Asahina Miwa
Miwa Asahina as she appears in the anime.
Kanji 朝日奈 美和
Romanji Asahina Miwa
Gender Female
Birthday 1961
Age 49 (Season 1)

52 (Season 2)

Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Blood Type Either A or B
Professional Status
Occupation Fashion Designer
Partner Hinata Rintarou
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Hinata Rintarou (Husband)

Asahina Masaomi
Asahina Ukyo
Asahina Kaname
Asahina Hikaru
Asahina Tsubaki
Asahina Azusa
Asahina Natsume
Asahina Louis
Asahina Subaru
Asahina Iori
Asahina Yuusuke
Asahina Fuuto
Asahina Wataru
Hinata Ema (Stepdaughter)

Anime Debut Episode 3
Game Brothers Conflict: Passion Pink
Brothers Conflict: Brilliant Blue
Japanese Voice Kikuko Inoue
English Voice Jamie Marchi
Miwa Asahina (朝日奈 美和, Asahina Miwa) is the mother of the Asahina Brothers and the wife of Hinata Rintarou. She works as full-time career woman.


Miwa has short blonde hair and blue-green eyes. She has a fair height. It is known that Ukyo Asahina got the looks from Miwa.


She has a bright & candid personality but she can be stubborn at some points.


Hinata RintarouEdit

She is the wife of Rintarou Hinata. When she got re-married, she became the stepmother of Ema Hinata. She had twelve sons from her previous husband, and adopted Louis.

Ema HinataEdit

Miwa is the stepmother of Ema Hinata. Miwa mentioned that she always wanted a daughter. She told Ema that she could call her mother when she was ready and that there was no need to rush even if she really would like if Ema called her mother or mom


  • Her name comes from the kanji 美 (mi which means beautiful ) and 和 (wa meaning peace).
  • She has 13 sons.
  • Though she was blessed with a lot of children, she has always wanted a girl.
  • She knows that Ema is adopted.
  • After the marriage, she preferred Masaomi to have Ema as his future bride.
  • Her first husband died ten years before the start of the story, as revealed by Kaname in the Light Novel.
  • According to some information and in terms of personality , abilities signs of the zodiac is Aquarius


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