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Tsubaki is the 5th son of the Asahina family. He’s a young seiyuu at the age of 24, working as a set with his beloved twin Azusa. While he’s usually playful and easygoing, Tsubaki actually has a serious side as well. Especially when it comes to work. He takes his job very seriously, and he always does his best at work. Tsubaki is also an otaku who loves anime, manga and games. He loves little sister characters with a passion, so Ema is a dream come true for him.

声優イベント [Seiyuu Event]

Based on Tsubaki and Azusa’s invitation, Ema goes to watch a live event on July 19. It’s a live event to launch a new game, and they invite Ema knowing she’s a hardcore gamer. She gets excited upon seeing their names on the event poster, so much that she squeezes Juli’s tail out of pure excitement. When the event begins, Tsubaki and Azusa walk into the stage wearing military uniforms — their in-game characters’ costume. As she hears their fans screaming their names, Ema feels that both Tsubaki and Azusa are so far away from her.. but right after they’re done greeting the audience, Tsubaki throws a glance at Ema from the stage. They sing the game’s theme song after that, followed by a talk show that entertains the whole audience. It’s Ema’s first time watching a live event, but she finds it really enjoyable.

After the live event ends, Tsubaki mails Ema and asks her to come to their dressing room. The staff guides Ema to their dressing room, and Tsubaki opens the door even before she knocks. Simply because he wants to surprise her. He then asks if their performance earlier makes her heart beat faster, adding that she’d be more than welcomed to fly into his arms. He’s about to jump into her arms when she refuses, but since Azusa stops him from going out of control, he only asks for her opinion about today’s event. Ema answers that she enjoyed it a lot, as both Tsubaki and Azusa did a great job to entertain the audience. Her favorite session was the post-looping corner though. Ema was amazed by their live voice acting, so much that she wanted to tell everyone that Tsubaki and Azusa are her brothers. Tsubaki suddenly turns silent upon hearing this, and he suddenly hugs Ema before she could even react. Azusa asks Ema to let him be for a little longer though, since Tsubaki is so happy he’s blushing. Tsubaki also reveals that he saw Ema from the stage earlier, and it instantly raises his tension. He asks her to come and see their event again next time, and she gladly agrees. Ema can feel Tsubaki’s warmth as he hugs her, though Juli keeps raging on her shoulder.

プチクルーズ [Petit Cruise ] For summer vacation, everyone goes on a family trip to Miwa’s private island.

On August 12, the second day of the trip, Azusa punches Tsubaki when he tries to give Ema a good morning kiss. They’re going to ride a boat today, and they invite her to come along with them. Ema happily accepts their invitation, and they walk to the beach after breakfast.. where she finds their “boat”. She was expecting an oar-powered boat, but their boat turns out to be a small cruise ship instead. Miwa bought the ship for the island a few years ago, so they use it once a year when they visit the island. Tsubaki also reveals that most adults in the Asahina family can drive ships, and he suggests Ema to take one too in the future. Ema isn’t even sure if she can get a driving license for cars, but Azusa says she should be able to get one.. since even someone like Tsubaki could get a driving license. He actually did well for the driving test, but he failed multiple times in the written test.

With Tsubaki steering the ship, the three of them then visit a small island nearby. After a while, Azusa points out that the weather is turning bad. Heavy rain starts pouring down before they can go back to the cottage, and Tsubaki goes to check their ship while Ema waits with Azusa. Soon after, Tsubaki returns saying they’re in trouble. Their ship’s engine is broken, most likely due to the rain lowering the temperature. Ema asks if it means they’re going to be stuck in this island forever, and Tsubaki apologizes for inviting her to join their trip. As much as Ema tries to stay calm, both Tsubaki and Azusa can see that she’s really scared.. so they hold her hands and assure her that everything will be just fine. Ema feels really happy when Tsubaki says they’ll keep holding hands until her fear goes away, but Azusa soon breaks this atmosphere by asking if the ship’s engine is really broken — because it’s not. Tsubaki admits that he was just joking, but Ema’s reaction was way beyond his expectations. He apologizes for trolling her, but he really meant what he said to her earlier. No matter what happens, he’s going to protect her. Those words work like a charm too, since Ema just can’t get angry upon hearing them. The rain stops falling not too long after that, and they can finally return to the cottage together.

2人の姿 [ The Two of Them ]

On the night of October 3, Ema remembers that she left her phone in the living room. She goes up to get her phone, but upon entering the living room, she finds Tsubaki and Azusa having a very suspicious conversation inside. Tsubaki suddenly confesses to Azusa, who replies that he feels the same.. but they’re siblings and can never be together. It doesn’t stop them though, and Tsubaki continues professing his feelings as Ema goes ・・・(〃д〃) in the background. The more she hears the conversation, the deeper her mind steps into the forbidden area. Ema eventually snaps out of her reverie when Juli says it’s dangerous to stay here, because they don’t know what’s going to happen next. Or maybe they do, but Juli definitely doesn’t want to see it. Ema quickly flees to her room, and they end up spending the whole night wide awake — thanks to the “stimulating” conversation. Ema soon realizes that it might be a practice for voice acting though, and she forces herself to think that way. Or else she wouldn’t be able to face the twins calmly.

The next morning, Ema reluctantly goes to prepare breakfast on the 5th floor. She’s relieved to see Tsubaki and Azusa behaving as usual, but her curiosity kicks in again the moment Azusa wipes off some rice grain from Tsubaki’s face. Everyone is worried to see Ema frowning, and so she decides to ask them directly: “A-A-Are you dating..?” Yusuke instantly spits out his miso soup, and Tsubaki puts on a mischievous smile when Ema reveals that she overhears their conversation last night. Before Azusa could say anything, Tsubaki clings onto him saying they’re indeed lovers. Tsubaki also mentions about how they had a “burning night” yesterday, and he’s willing to replay what happened for Ema — starting with kissing Azusa’s cheek. However, Ukyou eventually stops this “joke” since they’re going to be late if they don’t finish their breakfast soon. As Tsubaki laughts at Ema’s reaction, Azusa explains that they were only reading a script last night. Tsubaki is going to voice a drama CD about romance between siblings, so Azusa helped him practice by acting out the little sister’s lines.

It doesn’t change the fact that Tsubaki loves Azusa with a passion though, and he asks if Ema can’t stand seeing two guys making out with each other. When Ema says she’s not sure since it’s an unknown world to her, Tsubaki replies that he always thought all girls love BL.. but now he knows that it’s not the case. He voices BL drama CDs too and asks her to give them a try if she’s interested, but of course she doesn’t know anything about BL. While the conversation takes a weird turn at the end, Ema is extremely relieved that everything was just a misunderstanding on her part.

声優雑誌 [ Seiyuu Magazine ]

After a date on October 17, Tsubaki takes Ema to drop by the bookstore on the way home. He then goes to the magazine corner, where he grabs an anime magazine, a game magazine and a.. questionable magazine with cute illustration of girls on it. The last one also has “お兄ちゃん大好き ☆ Dakimakura Cover Bonus!” written on the front cover. Tsubaki is happy that he can buy his favorite magazines after a date with his beloved little sister, though Ema pretends not to hear anything instead. Tsubaki then asks if Ema wants to buy anything, and she notices the latest issue of Dengeki Voice on the shelf — with Tsubaki and Azusa on the front cover. Tsubaki thinks it’s embarrassing to buy a magazine with himself on the cover, but since Ema is interested, they decide to check the contents together. Aside from reports on their past live events, the magazine also includes an interview with both of them. They have a large section featuring Tsubaki and Azusa, which makes Ema realize that the twins are really famous. Tsubaki also mentions that they had matching bracelets during the interview, and he happily thanks Ema when she praises his fashion sense. Tsubaki actually loves accessories and clothes a lot, and he’s going to choose something cute for Ema next time.


As they flip to the anime section, Tsubaki mentions that he’s not working on any anime for this season. However, it’s different for Azusa. Ema points out that Azusa has another exclusive interview for another anime title, where he’s voicing the secondary protagonist. Ema excitedly says she needs to check out the anime, and Tsubaki also asks her to watch it because Azusa is doing his best.. but he doesn’t look too happy about this. Tsubaki falls into silence after that, but when Ema asks if there’s something wrong, he only says it’s nothing. He puts up his usual cheerful smile as he takes her home, and while she doesn’t ask further, somehow she has a very bad feeling about this.

文化祭当日 [ Culture Festival Day ]

Hinode High School’s culture festival takes place on October 23, and Ema is busy working as a bunny waitress in her class’s cafe. At noon, Tsubaki comes to visit asks if he can kiss her since she looks really cute as a bunny. He thinks its only natural because she’s cosplaying for him, but she refuses saying she’s only wearing the costume for her class cafe. Ema finds it strange to see Tsubaki without Azusa, and Tsubaki says they’re meeting up here since they had different jobs today. He also adds that Azusa will appear in a minute, and much to Ema’s surprise, Azusa really appears a few seconds later. It turns out both Tsubaki and Azusa can sense each other’s presence whenever they’re nearby, so they can tell each other’s location if they’re in the same area. Upon seeing Ema in her bunny suit, Azusa blushes in silence.. but then he quietly says it’s nothing.

Since Ema is having her break, they decide to have some drink in the cafe as Tsubaki forces Yusuke to serve them — pissing off the poor guy. Azusa has to return to work not too long after that, and so Ema will have a culture festival date with Tsubaki today. When Ema asks if he has a place that he wants to see, Tsubaki answers that he wants to visit the roof. It’s his dream to do naughty things in the roof, and he needs her to make that dream come true. Sadly it’s only a joke, because Tsubaki then laughs and teasingly asks what Ema is imagining about. Mahoko also helps them by forcing Yusuke to cover Ema’s remaining shifts, so Ema can enjoy the rest of the day with Tsubaki. They walk around the school and visit the roof together after that, though they don’t do anything naughty. Not yet, at least.

真実 [ Truth ]

A week after Rintarou and Miwa’s wedding, on November 13, Ema goes to her old apartment. They asked her to help organizing their wedding photos, but she ends up finding a book which states that she’s actually adopted. Before Rintarou could explain anything, Ema runs out of the apartment and cries in the park until night falls. The one who eventually finds her is Tsubaki.

Even though Tsubaki is really worried about Ema, she only asks why he’s here because he’s supposed to be at work. He answers that he postponed everything just to search for her, and this really surprises her since he’s always serious when it comes to work. Tsubaki then asks Ema to go home, but she refuses and tells him to return to work instead. Of course Tsubaki is surprised, and he asks if Ema is serious.. because there’s no way he can voice act properly after leaving her alone. When Tsubaki asks why she doesn’t want to go home, Ema eventually admits it’s because she’s afraid to hear what Rintarou has to say. He then asks if it’s because she’d feel left out if Rintarou confirms that she’s adopted, and when she says yes...

Tsubaki: “In that case, you’re stupid.”

Ema: “Eh..!?”

Tsubaki: “Ah, stupid. You’re so stupid. I never thought you’re this stupid.”

Tsubaki asks if Ema still remembers the day she came to live with them, reminding her that he was really happy to have a younger sister. At first it was because of his sister complex, but as they spend more time together, he started to treasure her as a family. Even if they’re not related by blood, she has become an important person to him.. and the same goes for Rintarou. Tsubaki then tells Ema that she’s not alone. Those who treasure her will never leave her alone, and he wants her to understand that. If she still wants to sulk after talking to Rintarou, he will be there to comfort her. Tsubaki also says Ema looks incredibly sour earlier, and when she denies it, he laughs saying she finally cheers up. Once again he asks her to go home, and she finally agrees — holding hands with him as they walk home together.

大切なもの [ The Important Thing ]

After learning everything from Rintarou, Ema goes to see Tsubaki in his room. He asks if she’s still feeling alone now, and he smiles when she says no. Ema thanks Tsubaki for cheering her up earlier, but he says he doesn’t do anything. He just happened to be the one who found her. Everyone loves her as much as he does, and he knows they will say the same thing if they’re in his position. When Ema admits that she’s really happy to hear that he treasures her, Tsubaki says he will keep saying those words from now on — as long as it makes her happy. Tsubaki also says the one who saves the princess will always be a prince, which means that Ema’s prince is him. That, or he’s a cool older brother who can’t leave his little sister to cry alone. Tsubaki thinks Ema looks cute even when she cries, but he loves her smile even more. He needs to go back to work now, and he asks her not to apologize since he searched for her on his own will. Besides, he can focus now that he has seen her smile. All she needs to do is to pray that he won’t make any mistakes today.

本音 [ Real Feelings ]

On November 15, Ema decides to study after taking a bath.. but her determination flies out the window when Tsubaki comes and gives her a game. He received a copy since he’s voicing a character in the game, but he would rather hear her opinion instead. Before he leaves, Ema invites Tsubaki to come in and play the game together — much to Juli’s rage. Since she wants to focus on the game, Ema has no choice but to kick the poor thing out of the room and leave him in the hallway. Soon Tsubaki’s character makes an appearance, but Ema notices that Tsubaki doesn’t seem happy to hear his own voice. After hearing more lines from his character, he eventually sighs saying his acting still needs a lot of improvement. The recording took place six months ago, and now he feels so embarrassed to hear the result — knowing the current him can do better than that. When Ema says he did his best to voice the character, Tsubaki sadly answers that doing his best doesn’t mean his acting is good. Besides, Azusa always does a better job when it comes to acting.


Ema then says that Tsubaki is just as popular as Azusa, but Tsubaki says that’s only because they’re working as a set. It’s very rare to see identical twins working together in this field, and Tsubaki knows people isn’t loving him for his abilities as a seiyuu. He tells Ema that he’s been a fan of anime and games ever since he was young, and it was his dream to be a seiyuu in the future. He entered a training school for seiyuu right after graduating from high school, and got employed by his current agency by luck. However, a part of him felt that something is missing because Azusa wasn’t there to work with him. That’s why he decided to bring Azusa — who was attending university back then — into the world of voice acting. Azusa then took the night course in the training school, and he caught up to Tsubaki in only a few months.. even though it took Tsubaki two years to reach the same level. Azusa is a genius who can do anything, but Tsubaki doesn’t have such an amazing ability. They might be identical twins, but they’re really different when it comes to skills. While Tsubaki spends his time entertaining their fans, Azusa continues brushing up his voice acting skills.

Tsubaki says he doesn’t regret taking Azusa into his world, but sometimes he feels sad upon seeing the gap between their abilities. It’s the first time Ema ever saw Tsubaki looking so sad, but soon he apologizes for bringing up a gloomy subject. Tsubaki cheerfully says they should continue playing the game, but Ema can see that he’s forcing himself to be cheerful.. and she thanks him for telling her everything. As Ema shows him how to shoot enemies on the screen, Tsubaki suddenly hugs Ema saying he’ll watch her play like this. He tells her that he decided to become a seiyuu because of a robot anime series, and he wants to voice a role in that series someday. He’s aware that his acting skills are inferior compared Azusa’s, but it’s his dream to work for that series. Tsubaki apologizes saying he only wants Ema to know, and Ema asks Tsubaki to do his best — she will always support him. Then he jokingly asks her to “capture” him too, because he wants to be “taken down” by her.

オーディション [ Audition ]

On December 2, Ema returns home to find Azusa standing in front of the mansion. He’s talking to someone on the phone, angrily saying that he can’t accept “the role” for an obvious reason. He mentions that he didn’t even take the audition, and he won’t change his decision even if it’s the producer’s request. Later on, Ukyou asks Ema to call Tsubaki since it’s time for dinner. He already came home in the evening and Wataru ran into him by the elevator earlier, but he said he doesn’t need dinner tonight. Tsubaki doesn’t come to the living room either, and Ema asks if Azusa knows something.. but he reluctantly says he doesn’t. After dinner, Ema visits Tsubaki in his room since she’s worried about him. Azusa tries to say something to her, but he quickly says it’s nothing and returns to his own room.

When Ema rings Tsubaki’s doorbell saying she brings him dinner, he apologizes saying he has no appetite today. She then puts the tray in front of his room and excuses herself, but then he stops her and asks her to come in — there’s something he wants to talk about. Inside, Tsubaki asks if Ema still remembers the robot anime he told her about. A new series will be airing next year, and the production team held an audition for the main character. Tsubaki applied and did his best, but he ended up failing the audition. He can accept the failure if it’s because he’s not skilled enough, but apparently that’s not the reason. It’s because the producer wants Azusa to voice the main character. Tsubaki was shocked upon learning that he failed, but upon learning that the role has been given to Azusa right from the start, he feels so sad and pathetic that he can’t think straight anymore. He can’t look at Azusa’s face properly, and he’s irked by his own feelings. Tsubaki then wonders if he doesn’t fit to be a seiyuu, but Ema stops him from saying things he doesn’t even mean. She says it’s not like him at all, and he asks what does it mean to be like him then. Ema answers that the Tsubaki she knows is always so cheerful, and always does his best to reach his dreams. He treasures his fans a lot, and he loves voice acting more than anything.

Ema then asks Tsubaki to smile, though it sounds difficult right now. If he doesn’t smile, Azusa will be worried about him. Upon hearing this, Tsubaki answers that Ema is right. He didn’t think about Azusa’s feelings at all. He still needs to sort out his feelings first, but he can’t feel down in front of Azusa. Besides, he knows Azusa will probably try to refuse the role. Tsubaki then thanks Ema saying he feels better now, and he asks her to stay in his room tonight. He doesn’t want to be alone today, and he wants her to stay with him. Tsubaki also asks if he can hug Ema, and he takes her silence as a yes — hugging her before she could answer. He jokingly (or maybe not) says he won’t let her sleep tonight, only giving her a vague smile when she asks if he’s joking. Whether he’s joking or not, Ema is relieved to see Tsubaki smiling again. If she can do anything to cheer him up, then she’s willing to do it anytime.

クリスマスイブ [ Christmas Eve ]

When Christmas Eve comes, Azusa already accepted the role. Tsubaki was worried that he’s really going to refuse, but in the end Azusa changed his decision. They have made up as well, since Tsubaki clings to Azusa and kisses his cheek in front of Ema.. and he doesn’t let go until Azusa punches him. When Ema asks if they’re going out tonight, Tsubaki says they ran out of light bulbs to decorate their Christmas tree with. Ukyou asked him to buy some new ones, while Azusa is going out for work. They’re heading towards the same direction, and so they decided to walk there together. Tsubaki complains that Ukyou is being mean by stressing at how free he is tonight, and since Ema has no plans either, he invites her to come along with him. Azusa also asks Ema to go with Tsubaki, since Tsubaki is a big kid who will definitely buy unnecessary things if she doesn’t keep him under watch. Ema is surprised by the sudden invitation, but she’s actually happy to spend her Christmas Eve with Tsubaki.

On the way home, Ema and Tsubaki watch the beautiful illuminations together. He jokingly asks if she’s glad to join his shopping trip, and she honestly answers yes. When she thanks him for taking her along, he whispers that she always cheers him up — both now and back when he was feeling down after the audition. Tsubaki thanks Ema as he gently pats her head, and Ema replies that Tsubaki can talk to her anytime.. so he should keep moving forward. Just like how he always does. Tsubaki feels bad since Ema ends up looking out for him, but she replies that his smile cheers up a lot of people. That’s why she wants him to keep smiling for everyone. If there are times when he finds it difficult to smile, then she’s going to bring the smile back to his face. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* As a sign of gratitude for cheering him up, Tsubaki gives Ema a bracelet and puts it onto her wrist. It’s also to fulfill his promise to choose something cute for her, and it makes her happy that he remembered. Since Ema’s hands are cold, Tsubaki then warms them up with his breath and takes them into his pocket. He asks if she hates it, and when she says she doesn’t, he admits that he won’t let go even if she says yes.


Ema: “You’re as forceful as usual.”

Tsubaki: “That’s my charm, right?”

Ema: “I’m not sure, but I’m happy with your feelings. Thank you!”

Tsubaki points out that Ema has thanked him multiple times today, but then he asks her not to apologize. He actually loves a relationship where they can honestly thank each other, and it makes him even happier when she agrees with him. They walk home together after that, and Tsubaki walks Ema to her room before giving the light bulbs to Ukyou.

お正月 [ New Year's Day ]

On New Year’s Day, everyone goes to pray at the shrine together. Upon arriving at the shrine, Tsubaki invites Ema to join him, Azusa and Natsume as they offer their prayers together. After praying, the four of them go to draw omikuji and compare the results. The triplets do this every year, and Tsubaki calls it the “main event” to start their new year.. though Azusa and Natsume aren’t sure if it’s worth getting excited over. Not to mention the one who draws the worst luck will have to treat the rest for lunch, and Natsume has been losing for two years in a row. Poor guy has no luck. Ema decides to take the challenge, and she draws a “lucky” omikuji while the triplets got.. “great misfortune”. Tsubaki doesn’t want to accept this, and he makes them draw the omikuji once again. On their second try, Ema draws a “great fortune” omikuji while the triplets got yet another “great misfortune”. Tsubaki wants to draw another one, but Azusa stops him since they have drawn two “great misfortune”s in a row — which means the three of them are cursed with bad luck this year. xD Beside them, Ema laughs saying it seems like this year will become a good year. In the end, Tsubaki, Azusa and Natsume all pay for anything Ema wants to eat.

梓の体調 [ Azusa's Health ]

On February 6, Azusa comes to the living room when Ukyou and Ema are preparing breakfast. He doesn’t look too well, and he’s asking for a medicine for headache. Ema asks if he’s alright, and Azusa admits that he’s been feeling sick for the last three days. She suggests visiting the hospital, but he has no time to rest since he’s busy with work recently. Then suddenly, Azusa collapses onto the floor — whispering that his head hurts. Ukyou quickly goes to call Masaomi, but Tsubaki soon walks into the living room.. and he’s shocked upon seeing Azusa’s condition. He immediately runs over to hug Azusa, but Ukyou asks him not to move Azusa because they don’t know the cause of the pain yet. When Masaomi comes to the living room, Tsubaki’s still in a panic and asks him to save Azusa. He refuses to let go of Azusa, so eventually Ukyou asks if he’s going to kill Azusa by getting in the way. Tsubaki can only watch in silence as Masaomi examines Azusa, and in the end Azusa is taken to the hospital. Ukyou also goes to inform their brothers about what happened, leaving Tsubaki and Ema on the fifth floor.

Tsubaki remains silent for a while, but when Ema tries to cheer him up, he finally realizes that she’s shivering. He apologizes for drowning in his own sorrow even though she’s worried as well, and he gently hugs her — saying they’ll go to the hospital once he calms down. Ema also feels calmer in Tsubaki’s arms, and they visit the hospital together after that.. where they learn that Azusa needs to be hospitalized for a while. Masaomi says that Azusa’s condition is pretty bad right now, but it should be more stable after two more days. He absolutely needs rest and they can’t visit him for today, but Masaomi assures them that they will be able to see him soon. At first Tsubaki insists that he can’t go home before seeing Azusa, so Ema tells him Azusa will only get worried if he sees Tsubaki’s current expression. Besides, Tsubaki has to inform their manager about Azusa’s condition. It finally reminds him about their job, and he agrees to leave Azusa in Masaomi’s hands for now — it’s for their own sake. Before Tsubaki goes home with Ema, Masaomi promises that he’ll inform Tsubaki once Azusa is allowed to receive visitors.

代役 [ Substitute ]

On February 11, exactly five days after Azusa got hospitalized, Tsubaki receives a call from their manager. Azusa needs to be hospitalized for approximately a month, and the production team can’t wait that long.. so they want Tsubaki to voice the robot anime’s main character as Azusa’s substitute. Their manager says he can refuse since he must be feeling complicated about this, but she knows that Azusa would want him to take the offer. Because up until the moment he decided to accept the role, Azusa kept saying the role belongs to Tsubaki. After a short silence, Tsubaki eventually answers that he’ll take the role. However, he knows they’re only looking at him as nothing more than Azusa’s replacement. It’s not something he can solve just by thinking about it, but he doesn’t have the confidence to match Azusa’s abilities either.

バレンタイン [ Valentine's Day ]

For Valentine’s Day, Ema makes a handmade chocolate for Tsubaki. He can’t believe his eyes when she gives him the chocolate, and he has to make sure that it’s not an obligatory one. He could only receive a chocolate from his little sister in games, in his dreams and in his delusions before, so he’s more than delighted to receive her chocolate. Tsubaki’s otaku side completely comes out here, as he wonders if he’s going to get Ema’s “affection MAX event” by choosing the right choice.

1. “I’m so happy. Thank you.”
2. “I-It’s not like I’m happy or anything! ..but thanks.”

Jokes aside, Tsubaki thanks Ema and says he never felt so happy upon receiving a chocolate from a girl before. Lately he’s been feeling down because of what happened to Azusa, so her chocolate really cheers him up. Tsubaki promises to return the favor in White Day, asking Ema to look forward to his present. Ema is still worried about Tsubaki, but since he looks so happy, she’s glad that she gave her chocolate to him today.

プレッシャー [ Pressure ]

On February 20, Ema enters the living room and finds Tsubaki reading a script with a serious expression. In fact, he doesn’t even notice her presence until she brings some coffee for him. When Ema points out that he’s frowning, Tsubaki is surprised that she watches him that much. He says he needs to be careful not to make her worry, but she already notices that he doesn’t look well. Tsubaki then explains that he was asked to become Azusa’s substitute for the robot anime, but sadly things aren’t going well for him. He’s doing his best to act perfectly — just like how Azusa always does — but he just can’t pull it off. The role initially belongs to Azusa, and that’s why Tsubaki thinks he needs to replace Azusa completely. However, Ema tells Tsubaki that she loves his voice. Every role he plays is always full of life, and his voice always makes her heart beat faster. Ema says Azusa has a wonderful voice too, but it’s completely different from Tsubaki’s. She also reminds him that even if he got selected to be Azusa’s substitute, he can never become Azusa. They’re two different people, and Ema knows Tsubaki has his own charms that won’t lose to anyone else.

Upon hearing Ema’s words, Tsubaki eventually snaps out of it and thanks her for opening his eyes. Tsubaki says he’s not sure if he has such strong charms, but as long as he has Ema by his side and cheering him on, he will continue doing his best. He asks her to watch the result, because he’s going to create a main character who can only be voiced by him. Now that he’s back to his usual self, Tsubaki asks if his voice is the only thing Ema loves from him. Ema blushes saying it’s a secret and looks away, but Tsubaki doesn’t mind. If she looks away, then he only needs to make her face his way. He then pulls her closer and kisses her, saying it’s a sign of gratitude for cheering him up.. though the kiss probably cheers him up even more. Tsubaki then asks if he can kiss her again, and Ema just can’t resist as he kisses her forehead, eyelids, cheeks and finally her lips.She knows they shouldn’t do this since they’re siblings, but her head feels blank upon hearing his voice.

ホワイトデー [ White Day ]

On White Day, Tsubaki asks Ema to see him at the station after school. His present for her is a date, and he will listen to everything she says today. For their first destination, Tsubaki invites Ema to eat some cake together. He knows a nice cafe that allows the customers to wear their waiter uniform, so he’s going to borrow one and give her full service — using his voice acting to satisfy her even more. When Tsubaki says a poetic line as an example, Ema immediately translates it as “Welcome home. Do you want to eat, take a bath.. or me?” ..which also surprises herself, because it means she has received his otaku influence that much. Tsubaki is also planning to go to the karaoke after that, where he’s going to present a medley of character songs and anime songs for Ema. Knowing that Tsubaki is always busy with work, Ema feels happy that he arranged his schedule just to see her today.

退院の日 [ The Day of Discharge ]

After spending a month in the hospital, Azusa is finally discharged on March 28. Tsubaki is the one who picks him up, and he also takes Ema along. Azusa has completely recovered, though Ema is shocked upon hearing that he needs to return to work in two days. Because according to Tsubaki, their manager is a merciless demon. Before leaving the hospital room, Tsubaki honestly tells Azusa that he’s been holding a complex regarding the gap in their voice acting skills. He was sad when they picked Azusa over him to voice the main character, and he was stressed when they asked him to become Azusa’s substitute.. but he already got over those feelings. Tsubaki already realized that his acting is different from Azusa’s, so he’s going to pursue his own acting from now on. He feels proud to have Azusa as a brother, but Azusa is also his rival.. and so he won’t lose. After thanking Tsubaki for telling him everything, Azusa says he loves Tsubaki’s straightforward side a lot — that’s why he won’t lose either.

As Ema smiles beside them, Tsubaki then says that he can grow out of his complex thanks to her. He immediately clings to her saying it’s a “thank you & I love you hug”, but Azusa punches him before he completely goes out of control. When Tsubaki protests, Azusa whispers that Tsubaki should allow him to do this much just for today. He quietly tells Ema that he actually loves her too, but he knows her heart only belongs to Tsubaki. The three of them go back to the mansion after that, and Ema feels glad to see Tsubaki and Azusa smiling together after being apart for so long.

誰よりも特別な [ More Special Than Anyone Else ]

On April 30, Tsubaki invites Ema to come to his room after dinner. He notices that she must be thinking of something naughty, and he’s willing to turn her imagination into reality.. but today he only wants to watch an anime together. It’s a new series, and Azusa is voicing the main character. Tsubaki never takes his eyes off the screen until the episode ends, and Ema’s wondering if he’ still comparing himself to Azusa — especially since he says Azusa’s acting is really good. However, Tsubaki cheerfully says he won’t lose. He can learn a lot from Azusa’s acting, but it doesn’t mean he needs to become Azusa. Ema has opened his eyes, and he will move forward with his own acting. He’s also planning to practice by himself from now on, so Azusa will be surprised to see his improvements later. Ema is worried since it means Tsubaki and Azusa will spend less time together, but Tsubaki replies that it’s about time for him to part with his beloved twin — as unbelievable as that may sound.


Since Tsubaki won’t practice with Azusa anymore, he then asks Ema to help him practicing his lines instead. Ema says she’ll probably mess up the words and won’t be able to fill in Azusa’s role, but Tsubaki doesn’t mind. He only wants her to help him practice, and her presence alone is more than enough to make him happy. Soon Ema realizes that it’s already so late, and she says she’ll return to her room since Tsubaki has to work tomorrow. However, he suddenly stops her before she walks out and kisses her on the lips. Tsubaki then says he can pursue his own acting knowing Ema will be there by his side, and he asks if he’s wrong. When Ema answers that he’s right, Tsubaki chuckles and says he now has someone who’s even more important than Azusa.. and he finally confesses that he loves her. He loves her a lot as a sister, but he wants her to be his girlfriend from now on. Ema admits that she feels the same, and she asks if Tsubaki is really sure about this. He’s a famous seiyuu while she’s just a student, not to mention they’re also a family. Tsubaki says he doesn’t mind, and he will keep saying he loves her until she agrees. Except there’s no need to go that far since she loves him too. Tsubaki asks Ema to look at only him from now on, and she answers that she will always be by his side.

コイビト同士 [ Lovers ]

Ever since they started going out, Ema has been helping Tsubaki with practice. He’s voicing a character in a historical gag anime right now, but one night he takes out a script for a romance story and asks her to help him practice. At first Ema is reluctant, but she has no choice but to agree since Tsubaki is giving her the puppy eyes. During the confession scene, he totally uses the chance to snuggle up to her. When she asks if he’s been aiming for this right from the start, he smiles saying they’re lovers after all — they can cuddle anytime. Ema blushes upon hearing the word “lovers”, and Tsubaki teasingly calls her “cute” until she sulks. Tsubaki then says that his dream is to make people happy with his voice, but it’s different for Ema. He wants to make her happy with his everything. She’s the only one for him, and he asks if she’s willing to accept his everything. When Ema answers “of course!”, Tsubaki says he’s the happiest person on earth.. and they have an adorable argument about which one of them is happier.


After making sure Ema isn’t angry anymore, Tsubaki pulls her closer, kisses her and whispers that he loves her. Then he takes off her side tail saying it would be on the way when they go to sleep, asking her to stay in his room tonight. He initially asked her to come over to help him practice, but he changed his mind. Tsubaki also reveals that his room is actually soundproof, so Ema doesn’t have to worry about disturbing anyone during practice. Or when they do “other” things. It can’t be helped, since naughty things start appearing in his mind even though they’re only talking to each other. He loves her so much that he can’t hold back anymore. As he kisses her again, Tsubaki asks Ema to give herself to him.. and then the screen fades to black.

俺だけの特権 [ My Exclusive Privilege ]

One afternoon, Ema is meeting up with Tsubaki outside. He told her that he’ll be late because of work, but she’s been waiting for a while now. Ema is happy to see Tsubaki receiving more work offers recently, but a part of her feels lonely too since he became busier than before — though she can’t bring herself to tell him about this. Just then an unfamiliar voice surprises her, and a pair of arms suddenly hugs her from behind. Ema obviously panics, but then she turns around to find out that it’s actually Tsubaki.


Tsubaki: “Sorry, I’m late. Are you okay? Did anyone hit on you?”

Ema:“In that case, I thought a stranger just hugged me from behind!”

Tsubaki: "Ahaha. This is my new character’s voice~♪ Are you surprised?”

Ema: “I thought my heart was going to stop. Please don’t do that.”

Tsubaki: "I can't help that since you're so cute."

Tsubaki: "Besides hugging you is my exclusive privilege."

When Ema says it’s true, Tsubaki gets really happy since she just confirmed that he’s the only one allowed to touch her. He tells her not to worry because he won’t let other men bug her when they’re together, but he asks her to be careful when she’s alone. Tsubaki also says he really loves it when Ema says “yes”, but he thinks it’s about time she stops speaking so formally to him. For now, he wants her to start calling him “Tsubaki”. Ema refuses saying they’re in public right now — even though no one listens to them — so Tsubaki makes her promise that she will call his name when they’re alone. Then he says they should go visit a place where they can be alone now. Besides, he’s been missing her because of his busy schedule — he needs her to charge his energy. Tsubaki then asks Ema to give him the answer he loves, and she smiles as she says “yes.”

Alternate Ending or Twin Ending[]

Alternate ending is only present in Tsubaki's route. In this ending, Ema choses both of the twins.


ハッピーエンド? [ Happy Ending? ]

At the end of April, Tsubaki clings to Azusa and asks the latter to help him practice. He jokingly comments that he doesn’t mind practicing in their rooms — where they can be alone — and he tickles Azusa when the latter says they should just practice here in the living room. Soon they hear Ema laughing beside them, and when she says they get along really well...

Tsubaki: “Of course. ★ Oh, what? Are you jealous? You love me that much~?”

Ema: “N-No I don’t!”

Azusa: “You don’t?”

Ema: “Huh? … Azusa-san?”

Azusa: “Just kidding. Hehe.”

Azusa then reminds Tsubaki that they have something to tell Ema, and they reveal that they’re going to voice the main characters of a new series in autumn. Their characters are twins, but Azusa will be voicing the older one while Tsubaki voices the younger one. They accepted the offer knowing it will be interesting to switch roles, and they want Ema to listen to their acting.. because she’s the one who pushes their backs to move forward. Ema is really happy to hear that she can help them, and she says she’ll cook festive red rice tonight to celebrate their new series. Upon hearing this, Tsubaki admits that he really loves Ema’s kindness. Before, Tsubaki always thought that Azusa is the only one who can understand him, but it’s different now. As long as he’s got Azusa and Ema by his side, Tsubaki feels that he can do anything. Following Tsubaki’s confession, Azusa also admits that the same goes for him. He never felt passionate about anything — not even towards his job — but right now he wants to do his best for both Tsubaki and Ema because he loves both of them. It doesn’t seem like they can part from each other, because they just love each other that much.

Then suddenly, both Tsubaki and Azusa asks how Ema feel towards them. At first Ema thinks they’re asking her to choose one of them, but then both Tsubaki and Azusa confess that they love Ema and their twin — kissing her cheeks at the same time. Just like how Ema loves both of them, Tsubaki and Azusa can’t choose between her and their twin.. so they decided to just treasure both. From now on, the three of them will always be together.

Tsubaki: “I love you. Please become ours.”

Azusa: “I love you. We belong to you.”

When they ask for her answer, Ema finally tells Tsubaki and Azusa that she loves them. She can’t think straight anymore as they hug and kiss her at the same time, and the only thing left on her mind is the sweet future which lies ahead for the three of them. Then she entrusts her body to them, and everything fades to black.

Source Credits: koiiro.wordpress:[1]