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During one morning in the Asahina household, Ema woke up late and is unable to help Ukyou with the breakfast which Ema usually do. Ukyou says it’s okay and Ema quickly start to eat breakfast, until Ema saw Louis. He claims that her hair is different from usual and offers to help her to arrange her hair, which you have to say okay.

Many days pass and it’s soon time for the family trip to Miwa’s private island. Ema went to play on the beach, and saw a majestic looking sand castle made by Louis. After exchanging a few words, Louis fainted due to the heat, and was helped to the shade by Tsubaki and Azusa. They claimed that Louis fainted last year too. Okay anyway, Ema stayed right beside Louis the entire time until he woke up. Once he woke up he wanted to use Ema’s thigh as a pillow.

Ema: But it’s so embarassing.

Louis: No it’s not.

Soon Louis head ended up on Ema’s thigh. After Louis commented about Ema’s hair, Ema started stroking Louis hair, which he said it’s kinda new having people touch his hair. Which Ema quickily ask does he dislike it, but he says that he likes it a lot. After that Louis fell asleep on Ema’s thigh, until Tsubaki comes and saw Louis lying down on her thigh?!

Tsubaki: EHHH, Louis is lying down on your thigh! What is with this situation?!

Tsubaki made a big fuss and caused Louis to wake up..

The next day of the trip, Ema was wandering on the beach and Masaomi came up to Ema and said that Wataru is missing and asked her to look for Wataru too. While looking for Wataru Ema met Kaname, Tsubaki and Azusa who asked what’s going on, Ema explained to them and split ways. Go with Tsubaki and you will meet Louis, Subaru, Yuusuke and Iori. It started pouring and Louis asked if Ema was okay which she obviously said yes, and he asked her not to lie as her hands are as cold as ice. Tsubaki came over and asked Louis to stop fooling around and search for Wataru seriously, and Louis said that Ema should go back to the house since it’s very cold which Tsubaki also agrees, then Subaru came over to ask both Tsubaki and Louis to search seriously, as he’s the only one working hard. Tsubaki then said that with Subaru’s attitude he won’t be popular with girls. (Nice one Tsuba-chan!) Subaru became flustered and then Azusa came to inform them that Wataru has been found. Wataru was actually playing hide and seek with Juli, but fell asleep halfway, as Wataru’s punishment for making all of them worry, Ukyou asked him to work hard in preparing today’s dinner.

One day after school, Ema decided to bake a pound cake which she learnt the the how to, in school. Juli was rushing her as he wanted to eat the pound cake. After awhile Louis went into the kitchen too, which he found out that Ema is baking a cake. She asked if he wanted to eat the cake with her,but he says he feels bad if he ate Juli’s portion. And said that the pound cake might burn soon, if she won’t take it out which Juli also said earlier. This shocked both Juli and Ema. Which Louis said that he can understand what Juli is saying. Juli claimed that it’s a miracle, and Louis says tht it’s a secret between the three of them. Louis also says that he wanted to brush Juli’s hair sometime, which Juli says that it’s to do so.

It was break time in school, Maho finds Ema to have lunch together, Ema saw Maho’s magazine and got interested, she wanted to read but Maho says that she will let Ema read if she gives her, the croquette in Ema’s bento. After eating, Ema flipped through the magazine and saw them advertising about a hair salon which looks like the one Louis works in!!! Maho asked if she’s interested to go visit the salon after school, which Ema agrees to do so. After school, both of them went to the place the magazine showed and stood outside the salon. Ema saw Louis and kept staring at him until Maho asked if she’s interested in him, Maho then says that the guy Ema was looking at, is looking at them. Louis then walks out of the salon and went towards Ema. He offers to cut both of their hair since someone just cancelled their appointment, Maho declined as she just got her hair cutted recently, and asked Ema to take up the offer while she go and shop. Ater Ema stepped into the salon, Louis began washing her hair, he says that normally assistants are the one who does this, but Louis wants to see it through the entire process. After the hair cut, Ema says that she feels as though it’s not her anymore, which Louis says that he only helped her to look better. That’s why she should not say that it does not look like her. It is her. After the hair cut, Ema went home.

During the Christmas party preparations, Louis came to help out with the cake designs. After that, the party started. Iori offered to cut the cake for Ema which she happily takes it and went to the sofa, Louis then came up to her and asks her if she’d like to eat the cake together. Which she says okay. While they were eating, cream got on Ema’s face which Louis says he will get it off from her and licked it off. Which he got caught in action by Kaname, who claims that this sort of actions is banned! Tsubaki also says that he saw it and it was unfair as he wanted to lick it off Ema’s cheek too, he even wants to lick her lips…. Louis says that licking off is the quickest way to get the cream off. Iori then apologise saying that Louis is a bit air headed with this kind of things..

One day while Ema and Juli wanted to go out and get some choux cream, Louis came as ask Ema out, which she offers Louis to go with them. Loyis then says he want to make Ema very pretty today, so he does her hair and make up for her. He then brings her out to buy clothes, shoes and hat. Which Juli and Louis says that it looks very good on her. Louis says that he always think of ways to make Ema more and more cute!!!! After that Juli then realised that they forgot about his choux cream…

One eventful day, Ema went to Louis’ salon to find him, but she saw Louis talking to a foreigner, she feels bad to intrude so she went back home. During dinner, Louis was down, he didn’t even watch the tv show which he always catches every week. Which gave Yuusuke a shock since Louis is always very excited about the show. After Louis went back to his room, Ema went to find him. Ema says that she saw Louis talking to a foreigner during afternoon, and asked whether he was feeling down over their conversation. Louis then said that his father sent someone from France to get Louis back. The foreigner back then is the representative. Ema was shocked and went back to her room. Few days later, Louis decided to tell the family about what caused him to be so down. As both Ukyou and Masaomi said that they will listen to Louis if he needs to talk because Louis is their family member. All ofthem voiced out their thoughts then Yuusuke ask Ema what does she think. She the replies that she don’t want to leave Louis, but she will respect his choice, which Kaname agrees. Louis thanked everyone and promises to tell them his decision soon.

Few days later, Louis went to Ema’s room in a suit and asked if Ema can follow him to visit the representative as he voice out his decision and feelings. Ema follow him to meet the representative, the representative then asked who is Ema, Louis said that she is his important girl. Which touched Ema. Louis then says that he wants to stay in Japan because his family is here. The representative the says that Louis father will understand as Louis father also understand the pain of leaving someone precious behind. The representative then told Louis about the story of Louis’ parents. After the meeting, Louis tell Ema that he loves her.

Few days later, they are preparing for a trip to meet Louis’ father. Louis went shopping with Ema and asked if she needs to buy underwear too, but there are shops over there too, which Ema says that it’s okay she will buy her own, which Louis agrees and says that only he is allowed to see Ema in her underwear. Louis can Louis says that he want his father to see the most beautiful Ema. On their way home, Louis hands are full of bags. Ema asked if its heavy, Louis said that this amount is alright, he then says that from now on they are a family and lovers. Since his hands are full he can’t touch her, he ask her to stop moving and leans in for a kiss.

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