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Kaname is the 3rd son of the Asahina family, 28 years old. He’s a Buddhist monk who doesn’t act like one, and he absolutely loves hitting on every girl who walks into his field of vision. Due to his flashy appearance and attitude, he looks more like a professional host instead. Kaname is infamous for what he calls “gracious words”, and the number of women who wish to hear this suspicious subject is never-ending. He hits on Ema right from their very first encounter.

Game Plot[]


When Ema enters the living room on June 5, she finds Kaname leaning against the couch. She asks if he’s not feeling well, and he uses this chance to hit on her right away. After explaining that he was only sleeping, Kaname says Ema is so kind for worrying about him.. and he loves kind girls. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Ema quickly returns the subject to why he’s sleeping in the living room, and Kaname says he just came home earlier. He came to the 5th floor looking for something to eat, but he ended up sleeping on the couch instead. When Ema asks if he returned home in the morning due to his job, Kaname vaguely answers with “well, a lot of stuff happened last night” and she knows it probably has.. erm, a deeper meaning. He also says yes when Ema asks if he’s busy with work, but then Tsubaki appears and tells him not to lie. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

After cheerfully greeting Ema, Tsubaki says that Kaname probably spent the whole night with a “follower” of the Buddhist temple he works at. Kaname also admits that it’s true, because it’s his job as a monk. Tsubaki answers that normally followers won’t spend all night with a monk, and he starts wondering what they did until morning comes. When Kaname says he was just spreading “gracious words” to them, Tsubaki immediately replies that it’s his “special move” — telling Ema to be careful. It’s definitely not “gracious”, and she will only get eaten by Kaname in the end.. because his “gracious words” are actually pick-up lines he uses to capture women’s hearts. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Kaname protests that Tsubaki keeps on destroying his image, but Ema tells him not to worry. It’s already ruined anyway! \(^o^)/ Tsubaki also says that Kaname is brimming with lust, Kaname denies it because “lust” means being driven towards insanity by a strong desire. He’s simply seducing all the ladies with smart moves, so it’s not lust. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

Ema responds to this by going “wow what a wonderful argument ( ಠ_ಠ )”, and Kaname tries to get back at her by saying he’ll whisper “gracious words” to her all night long.. but thankfully for Ema, Ukyou soon comes to stop Kaname from going wild. After scolding both Kaname and Tsubaki for troubling her, Ukyou asks Ema to just leave “these fools” and cook breakfast with him. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Kaname still tries to kiss Ema when she offers to make some tea for him, but Ukyou quickly punches his head — telling him to disappear until breakfast is ready.


For summer vacation, everyone goes on a family trip to Miwa’s private island.

On the second day of the trip, August 12, Wataru suddenly goes missing in the afternoon. He actually only fell asleep while playing hide and seek with Juli, but everyone is sent into a panic and splits up to search for him. Ema follows Kaname to check the streets, and it starts raining along the way. Ema starts sneezing because of the cold temperature, but since she insists to keep on searching, Kaname then hugs her to keep her warm. He quietly thanks her for caring so much about Wataru, but he also cares about her as a little sister, so he doesn’t want her to force herself so much. Ukyou soon comes to inform them that Wataru has been found, and so they return to the cottage after that.. but that night, Ema can’t sleep at all since her mind is full of Kaname. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚ He finds her roaming around the lounge late at night, and he asks if she wants to come for a night walk outside.

Kaname then takes Ema to the beach, where they enjoy the night breeze along with the sound of waves together. After gazing at the sea in silence, Kaname tells Ema that he loves the night sea. They can’t see the horizon when it’s dark, and he feels like he’s been thrown into a wide, empty space. Standing before the greatness of nature makes him realize that humans are only a small, weak existence living with God’s blessings, and all of their doubts and worries feel so trifling in comparison. That’s why from time to time, he goes to gaze at the night sea and empty out his heart. Ema finds it surprising that Kaname thinks about something like this, admitting that she always thinks his head is filled with nothing but girls. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*. Ema also admits that dark places like the night sea makes her feel scared, but Kaname gently says it’s okay. He will come to save her before she cries, just like how she searched for Wataru earlier. Kaname then thanks Ema, saying he’s glad to have her as a sister. At the same time, Ema also realizes that behind his carefree exterior, Kaname is a very kind person.

However, the situation immediately changes when Kaname walks into the water. He trips on a seaweed, and he pulls Ema along as the punishment for laughing at him. The moment she gets up, Ema finds Kaname sitting right in front of her.. and she starts feeling ドキ(*´・ω・`*)ドキ again upon remembering what happened between them at noon. Just then she notices something on his collarbone, which turns out to be a tattoo. Kaname seems surprised when Ema asks if it’s a cross, but then he answers it’s a short sword. She apologizes since it would be strange for a Buddhist monk to have a cross, and he tells her the phrase “pens are mightier than swords.” Despite the proverb, Kaname says there’s something which is even more powerful than pens or swords — it’s love. Before Ema could realize what’s going on, he moves closer and kisses her on the lips. Σ(・д・ノ)ノ!! He just emptied out his heart earlier, but now he wants to fill it with her. Kaname asks if it’s okay, but Ema answers by pushing him away and running back to the cottage. She can hear his voice calling out to her, but she doesn’t turn back.


After what happened at the beach, Ema has been avoiding Kaname even at home. She starts spacing out too, and she gets nervous whenever he’s around. During dinner on August 22, he asks her to pass the soy sauce and she drops the bottle when their fingers touch — spraying the contents to poor Yusuke. \(^o^)/ Kaname gives Yusuke a piece of cloth to wipe off the soy sauce, but it turns out to be Yusuke’s T-shirt LOL. When and how Kaname got the T-shirt is a mystery though. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ At night, Kaname suddenly visits Ema and invites her to join him for a drive — he’ll take her to a nice place. Since she’s clearly doubting him, Kaname says he only wants Ema to see the beautiful view from that place. If she doesn’t trust him, she can inform Ukyou first and have him check up on them every 30 minutes. When Ema finally agrees, Kaname admits he was worried that she would refuse.. since she’s been acting really cold to him lately. She also says they don’t have to tell Ukyou, and he promises that she won’t regret coming along with him.

From there, Kaname takes Ema to a hill with a beautiful night view. When Ema says it’s the first time she has ever seen such a view, Kaname answers that it’s his secret place. He never told anyone about this place, and she’s special since he wanted to apologize for making her angry during their summer trip. Ema doesn’t believe it though, and she thinks Kaname says the same thing everytime he takes his women here. However, Kaname then asks if Ema is jealous. Or at least she’s starting to like him, looking at how she got so nervous when their fingers touched earlier. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ He laughs saying she looks so cute when she’s angry, and he whispers asking if he can kiss her again. When Ema refuses, Kaname asks if she didn’t like their kiss at the beach.. because he did. Ema desperately tries to find excuse to go home, mentioning that Ukyou will be worried and she needs to watch Tsubaki’s anime, but Kaname only asks her not to bring up other guys’ names in front of him. Then he hugs her from behind and tickles her ear with his breath, lips and tongue. イヤ—(*ノ∀ノ)—ン!!

When Ema asks him to let go, Kaname refuses saying she needs to be punished. He then asks if her ears are weak, and if it’s the first time a man has ever licked her ears. (*´д`*)ハァハァ Ema eventually admits that it’s her first time, and Kaname continues by saying he’s going to kiss her again.. but then he suddenly stop and says they should go home now. Of course Ema is really confused, and she wonders what Kaname is thinking about as he takes her back to her room.


The next day, Ema finds it awkward to face Kaname. She knows she can’t keep avoiding him forever, and yet she can’t help but look away whenever their eyes met. Iori finds Ema sighing in the living room, and he’s willing to listen if she needs someone to talk to — because they’re a family. Ema actually feels happy upon hearing this, but she doesn’t know how to act around Kaname.. and she obviously can’t tell their brothers about what happened. Just then Kaname comes home, and Ema immediately flees to her room. He actually teased her because he finds her cute when she’s blushing, but he didn’t expect her to avoid him in such a blatant way. Iori then wonders if there’s something wrong with Ema, and Kaname doesn’t look happy when he says he’s worried because she tends to keep things to herself. Kaname commens that Iori is rather observant about Ema, and when Iori says it’s because they’re a family, he asks if that’s really the reason. Iori only laughs and returns to his room.

Later on, Kaname visit Ema’s room and asks if he can come inside. He promises that he won’t hold her hands, kiss her lips or bite her ears today, so she reluctantly allows him to enter her room. Kaname then apologizes for what he did yesterday, but he makes it clear that he wasn’t just teasing Ema. He wanted to kiss her, but he doesn’t want to ignore her feelings anymore.. and that’s why he stopped himself. Kaname admits that he feels down since Ema is avoiding him, and he promises that he will never do those things again — because he doesn’t want her to hate him. Ema also apologizes for avoiding Kaname, and she agrees to get along with him as a family again. Just like how they used to be. However, Kaname then adds that they might be step-siblings for now.. but no one knows what’s going to happen next. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪


Hinode High School’s culture festival takes place on October 23, and Ema is busy working as a bunny waitress in her class’s cafe. At noon she receives a mail from Kaname informing that he’s coming to school, and soon he shows up along with Ukyou and Subaru. The first thing he says is she looks super as a bunny, and he asks if she’s allowed to bring the costume home. If she comes to his room wearing the bunny costume, he will definitely turn into a wolf on the spot. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* That earns him a punch to the head, since Ukyou will never allow him to say something so “immoral” in a school. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*. Upon learning that Ema is actually interested in Kaname, Mahoko takes Ukyou and Subaru to join a basketball team competition at the gym — giving them a chance to be alone. (❤ฺ→艸←) Kaname invites Ema to look around the school together, but before they leave the classroom, Yusuke comes out and finds them. The poor guy wants to tag along, but soon Sasakura also appears and tells him to return to work.. and then this happens:

Sasakura: “Oh, Hinata-san, are you having a break?”
Sasakura: “By the way, the person beside you is…”
Kaname: “I’m her boyfriend. Hello.”
Yusuke & Sasakura: “HUH!?” Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ!?
Sasakura: “Hey what does this mean, Asahina!?”
Yusuke: “Stupid! Don’t ask me!”

..and while they’re arguing about who’s more stupid between them, Kaname wishes them luck at work and takes Ema out of the classroom. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ He laughs at Yusuke’s face when he heard about their “school date”, and he admits that he tried to cause a misunderstanding on purpose. Kaname noticed that Sasakura likes Ema as well, so he blocks all the unwanted love rivals as fast as possible. (゚∀^d)グッ♪ Kaname and Ema walk around the school together after that, and she enjoys spending the day with him. Even though it’s also hard to clear Sasakura’s misunderstanding.


A week after Rintarou and Miwa’s wedding, on November 13, Ema goes to her old apartment. They asked her to help organizing their wedding photos, but she ends up finding a book which states that she’s actually adopted. Before Rintarou could explain anything, Ema runs out of the apartment and cries in the park until night falls. The one who eventually finds her is Kaname.

Upon seeing Ema’s face, Kaname notices that she’s been crying alone. Even though she tries to deny it, her swollen eyes can’t lie to him. When Ema asks why he’s here, Kaname explains that Rintarou called and explained what happened to them. She doesn’t answer when he asks if she doesn’t want to go home, and he understands that she wants to be alone.. but for some reason, Ema turns into her childish novel counterpart and says that Kaname can’t understand how she feels. Oh the horror. ( ಠ_ಠ ) Kaname admits that he can’t 100% understand Ema, but he can imagine how it feels to lose faith in everything she believed in. He’s a monk, and it’s his job to deal with people’s pain or grief. Kaname also says it’s a problem Ema needs to solve by herself, so the decision is in her hands. It’s whether she can accept the truth or not. Ema feels that accepting the truth means she will be all alone, and Kaname gently apologizes as he pats her head. Kaname says he can’t solve the problem for Ema, but he can give her all the support she needs. She doesn’t have to force herself to smile, and it’s okay for her to cry as much as she wants to.. but she shouldn’t run away from the problem. She needs to face it, solve it and move forward. Ema was actually expecting Kaname to comfort her with gentle words, but his words have opened her eyes. Ema finally agrees to talk to Rintarou, and for once, she doesn’t run away when Kaname hugs her. Sadly it only lasts until he asks if he can kiss her.


After learning everything from Rintarou, Ema goes to see Kaname in his room. When she says they’re going to visit her real father’s grave next time, he asks if he can come along with them. He wants to greet her father, but he doesn’t want to disturb her time with Rintarou either. Ema doesn’t mind though, and she says she’ll ask Rintarou later. Since Kaname is a monk, Rintarou might be glad if he comes along.. and she thinks her real father will be happy. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Kaname is happy to see Ema smiling again, and she says it’s all thanks to him that she can talk to Rintarou properly. Kaname replies that it was Ema who made the decision, but if she wants to thank him, then he’ll be more than happy to have her whispering love into his ears. (❤ฺ→艸←) He teasingly asks if she has fallen in love with him, only to get firmly rejected.

Kaname: “Why are you sighing like that?”
Ema: “No, I just thought you never change.”
Kaname: “You mean I’m as wonderful as usual?”
Ema: “I didn’t say that!”



On November 21, Ema makes some delicious café au lait after cleaning up the living room. She also shares some with Rui, while Kaname is relaxing in the living room with Azusa. However, this peaceful moment is broken when Tsubaki appears. He received three cinema tickets from his friend, so he invites her to watch the movie together with Azusa and him. Tsubaki clings to Ema until she says yes and asks him to let go, but suddenly Kaname comes to pull them apart and grabs Ema’s hand — saying she’s got plans with him today. He says she just forgot about their promise, adding “sorry, Tsubaki” before taking her away. Tsubaki, Azusa and Rui are all surprised to see this, because Kaname always calls his brothers with nicknames. He doesn’t call their full name unless he’s really serious.. or angry. Tsubaki is obviously pissed off, while Azusa says that Kaname’s anger was rather childish for someone like him. Since Rui is free, the three of them end up watching the movie together.

Meanwhile, Kaname takes Ema to his room. She asks if he did something that make him angry, but he says it’s not her fault. In fact, he doesn’t even understand why he got so irritated over something like this. He quietly apologizes for dragging her along, but she holds out her hands and asks her to hold them — hoping her warmth can make him feel calm. After a short silence, Kaname eventually laughs saying he can never win against Ema. He then holds her hands and kisses them, thanking her for making him feel a little better. Kaname reminds Ema that he kissed her hand too when they first met, and she admits that she was really surprised back then. He says a kiss on the hand is nothing much though, because they’ve done “greater things” since then. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Ema protests when Kaname says that he wants to take their relationship to a further step, and he reminds her that he said “no one can tell what’s going to happen next”.. because he doesn’t want her to be touched by anyone else. Kaname quickly says it’s nothing though, and he takes Ema to go out together after that.

After returning to the mansion at night, Ema runs into Tsubaki and Azusa by the elevators. She apologizes for what happened earlier, but they don’t mind at all.. since they’re more interested in Kaname’s actions. Azusa says Kaname doesn’t want them to take Ema away from him, and when Ema says it’s impossible, Tsubaki replies that he used to think the same way. Who could have guessed that Kaname would show such an obvious jealousy? (❤ฺ→艸←) Tsubaki doesn’t get why it has to be Ema out of all people, but Azusa stops him from troubling her any further. Before leaving, Azusa also tells Ema to ask Kaname directly if she wants to know.


On December 24, Ema is gaming her life away when Juli notes that some of the brothers went out with neat appearance. Especially Kaname. Ema feels a bit jealous thinking Kaname must be having a date, but soon she receives a mail from him. He asks her to dress up and come to the mansion entrance by 7 PM — they’re going to have a date. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Upon seeing Ema in a dress, Kaname says she looks really mature and beautiful tonight. He then escorts her to his car and takes her out for a night drive, but he keeps the destination a secret. He promises that he won’t “eat” her, but she still goes Σ(〃д〃) when he stops the car at a hotel and takes her inside. Ema blushes and panics when Kaname adds that they’re going to spend a sweet night together, promising that he will be gentle to her. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Then he bursts into laughter and says he was just kidding, since their destination is actually the hotel’s restaurant.. though he’ll gladly accept if she wants to spend the night with him. (๑´ლ`๑)

As Kaname orders some drinks for them, Ema thinks about how he seems used to high-class restaurants. She also wonders if he often takes his women out for dinner, and she asks if he actually wanted to spend Christmas Eve with someone else. She thinks the woman he invited couldn’t make it tonight, so he had no choice but to ask her out as the replacement. Kaname is surprised, and he laughs as he asks Ema to stop that delusion. He made the reservation in this restaurant just for her, and he couldn’t contact her earlier because he was busy at work. It’d be uncool if he had to cancel their plan because of work, so he didn’t ask her out until he was 100% certain that he can come. Since they’re going to have a family party tomorrow, Kaname wants to spend Christmas Eve only with Ema. .+゚*。:゚+( ´∀`)+゚*。:゚+ After asking Ema to enjoy their dinner without feeling nervous, Kaname realizes that he just drank a glass of champagne even though he has to drive back home. He jokingly asks if they should spend the night in the hotel instead, and she asks if he’s been aiming for this right from the start. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ They end up going home with a taxi, and Kaname asks Ema to keep today’s date a secret from their brothers. Because they’ll definitely get jealous.


On New Year’s Day, everyone goes to pray at the shrine together. As soon as they arrive at the shrine, Tsubaki glomps Ema saying he’ll cling to her whether she wants it or not. He totally ignores Yusuke when the latter rages, though he’s willing to take poor Yusuke along as they pray together. Ema actually wants to go with Kaname, but she quickly brushes off the thought and prays with them instead. While Tsubaki and Yusuke are busy praying — both wishing for Ema to fall in love with them — Kaname quietly sneaks up and takes Ema away. He complains that it makes him sad to see her praying with them, but he refuses when she asks if he wants to pray together. He’s a monk after all, so he doesn’t believe in the uncertain existence of God. He only came to the temple because he didn’t like seeing her walking with other guys, but then he covers it up by changing the subject. He jokingly asks if she prayed for a happy future with him, and he goes (´;д;`) when she replies that she prayed for the family.

When Ema asks if it’s okay for him to take a break from work today, Kaname answers that his workplace is on holiday until the 7th. Of course she finds it weird for a temple to take a holiday at the beginning of a new year, but soon Tsubaki comes to answer her question: “The temple Kana-nii works at is also called the ‘host temple’. The whole place is a joke, so they don’t have to work on New Year’s Day.” Σ(゚д゚ ;) Kaname asks him not to appear out of the blue and say weird things to Ema, but Tsubaki says he did the same thing by kidnapping her earlier. Kaname then wonders where Yusuke is, and Tsubaki calmly says he left the poor guy behind because “he’s annoying.” (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Beside them, Ema thinks about how Kaname and Tsubaki get along so well — despite what they say about each other.


On January 12, Kaname comes to pick Ema up after school. He was accompanying a follower around the area earlier, and he was driving to the parking lot when he saw her. Kaname asks if she wants to play around somewhere before returning home, but Ema refuses since Ukyou will be late today.. so she needs to prepare dinner for everyone. However, Kaname says they should just eat outside. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Ema is always so busy taking care of everyone, so nobody will complain if takes a break everyonce in a while. Ema realizes that Kaname is doing this for her sake, but she still refuses and assures him that she’s fine. She feels happy when they eat her cooking, and it’ll be more enjoyable to have dinner with everyone at home. Kaname jokingly sighs saying it’s too bad they can’t have a date today, but Ema knows that behind his frivolous words, he’s always watching over her. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

On the way back to the mansion, Kaname suddenly stops the car upon seeing something lying in the middle of the road.. which turns out to be a dead kitten. 。・゚・(*ノД`*)・゚・。 He asks Ema to wait in the car, but she follows him to a quiet place away from people — where she helps him to bury the poor kitten. After praying for the kitten’s soul, Kaname suddenly asks if Ema knows where one’s heart will go after one dies. Each religion has a different answer, and it depends on people’s beliefs as well.. but his senior at work once said that after death, one’s heart will stay beside those who remember them. For example if Kaname thinks about his late father, his heart will come to Kaname’s side — watching over him. The kitten probably didn’t have anyone to remember it, so he decides to take the role.. because it’s just too sad if nobody remembers it after its death. The world might not be a nice place for the kitten, but maybe it can have fun by watching him chasing Ema around everyday. Feeling touched by Kaname’s concern, Ema then prays for the kitten beside him. From now on, she’s going to remember the kitten together with him. Kaname points out that Ema’s hands are dirty from digging the grave, but they also look so beautiful in his eyes. He thanks her for praying with him, and he will never forget what she did today. Kaname takes Ema home after that, and he helps her making dinner.. so he can see her in an apron and keep the sight to himself. Or pretend to be newlyweds. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵


On the night of February 6, Ema goes to sleep in Kaname’s room. He asks if she wants to take a shower with him, and when she answers that she already took a bath, he teasingly replies with “you’re well-prepared.” (๑´ლ`๑) She makes it clear that she doesn’t come here to have some sexy time with him, so he goes to take a shower and asks her to wait for him — asking her not to sleep before he’s done. However, Ema feels sleepy as soon as Kaname disappears into the bathroom. Needless to say she falls asleep on his bed, and she wakes up later to feel him gently stroking her hair. Kaname wonders if Ema is testing his reason, and she opens her eyes in a panic when he says that holding back doesn’t suit his personality. Before Ema could do anything, Kaname suddenly pins her down and kisses her neck — saying she smells nice. When she tries to resist, he promises that he won’t leave any marks on her neck. He’s simply licking it. イヤ—(*ノ∀ノ)—ン!! Kaname also admits that the sight of Ema’s neck drives him crazy, and he’s been wanting to kiss her neck for a long time. (*´д`*)ハァハァ

As he continues kissing Ema’s neck, Kaname asks if her heart is racing. He says that his heart is racing too because of her, and he asks if she knows how turned on he is right now. When Ema says she doesn’t, Kaname replies that he won’t let her say such a thing.. because she’s not a kid anymore. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚ Sadly Ema keeps resisting because they’re “siblings”, and Kaname eventually says he understands. ノォ—(屮゚Д゚)屮—ッ!! He doesn’t want to force himself on his resisting little sister, but it turns him on when it’s his girlfriend who’s resisting.. and their relationship might change in the near future. Ema obviously panics, but Kaname laughs saying he’s just joking. Kaname then calls it a night — even though he’s still too aroused to sleep right away — and says goodnight to Ema.

The next morning, Ema blushes upon seeing Kaname when she wakes up. He asks why she puts her guard up when he held back last night, but then he realizes that she’s probably only embarassed upon remembering the sensation his tongue left on her neck. モォ(*ノ∀`*)ノャダァァ☆ Kaname knows that Ema is blushing because of him, but on the other hand, she doesn’t know if he’s serious or just toying around with her.


For Valentine’s Day, Ema gives a handmade chocolate to Kaname. The first thing Kaname asks is if Ema came to offer herself to him, though he quickly takes it back when she answers with “Sorry, I’ll go back to my room.” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*. When she gives him the chocolate, he then asks if it’s a real chocolate or just an obligatory one for siblings. He also asks if she gives their brothers some chocolates too, and he gets really happy when she says no. (❤ฺ→艸←) Kaname smiles as he promises to return the favor, telling Ema to look forward to it.


On White Day, Kaname gives Ema a sweet perfume in a pretty bottle. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* He asks her to try putting it on, and he moves closer to smell the scent from her neck. The sweet scent suits her perfectly, and he wants her to use the perfume whenever she goes to see him from now on. However, Kaname also tells Ema not to use the perfume unless she’s alone with him.. because he doesn’t want the others to smell the sweet scent from her. (๑´ლ`๑) Ema quietly says yes, and satisfied with her answer, Kaname happily leaves after saying goodnight.


On April 15, Ema walks home from school with Yusuke. They decide to drop by the bookstore since she wants to buy a refrerence book, and they run into Tsubaki along the way. Yusuke’s immediate reaction is “where the heck did you appear from? ( ಠ_ಠ )”, but he immediately turns tame when Tsubaki threatens to tell Ema about what’s hidden under his bed. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Tsubaki explains that he went to buy some clothes earlier, and he saw something “interesting” which Ema needs to see. He then points to a cafe nearby, and there they find Kaname with a beautiful woman. As Ema stares in shock, both Tsubaki and Yusuke talk about how it might be one of Kaname’s usual “followers”. They all think Kaname has changed because of his recent behavior, but well.. they might be wrong. Tsubaki also tells Ema that Kaname is a good person, but he’s just that kind of man — he can’t be loyal and cherish her alone. Tsubaki asks if Ema is really okay with this, but his words trail off. At the same time, Yusuke asks why she’s crying.

Ema apologizes for crying without even realizing it, and she admits it’s because she’s shocked to see Kaname with another woman. Instead of answering their questions, she asks Tsubaki if Kaname has always been dating other women behind her back. Tsubaki can’t bring himself to answer, but Ema says she knew. Ever since they first met, she knew what kind of person Kaname is. It’s just after spending so much time with him, she starts hoping that he would only look at her. Yusuke then asks Ema to explain what’s going on, because it sounds like Kaname is cheating on her. Ema answers that Kaname and her are step-siblings, but at the same time, he’s also an adult and she’s just a girl who got pushed around by his actions. There’s no way they can go back to become step-siblings anymore. Ema wonders if anything would change if she accepted Kaname instead of constantly pushing him away, but she knows that she’s just a fool who only realized her feelings after seeing the truth. Tsubaki also feels guilty for making her cry, and he promises to talk to Kaname about this.


For the next two weeks, Ema has been avoiding Kaname again — just like before. On the night of April 30, she overhears Tsubaki and Kaname arguing from the hallway. Tsubaki tells him not to play around with Ema’s heart anymore, while Kaname coldly answers that it’s got nothing to do with Tsubaki. Besides, he never toyed with her feelings to begin with. Tsubaki says it hurts Ema if he approaches her with half-hearted feelings, and despite Kaname’s attempt to explain that he’s actually serious about her, Tsubaki thinks Kaname is just curious because Ema won’t fall for him like all the other women he has dated so far. Kaname eventually snaps, and when Tsubaki says that he’ll take Ema, Kaname replies that he won’t hand Ema to anyone.. because he can easily prove that his feelings for her are real. The next thing Ema hears is the sound of Kaname crushing his own cellphone, telling Tsubaki that he won’t see other women anymore. Tsubaki is surprised, and Kaname walks out after telling him not to interfere again.

Upon opening the door, Kaname is shocked to find Ema standing outside. He asks if she heard everything, and he sighs when she apologizes.. but then he grabs her hand and takes her out for a drive. None of them say anything along the way, until Kaname eventually stops the car at his “secret place” — the hill he visited with Ema before. He wants to know why she suddenly started avoiding him again, and she admits it’s because she saw him with another woman in a cafe. Kaname explains that it was indeed a “follower” he used to date, but he went to see her because he wanted to put an end to their relationship. He won’t ask Ema to believe it since it’s 100% his own fault, but she should know that he loves her.. and so he wants her to believe in his feelings one day. Until that day comes, he’ll keep telling her that she’s the only one for him. Ema cries since she never thought Kaname would only look at her, but she finally tells him that she wants to trust him — asking him to make her believe in him.

After thanking Ema, Kaname pushes her down and kisses her on the lips. He reminds her that he wanted to kiss her too the first time they visited the hill, and now he wants to make up for the kisses they didn’t have back then. (๑´ლ`๑) Kaname then tells Ema that he loves her, and that he will never hand her to anyone else. Ema can feel her body giving in as Kaname kisses her and whispers her name, and finally he asks if he can make her his. When Ema says yes, Kaname quietly mutters “This is bad. I think now I know what ‘lust’ feels like..” (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン He doesn’t mind though, because he wants to stay with her. When Ema replies that she wants to stay with him too, Kaname leans down to kiss her again.. and the screen fades to black.


One year has passed since Ema started dating Kaname, and it’s finally time for her to graduate high school. After the graduation ceremony, Yusuke informs Ema that a “guest” is waiting for her by the school gate.. though he grumbles about how dumb said “guest” looks today. When Ema comes out to see the “guest”, she finds Kaname standing in front of the school gate. He’s wearing a formal suit, and his previously long, golden hair has been neatly cut short. Kaname asks if the hairstyle doesn’t suit him, but Ema shyly admits that it looks good on him. (❤ฺ→艸←) It turns out he already quit his job as a monk, and yesterday he asked Miwa to employ him in her office. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Ema is obviously surprised, but Kaname explains that he won’t be able to work as a monk anymore — because he has Ema now. She caused him to feel all sorts of emotions a monk shouldn’t have, like jealousy, impatience, and also an incredibly strong desire to monopolize. Kaname doesn’t regret his decision though, since it means he can be with Ema. He then congratulates her on the graduation, handing a huge bouquet of roses to her. Kaname is glad that Ema safely passed her entrance exam to university, even though he found it really painful to hold back during her studying period. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン From now on he might cause her to get angry or worried, and they might fight too from time to time.. but he promises that he will never let her go. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪


Kaname has been busy ever since he started working in Miwa’s office, but he can finally take a day off after a while. Ema actually finds it surprising since he doesn’t look like a person who can stand daily office work, and when he asks what kind of image she had, she replies with “Someone who fools around all day. It’s unknown when you sleep and when you work, and you think of women all the time.” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*. Kaname sighs saying Ema is always so harsh on him, but then she adds that he was a good monk. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Kaname then says the biggest change in him is that he started thinking “I can’t fool around forever”, because it’s about time he settled down. Ema thinks he’s already doing a good job though. He never cheats on her, never flirts with girls anymore and always returns home everyday. However, Kaname is actually hinting that he wants to marry Ema in the near future. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ He’s going to talk to Rintarou soon, and he smiles when she says yes. Since Kaname has been working so hard, he now wants a reward from Ema.. and he pulls her to his bed saying they’re going to charge his energy. He wants to satisfy her too, and he won’t let her sleep tonight. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

The next morning, the sound of a ringing cellphone wakes Kaname up. He answers the call to hear Ukyou’s confused voice on the other side, and the next thing he hears is “…why are you the one answering this call!?” That’s right, it’s actually Ema’s phone. イエ━━ヽ(★´д`)ノ━━イ!!

Kaname: “Oh sorry, I picked up her phone by mistake.”
Kaname: “What is it? You need help to prepare breakfast?”
Kaname: “Sorry, but can you let her sleep for a little longer?”
Kaname: “Because I asked her to do quite a lot of things last night.”
Kaname: “Ahaha! Do you want me to explain in details about how cute she was?”
Kaname: “But I want to keep it private, since it’s a waste to tell other guys about it.”


..and since Kaname wants to enjoy his after sex moments with Ema, he ignores poor Ukyou’s protests and hangs up on him. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ He whispers that love is stronger than anything, but love is also the beginning of lust. Kaname then gently tells Ema that she’s the one who can make him feel this way, and finally whispers that he love her.[1]