything like this to happen before being clear about their feelings towards each other, so she goes against Ukyo's instructions and opens her eyes. Ukyo notes that she looks like she's about to cry, so he stops, though he wonders aloud if she's being bold or just naive. He explains that he's trying to say that she shouldn't trust guys so easily and that she needs to be more cautious. Then he promises that he won't do anything else, so she should go back to sleep. Ema calls out his name again, and when Ukyo asks what it is, she apologizes. He tells her that it's alright and wishes her good night. Ema tries to say more, but Ukyo shushes her and tells her good night again.

The next morning, Ema wakes up to Ukyo telling her good morning. She's a bit confused, so Ukyo reminds her that she stayed over in his room last night. Ema suddenly remembers and also tells him good morning before apologizing again for last night. But Ukyo ignores her and asks for her help in breakfast preparations. Ema knows that Ukyo's just pretending to have no idea what she's talking about and she tries to play along, but after a while, realizes that she can't. Not when she's finding it so difficult to look away from Ukyo that morning...

Part 13 - Valentine's Day[]

Ema and Ukyo are cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, but Ema's super nervous because today is Valentine's Day, and she made chocolates for Ukyo in her own room. Now, for the hard part: getting up the guts to give it to him. As she's agonizing over this in her head, Ukyo tells her that they should be all done and thanks her again for being such a big help today. He excuses himself, but Ema stops him before he can leave, saying nervously that she made chocolates for him, asking him to accept them... 'cause... y'know... it's Valentine's Day. Ukyo's also a bit awkward, but he admits that he never expected to get chocolates from Ema and that he's very thankful and happy that she did this.

Ema notices that he's standing a little close and that it's making her heart pound really hard, thinking about how he's been doing things like this ever since he told her that story in his room. Ukyo asks if he can interpret this chocolate to mean that he's her favorite, and when Ema doesn't respond, he asks if she gave the other brothers chocolate as well. Ema admits that she did give the others chocolate as family members, but she had meant to convey her feelings with his, though. Ukyo tells her that he accepts her feelings and thanks her again before leaning in and kissing her on the ear. He says that he looks forward to her chocolates. They wish each other goodnight, and Ema breathes a deep internal sigh of relief that she was able to hand the chocolates over with no mishaps.

Part 14 - White Day[]

Ema's hyper-aware of the fact that it's March 14th, a.k.a. White Day, and so she keeps stressing out whenever she's around Ukyo--partly hoping to get something, partly chiding herself about getting her hopes up. She and Ukyo are cleaning up the kitchen after dinner again, and as usual, he thanks her for her help, and she does the same. There's a slight pause, and then Ukyo laughs, noting that she seems a little restless. Before Ema can deny it, Ukyo tells her that what she wants isn't down here, but if follows him up to his room, he'll give it to her (What were we talking about, again...?).

Ema agrees to follow him, and in his room, Ukyo thanks her again for Valentine's Day and gives her some chocolates, saying that these are his feelings and that they're handmade, just like hers were. Ema tells him that she's very happy and thanks him. He invites her to try them, and Ema's shocked at how good they are and how good Ukyo is at making sweets, too. Ukyo says he's glad that she likes them and tells her that her "distorted" truffles were also quite good. Ema gets a little offended, admitting that perhaps the shape was a little off... But then Ukyo cuts her off, agreeing that although the shape was off, the affection was all there. Ema gets all embarrassed, making Ukyo ask if he was wrong, but Ema tells him that he's not, but--and before she can continue, Ukyo tells her that he's glad. And in annoyance, Ema thinks about how he hasn't changed at all.

Ema thanks him again and goes back to her room after wishing Ukyo a good night. Back in her room, Juli comments how she took a long time to clean up. She tells him that she wasn't cleaning, and Juli takes an educated guess and asks if she was doing something with Ukyo after cleaning up. He already knows it's White Day, so he demands to see what Ukyo gave her! Next thing she knows, Juli's crawling all over her, searching for Ukyo's present. When he finds none, he concludes that Ukyo gave her something edible, which she must've eaten on the spot! Then he proceeds to demand that Ema throw up whatever she ate. Which, naturally, Ema refuses and tells Juli that she'll never reveal what Ukyo gave her.

Part 15[]

Ukyo calls Ema asking if she has any free time that day. He explains that his work will be ending early that day and asks if she wants to get something to eat... as a sort of thanks for helping him out so much. She tells him that he's far from indebted to her and asks about making dinner for the other guys. But Ukyo says that they won't die from skipping one meal. Ema's shocked since this is the most un-Ukyo that Ukyo has ever been, but Ukyo quickly tells her that he was joking and that he's leaving the cooking to Kaname, who... isn't horrible at it. Sensing that Ema's still on the fence about it, Ukyo admits that he just wants to go out with her and asks her if she would, which Ema accepts.

Two hours later, Ema's standing in front of the courthouse waiting for Ukyo and thinking about how he should be done at 4:00. It's only 3:50, but still... She also feels bad about inconveniencing the other guys, but is secretly happy that she gets to go out with just Ukyo.

And that's when a certain brown-haired woman in a suit spots her and seems to recognize Ema, though Ema has no idea who she is. The woman laughs and comments on the rarity of a high school student being at court. Ema apologizes in confusion and asks if loitering is prohibited, but the woman tells her contemptuously that court is a public place. Didn't she learn that in grade school? However... she doesn't approve of it being a rendezvous place for a date, either.

Ema's still shocked, but the woman bluntly asks if Ukyo Asahina called her there. Ema tries to ask how this woman knows Ukyo, but the woman cuts her off, asking if she's going out with Ukyo today. And now Ema's a little more freaked out, since this woman is very familiarly calling him "Ukyo-san." The woman prods her a little more, asking who she is to Ukyo. Ema doesn't answer, thinking the same question about the woman. But suddenly, the woman seems to come to a realization and tells Ema that she looks a lot like herself. Ema then realizes the same thing, as well as the fact that this is the same woman with Ukyo in that old photo she found in his room. That's right. This woman is Reiko Amamiya--the same jerk who dated Ukyo for his mother's connections and cheated on him with big-shot lawyers who could get her ahead in her career.

Reiko only laughs, saying how Ukyo's taste in women hasn't changed. Then she asks again if Ema is Ukyo's lover. Ema's shocked, but Reiko explains it's just curiosity. Ema isn't really sure how to answer, but she tells Reiko that she's Uyko's younger sister. Reiko's surprised since she didn't think Ukyo had any sisters, but when Ema tells her that she's Ukyo's recently-acquired step-sister, Reiko concludes that she's Rintarou Hinata's daughter. Ema's surprised that she knows so much about the brothers' mother, Miwa Asahina. But Reiko tells Ema that she didn't think she was really Ukyo's girlfriend even when she saw Ema picking out a tie for Ukyo on Christmas Eve. And again, Ema is stunned by this person's stalker levels. Reiko goes on to say that their familiarity made her think that they were lovers, but younger sister? It's a convincing story. Of course, it makes sense. Lawyers and high school students don't really go together... Now her? She's a lawyer, just like Ukyo. And she's pretty good at reading people, so when she looks at Ema... she knows that she doesn't really think of Ukyo as an older brother.

Ema's jaw is probably on the ground by now as Reiko goes on to say how Ema probably wants to be Ukyo's lover. When Ema tries to deny it, Reiko asks if she hates Uyko, and then laughs at how Ema can't say that she hates Uyko, even in a lie. How honest. But it's all pointless, so Ema should really give up on Ukyo. Ema can't do anything for Ukyo--she can't help his work, she has no information or personal connections to help Ukyo. That, plus the age gap will hurt Ukyo's reputation with clients... Ema really doesn't have anything as a high school student. Just a pretty, youthful body to hand over.

And just when you want to slug the little jerkface, Ema shoots back that Reiko has no right to be saying any of those things to her or Ukyo--not when she and Ukyo broke up ages ago and after her treatment of Ukyo. Reiko just laughs and agrees, saying that this is just a bit of fun for her. She wants to prove how easy it is for a woman like her to drag an old ex with a new infatuation back into her bed. It's an interesting little game, right? And Reiko's pretty confident--after all, she's an equal to Ukyo. Ema asks what Reiko thinks will happen if she tells Ukyo about this conversation, and Reiko tells her to go right on ahead--their relationship is doomed, either way. But hey, it's past 4pm, so Ukyo should be out soon. Have fun on the date!

Once she's gone, Ema feels completely drained for some reason and feels like she can barely keep standing. She doesn't think a horrible person like Reiko can really trick Ukyo into sleeping with her again, but she does start to doubt herself. Is she just a bother to Ukyo? Would someone like Reiko really be a better fit for him? She can't stop thinking about what Reiko said...

Part 16[]

Ever since that meeting with Reiko, Ema's been super depressed. Reiko's words keep going through her head, and Ema gets increasingly convinced that she's useless to Ukyo. As she's being upset, Iori hears her sighing and asks what's wrong. Ema says it's nothing, but Iori's not convinced. He tells her that he's always here to listen if she needs him, and Ema thanks him. Then Tsubaki chimes in loudly, saying that if she worries too much, she'll end up bald like Subaru! Listening to Subaru's vehement denial of being bald, Ema laughs when she thinks about what good siblings they all are, looking after each other.

But then she hears Ukyo in the living room, scolding Wataru about brushing all of his eraser dust into the trashcan instead of leaving it on the table while he's doing homework, claiming it will make the next person using the table uncomfortable, while Wataru complains about Ukyo's lecturing. Ema thinks about how she's been avoiding Ukyo recently and sighs again, which Kaname hears and says it must be something serious. Azusa advises her to go sleep, and Ema agrees, declining Azusa's offer to walk her there. She wishes the brothers good night and goes upstairs, berating herself for being this way.

Upstairs in the hallway, she hears Ukyo behind her, calling her name and asking for her to wait. He seems to have chased after her, but when Ema asks why, Ukyo says that's his line. He asks her outright why she's been avoiding him, brushing aside her denials. He says that he's noticed her behavior changes and threatens to kiss her if she doesn't hurry up and tell him why. Ema panics and says that she'll tell him, but when she hems and haws, Ukyo asks if she's trying to say that she wants a kiss. Ema denies it and then finally chokes out that she met with his ex (Dangit, Ema, I would've held my silence through all kinds of torture if it means I got a kiss from Ukyo...).

Ukyo guesses that it must've been the day they went out to eat when Ema was waiting outside the court. In hindsight, she had been rather off that day. He apologizes for her having to go through that, but Ema says that it wasn't his fault. Ukyo still apologizes, commenting on how she and Reiko resemble one another, don't they? But Ukyo's already told her how they're nothing alike on the inside. Ema should know that if she talked with Reiko. Timidly, Ema asks if he doesn't think Reiko would be better for him. She's just a child, but Reiko can support him in both work and his private life. Ukyo asks if Reiko made her think this. He tells Ema that he never would've thought of such things, but she believes them, well... She's rather stupid for taking Reiko's words to heart and getting all depressed over them.

Suddenly, Ukyo grabs Ema and holds her to him, telling her that thanks to her, he was able to forget about his past with Reiko. He even told her to stay by his side. Did she really think that he wouldn't treasure someone like her? Ema's more worried about someone catching them together in the corridor, but Ukyo doesn't care. It'll be trouble if they're found, sure, but so what? He's never going to let go of her. Ema shouldn't care about what others say, because she just has to believe in him. He asks if she understands, and Ema looks deep into his eyes and realizes that they're very strict eyes... eyes that won't forgive any ambivalence on her part. It's normally intimidating, but she's glad for it today. She agrees, and Ukyo says it should be fine, then. Before Ema can figure out what he's talking about, Ukyo holds her chin up and kisses her sweetly. Multiple times. Until they practically forget that they're still standing in the middle of the hallway.

When their make-out session is done, Ema laughs, and Ukyo asks what Ema's laughing about. She says that even though she told him about what was bothering her, he didn't hold up his end of the bargain since he kissed her anyway. He asks if she hated it, and when she denies it, he tells her that he's glad because he's always wanted to do that. He's always wanted her to be his. Ema thinks about Ukyo's usually kind, cool appearance and the meaner side of him that he only shows her and wonders when she started being so drawn to him. Ukyo tells Ema that he likes her and kisses her again as if trying to prove it, and Ema tells him that she likes him, too. (So do I, Ema. So do I)

Part 17[]

After work, Ukyo's on his way home and thinking about the dinner menu already--tofu and fruit salad, stir fry, miso soup... when he's stopped by none other than Reiko, who tells him good work for the day. He replies in kind and asks if there's anything he can do for her. Reiko says he's as dull as ever, but she actually met with his younger sister recently. When Ukyo isn't surprised, he tells her that Ema already told him. Reiko raises an eyebrow, but shrugs it off, saying that Ema seems to like him a lot... as a man, that is. But isn't she a little young? Ukyo flatly agrees that she's young, but says nothing else. Reiko reminds Ukyo that time is short, so he should be with someone who can benefit him. Of course, dating him must be a huge plus for Ema, but it drags Ukyo down in both work and personal life. Ukyo asks if her conclusion is that he should date her instead. Reiko laughs, saying he's quick on the pick-up. At least Reiko's more confident than her. Y'know... as a woman.

But Ukyo's not fooled. He asks Reiko what's making her bring this up. Getting back together with old ex's isn't like her. But Reiko says that she's only pointing out the fact that she can help him since they used to date and all. And moreover, they're both adults. They can sleep together without mutual feelings being part of the equation, right? Ukyo pauses for a second, then tells her that maybe it's fine for her, but too bad--he actually does value mutual feelings between partners. He isn't going to be taken in by such cheap provocation as that. Then he suddenly asks her what, as a lawyer, is most important to her. Reiko asks what's with a question like that, but Ukyo says that he understood what she meant when she said that she only dated him to get his mother's assets. He also understands only taking on cases where she can get big rewards from her clients. But Ema had told him that he could understand people's weaknesses, and that's what's most important to him. He wants to be the kind of lawyer who can take those kind, gentle feelings and cherish them.

Reiko scoffs about how boring the conversation is and asks if he's really alright with this. Ukyo tells her that he wouldn't have it any other way. Besides... Reiko's a smart person. She should've realized by now that--in her own words--she's of no use to him. She gets what he's saying, right? Reiko harrumphs and claims he's still as dull as ever. Ukyo says that he knows that. But she's dry and lacks any attractive quality as a human being. And he's sorry, but he really can't stand being with her, personally. In any capacity. Reiko snaps that she's heard enough, but Ukyo gives her a gentle reminder that she should really stay away from his adorable little sister--no... his lover. Because if she doesn't, he'll file a lawsuit against her. (Burn, Ukyo. Solid burn.)

Meanwhile, at home, Ema is getting the braised pork ready for dinner, completely unaware of the showdown going on between Ukyo and Reiko. Ema is a little worried since Ukyo's not home, but looks forward to the movie they planned to watch together after dinner. That's when Ukyo comes home, apologizing for being late. Ema welcomes him home, saying that she was just thinking about him and wondering when he was going to get home. Ukyo goes silent for a second, then mutters something about why Ema has to say such cute things when she's wearing an apron like that... but when Ema asks what he's mumbling about, Ukyo just says it's nothing and asks about the dinner preparations, complimenting her braised pork. Ema happily says that she hopes everyone will eat a lot of it.

That comment gets Ukyo thinking, and he tells Ema that he has a special request for her. He wants her to cook for him. Just him, next time... *wink, wink* But Ema doesn't get the insinuation and asks if he wants her to put together a special menu for him now. Ukyo stares at her blankly for a second, then tells her that that's not what he meant. Ema still doesn't get it, but Ukyo says that it's nothing and that she should ignore it for now. She'll understand later. Ema's still a little confused, but she's like, "Um... Sure. Whatever." Ukyo changes the subject, saying they only need to worry about the salad now, from the looks of it. Ema agrees, saying he should try the miso soup since it's finished. Ukyo tells her that he will... but only if she feeds it to him. Mouth-to-mouth, that is. Ema instantly starts stammering, so Ukyo repeats the request, assures her that he's not joking, and advises her to hurry up before his starving brothers come charging downstairs. And again, Ema asks if she really has to do this, and Uyko's like, "Yep. So hurry up."

While kind of wondering what's up with Ukyo today, Ema bashfully asks him to lean down a bit (Short people problems... I feel that), and Ukyo complies, offering to close his eyes as well. Ema agrees, and he closes his eyes. Ema's heart is beating out of her chest, but she manages to do it in the end, leaning over and kissing him. She ends the kiss to ask Ukyo how it is, and he replies that it's delicious... but he wants more. At first, Ema asks if the soup was too thin, but Ukyo clarifies by saying that it's more of her that he wants. So he kisses her again... and the whole time, Ema's wondering what's up since he's kissing her for such a long time, even though their brothers could come waltzing in at any time. When she breaks away, she asks him if something good happened that day, and when he asks why she's asking, she says that he seems... happy (Shocker, right?). Ukyo tells her that actually, something good did happen that day--he won a case and it was all thanks to her. Ema doesn't get it, but Ukyo's still happy, saying Ema is his goddess of victory and that's why she needs to stay with him from now on, and eventually, she'll understand what he said earlier. Frankly, Ema still doesn't really know when he's talking about, but when he asks her if she'll accept, she naturally does. Then he starts kissing her again, dragging it out into another make-out session, and she can't really think straight from there (Can't say I blame her...). But she's happy knowing that although Ukyo is usually quite strict, he's actually a very gentle person.

Part 18 - Graduation[]

A year later, it's finally the end of Ema's senior year at high school and she and her friend, Imai Mahoko, and the rest of their class are waiting for a teacher to show up so that they can listen to their boring speech and then get out. But Ema can't stop thinking about how she and Ukyo were supposed to meet up after the graduation. Imai tells Ema that they should take a picture in front of the main gate later, and Ema's just like, "Right... yeah... main gate... Ukyo's probably waiting for me at the main gate... like, I'm certain he's waiting there now..." As she's thinking of how close she is to getting out and meeting up with Ukyo, Imai keeps trying to get Ema's attention, calling her name. When Ema finally notices, Imai asks her why she keeps looking so spaced-out and fidgety. Then she smiles and says that Ema must be meeting up with Ukyo later, right? Ema confirms it, and Imai sighs about how having an older boyfriend to pick you up must be nice. Plus a high educational background, good income, and doesn't mind doing the chores. Ema really scored a keeper (Couldn't agree more). Then she asks when he and Ema are getting married.

Ema does a double take like, "Wait, what?!" Then she tries to tell Imai that nothing like that's in motion, yet. But Imai tells her it's normal. Especially since her brother's already at a good age, soooo... But Ema says that they've never discussed it before and she's pretty sure that Ukyo's not even thinking about anything like that yet. Imai says that he might talk about it today--since today's the day Ema graduates from high school and all, so she's not a child anymore. Ema knows that, but tells Imai that she feels like Ukyo still treats her like a child, always telling her not to be late and watch out for cars and whatnot. But Imai waves it off, saying he's just worried about her. Then Ema sighs for the upteenth time about their late teacher, telling Imai that Ukyo's waiting for her at the main gate. They're not supposed to meet for another 30 minutes, but knowing Ukyo, he's already waiting for her and doesn't like to be kept waiting. Imai then does her best friend a solid and promises to cover for her, but Ema needs to get her butt outside now to meet her hot boyfriend/future husband. Promising to meet up with Imai over spring breaks, Ema takes her friend's advice and flee the room.

When Ema gets to the main gate, as predicted, Ukyo is already there. He's surprised to see her out so early, but congratulates her again for graduating. Ema thanks him, and Ukyo says that he likes the radiant expression she's making--it shows how she's spent her life without regrets. It's great that she's been able to do that. Of course, graduation also means that she's no longer a child that needs to be protected. She's an adult, and should try to live a moderate life. Ema starts stressing out, but Ukyo interrupts her sweating by saying that he has something he wants to talk to her about, but they can discuss it over dinner.

Ema agrees, but she's a bit surprised when Ukyo takes her to a very high-class luxury hotel. Apparently, some people Ukyo had met through work had recommended one of the restaurants on the hotel's upper floors to him and he made a reservation. He wanted to celebrate Ema's graduation, but Ema feels more than a little out of place since she's still wearing her high school uniform... Still, the dinner is delicious, and Ema comments on how good the balsamic sauce is. Ukyo notices that she likes the sauce more than the foie gras. Ema apologizes and admits that it's the first time she's ever had foie gras, so she was surprised by the taste. And the balsamic sauce was different from what she knew... sweeter. Ukyo agrees, saying it likely had a long maturation period due to its low acidity and good flavor. (Gotta love Ukyo...)

As usual, Ema's impressed with how much Ukyo knows about food, and Ukyo admits that he can only eat this sort of stuff with her--all his brothers ever seem to eat and talk about is meat. Beef, chicken--doesn't matter. Fancy dishes are wasted on them. It's insulting to the chef. Ukyo doesn't know what to do with them. Ema just laughs, saying that despite, they're still happy that they get to eat so much all the time. Ema's confused when Ukyo seems angered by this, but he explains that he's annoyed at his brothers for taking her cooking for them for granted. Then he reminds her that there was something he wanted to talk to her about. He asks her if she remembers what he told her about a year ago (Come on, man... I can't remember what I said yesterday, much less a year ago). Ema apologizes since it must have been something important, but admits that she forgot and doesn't know to what Ukyo's referring to.

Ukyo reminds her that he asked her to cook only for him. Ema remembers and says that she told him that she would, of course, didn't she? Ukyo agrees that she did, and then reminds her again that she's no longer a child now that she's graduated from high school. He wants to treat her like an adult now, and that's why he's waited until today to say something, but he wants Ema to marry him. And Ema, for her part, is so shocked by the question and the fact that he's putting a ring on her left hand that she can barely respond. Ukyo asks why she's freezing up all of a sudden, and Ema replies uncertainly that in truth, she really is still a child and it's strange for her to be going out with an adult like him... much less think about something like marriage...

But Ukyo simply tells her that he likes her and wants to stay beside her, so his conclusion is the ring. He looks at her as a single woman--not as a child. And he'll be sure to make her happy. He tells her that he loves her and this time, asks if she will marry him. And after a long pause, Ema tells him that yes, she will marry him and that she loves him, too. Ukyo thanks her and says that he's waiting so long to hear her say that. But now, he's kinda tired of waiting. He wants Ema to be his as soon as possible. Ema thinks about how Ukyo would always arrive somewhere before her. He was always waiting for her. But she doesn't want to make him wait anymore. She tells him that her heart is his, and he laughs, saying that he's happy to hear it and that he wants her to give herself to him too. Ema asks what he means, and Ukyo is basically like, "I made a reservation in a restaurant in a hotel... What do you think I mean?" As it just so happens, he also got a room along with the restaurant reservation. He wants to have her somewhere their brothers can’t bother them.

Now Ema's seriously freaking out, saying how she was given no time for any sort of mental preparation, and Ukyo's like, "Fine. I'll give you an hour." Like he said: he's already reached his limit. He's not joking, and the ring is proof. Ema thinks about how serious he is and reminds herself that she wasn't going to make him wait on her any longer. So when Ukyo asks her to please be his, Ema watches him trace the engagement ring with a finger and nods.

*Summary derived from full route translation by jokertrip-ran at Tumblr: