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'クロス' Cross

Iori asks Ema if he can decide where to go for this date, in truth he’s supposed to buy something. He needs her to help him pick flowers for his teacher, who’s going on maternity leave next week. He doesn’t know what kind of flowers a girl will like, so he asks her for advice.

After a while, they went to a cafe to eat. Once they’ve finished, it had already begun raining, so they quickly went back to their home. They get slightly drenched from the rain.

As they entered the elevator, Ema notices something hidden in Iori’s shirt. A cross necklace. Out of curiosity she decides to touch it. Iori turns scary and quietly tells her not to touch it. Leaving Ema to wonder what exactly happened.

'ギャルソン'Male Waiter

Mahoko, Ema’s friend, asks her to come along with her to go to a cafe. Apparently, the cakes there are delicious, and not only that, there’s really good looking guy working there! Ema sighs and gets dragged along.

When they arrive, Ema wonders whether there was the cafe near her home, since she never really noticed it before. As they enter, Ema sees a familiar figure. Is it perhaps… Iori? She calls him out, and as luck would have it, it really is him! He works at this cafe, and apparently, the good looking guy that Mahoko mentioned is him.

Ema introduces him, and Mahoko learns that he goes to Bright Centrair. Mahoko really couldn’t believe that someone like him was related to that Asahina Yuusuke. Iori then goes back to work, allowing the two to chat.

After a while, Iori returns, bringing with him plates of food. Ema pointes out that they didn’t order any cakes. But Iori says it’s actually a treat from him.

'星空の下で' Under the stars

During their stay in the cottage one night, Ema finds Iori going out for a walk. Iori wants to show her something, so he invites her along. Ema agrees and tags along. They end up at the beach, with Iori commenting on how he likes the sea, as it’s quiet and dark.

Ema disagrees, for her it’s a bit scary. Iori assures her that it’s okay, since the whole family will help her if something happens, she’s an important family member after all. Ema asks if Iori will help her too, and Iori agrees, saying he’ll be the first to run to her side if something happens.

Because Ema thinks the sea is scary, he instead shows her something else. Iori then asks her to look up instead. So she did, and saw a star-filled sky, she ends up so mesmerized that she almost ends up tripping from the sand, so in the end, she holds Iori’s hand while she looks up.

'文化祭当日'Cultural festival day

Iori visits her during the her school’s cultural festival. He came to visit her, but that’s not the only reason he came. His own school’s cultural festival is coming up, so he decides to visit her school for reference. He asks her to come with her to explore, and they meet Mahoko.

After another set of introductions, Mahoko asks Iori to join a Miss & Mr. contest, but he declines, saying he prefers to explore with Ema. Mahoko tells them some places to visit before leaving, and tells Ema to catch Iori before any other woman try to steal him away.

As they’re leaving, Iori, again, mentions his school cultural festival is coming up, and invites Ema to visit. To which, she happily accepts.

'ブライトセントレア'Bright Centrair

Ema reaches Bright Centrair, Iori’s school, and calls him. Iori picks her up, and shows her around his school. While they explore, she noticed something strange, the girls keep asking who she is, and whether she is Iori’s girlfriend. And when she says she’s only his little sister, they seem quite relieved.

Iori apologizes for staying quiet when the girls were asking her. But Ema doesn’t mind, but says it’s just unfair for Iori’s real girlfriend that they get mistaken for a couple. Iori denies this, saying he doesn’t have a girlfriend, leaving them in an awkward silence. Ema quickly changes the topic by asking what Iori’s class is doing for the cultural festival. And he replies that they’re doing a coffee shop like what her class did for her school’s cultural festival.

Although… it’s not as extravagant as theirs, instead of wearing bunny eared maid costumes, they just allow the customers to take pictures together with their favorite waiters dressed in the Bright Centrair uniform. Iori asks her if she wants to try it out, and she agrees.

As she changes outfits, one of the Iori’s classmates asks her again on what relationship she has with Iori. Ema replies that she’s only his sister, and she shouldn’t worry. But the classmate says that she actually felt relieved that Iori has now brought a girl, thinking that what happened in junior high school has finally past. Confused, Ema tries asking for more detail regarding it, but since she didn’t hear anything from Iori, the classmate says if she doesn’t know, it’s better that way.

Once she finished changing, she had a picture taken with Iori. Since Iori still has to help out his class, he decides to at least accompany her to the gate. After Ema leaves the school grounds, the words she heard still occupy her mind. What happened to Iori during junior high school?

真実' 'Truth

Ema finds out she’s adopted, and leaves her foster father’s house. Soon after Iori finds her in the park, at first he asks her to come home with him. But Ema still feels troubled, so he tells her that the two of them can also go someplace else… If she so wishes, he’ll gladly accompany her.`

They continue to talk, Iori mentions that he’ll always be by her side, and somehow Ema feels better. Iori then asks really if she wants to take up his offer to go somewhere or go home. She decides to come back home and talk things over with Rintarou.

'大切なもの'The important thing

When she finishes talking with Rintarou, Ema goes to Iori’s room to thank him for comforting her. But Iori says that she doesn’t need to thank him, because everything he said was true. He’ll always be by her side, so she should also do the same. Ema agrees, and they share a promise to always be by each other’s side.

'信頼の光'Light of Trust

After Ema and Mahoko sing their hearts out, Mahoko was planning to eat together with their classmate. She points that if it’s Sasakura, he’ll definitely come! But Ema gets a message from Iori, inviting her to meet him. So she ditches Mahoko to accept his offer.

When she meets Iori, she finds out that he was planning to see the illumination together. They go and decide to try it out together. The light they see is blue, and from what Ema read in the book, it’s actually the light of trust.

It means that the pair trusts each other wholeheartedly and they should support each other. If they do so, happiness will surely come to them. She wonders if trust has built up between her and Iori, and thinks to herself that it would be nice if it has. After explaining to Iori, she sneezes, as it’s quite cold. So Iori hugs her, to warm her up.

'お正月' New Years

The family decides to go to the temple to pray for New Years. Iori asks if they can pray to the shrines together. After they finish praying, she asks what Iori prayed for. Iori then asks her to guess, she asks if it’s for the entrance exam.

Iori just says it’s a secret. If he told her, the wish might not come true. But the wish involves her, and he hopes that it will come true.

'雪の降る日'Snowy Day

It’s snowing quite heavily, as Ema and Yuusuke meet the twins outside the house. As they talk about how cold it is, Azusa mentions that if it’s this kind of weather, Iori might not come out of his room. Curious, Ema asks them why. And Tsubaki evasively replies that Iori is like a piece of junk at this weather. Before Ema can ask anymore, Yuusuke interrupts shouting that it’s cold, and they’ll be late for school.

Ema sees Kaname when she comes back and she thinks that it’s rare to see him in the house at this time. She notices that Kaname seems different than usual, so she asks what’s wrong. Kaname says that he’s fine and he just doesn’t want to move in this weather. Ema points out that it’s similar to what happens to Iori in this cold, from what she heard.

Kaname is shocked and shouts asking her who told her that, surprising her. When Kaname returns to normal, he tries to avoid her questions, saying she doesn’t need to know. But Ema replies that she’s concerned. So Kaname explains that Iori is weak to winter since a long time ago due to some circumstance. When she presses further, Kaname tells her not to ask any further.  But he does ask her one thing, and that is to leave Iori alone for today.

明かり' 'Light

Ema unexpectedly wakes up at 3 in the morning, so she decides to go to the living room to get something warm to make her sleep. She notices that the door to the living room is unlocked. and wonders who forgot to close the door. As she enters, she hears a sound, and when she turns, she finds Iori using his cross necklace to strangle himself.

Iori notices someone is there, and he reverts back to normal when he finds Ema. When Ema asks why Iori was in the living room without turning on the lights, Iori asks her if she saw something in return. Ema lies and says she didn’t see anything. Iori, similarly, lies saying he was just going to get something just like her, so he didn’t turn on the lights. And when Ema point out that what he said was a lie, Iori asks why she would say that, as she said she just said she didn’t see anything. Ema quickly says she really didn’t see anything, so Iori left it at that and return to his room.

'受験の日'Examination day

Since that day the snow has continue to precipitate, and Yuusuke says how there is a lot of snow right now. Iori meets them and says that he’ll be going to school. But before that, Ema asks him if he’s doing okay. He doesn’t look well. But Iori assure her that he’s alright, and he leaves.

During lunch break, the snow is still falling, so Ema wonders if Iori is alright. Soon she gets a call from Ukyou asking if she has something she needs to do after school. When Ema says she doesn’t have plans, Ukyou asks her to pick Iori up from the university he is currently having an exam in.

Since he condition is bad, Ukyou is a bit worried about him. He was going to pick him up himself, but something came up, and he can’t go. So Ema agrees to pick him up. Ukyou tells her to meet Iori by the station, so she doesn’t have to go all the way to Iori’s school.

After school, Ema goes to the station, it’s already late, but she still can’t see Iori. She didn’t mistake the meeting place did she? In the end, she decides to go to the university. As she goes inside the campus, she finds Iori, She’s relieved that she found him there. As soon as she meet him, Iori hugs her. He says that he always wanted to do it, and asks her to stay like that for a bit longer, then quietly says that he likes her. Ema was still wondering if she heard right, when suddenly Iori collapses. At the hospital, she’s with Kaname, who tells her that Iori’s life isn’t in danger. And just for precaution he’ll be confined in the hospital for two or three days.

She recalls that after Iori collapsed, she called Ukyou who gave her the name of this hospital and the name of Iori’s attending phsyician to tell to the people in the ambulance. But after that, she couldn’t really remember anything else.  She just heard Kaname voice rushing into the hospital, as she stayed in the lobby a bit dazed.

Kaname apologizes for involving her, but asks her to leave Iori alone for now, saying that Iori would probably want to be alone right now. Iori really isn’t sick, just that he’s heart is weak right now. But Ema wants to support Iori right now, she wants to be by his side. That’s why, she refuses Kaname’s wish. Kaname is surprised, but let’s her do what she wants, only asking her if something happens, call him immediately.

When she enters Iori’s room, Iori is shocked that she came to visit him. And immediately apologizes for making her worry. He then asks her whether she met Kaname before coming here, further asking her what they talked about. She told him that Kaname first asked her not to go visit him, but Iori then points out that she still did, and thanks her for it.

There’s a lot of things he hasn’t told her yet, but still he wants her to listen to him. He used to have a very important person. When he was together with that girl, he was really happy. But that person died. And at that time, he lost the will to live. He wanted to go to the place his girlfriend was, no matter what. But in the end, he chose the world where his girlfriend is gone. Hoping to move on.

When he met Ema, he thought how she made him happy again. But he felt like he was just betraying his girlfriend. And because of that he’s suffering again. Now he was really sure. He really can’t shake off - to forget that girl at all. Iori then asks Ema to leave him be for now.

翌日' 'Next day

Ema was really startled about what happened yesterday and wonders how Iori is doing. It seems he’ll be discharged the day after tomorrow. Although it’s still troubling, she hopes that when Iori returns, she’ll be able to act as usual.

バレンタイン' 'Valentine

It’s Valentine’s day, and she’s about to knock on Iori’s door to give him the chocolate, when she begins to think that since that day, she hasn’t been able to talk to him, as she hasn’t been able to meet him that much. She was about to decide not to disturb him, when the door to his room opens.

Iori asks her what she’s doing here, and she’s relieved that he seems to be doing fine. And then gives him the valentines chocolate. When the entrance exams are all over, he’ll apologize properly, and thank her, so she should look forward to it.

'合格発表'Announcement of Sucessful applicants

Today is Iori’s graduation from Bright Centrair. She brought flowers as present and waits for Iori at his school. When they meet up, Ema congratulates him for graduating. Iori thanks her, and continues where he left off during that day on his entrance exam. He confesses that he likes her, not as a sister, but as a woman. Ema accepts his confession. And she won’t ask Iori to forget his dead girlfriend. But she says she also wants to stay by his side.

And then they hugged each other. Now, no matter what happens, he’ll never let Ema go.  When Ema says she’ll always be by his side, Iori then says that he will never forget her words.

ホワイトデー' 'White day

Iori visits Ema in her room to thank her for the Valentine’s chocolate. He then asks her to accepts his gift for White Day. It’s a beautiful bouquet of flowers. When Ema asks what kind of flowers it is, Iori says that it’s Statice.


Statice is a richly colored flower with beautiful complimentary colors that is also easy to dry, making it a long lasting gem. Because of its longevity, the statice has become the flower of fond memories. Include this flower in a fresh flower arrangement to show someone you miss them.

Since exams are over, Iori invites her to go out with him. He wants to be with her more often. When Iori leaves, Julie notices how Ema is smiling widely. Ema tries to deny it, but Julie points out that she recieved flowers from Iori, and demands her to give him those flowers quickly!

He’ll pluck those petals one by one. Head, right arm, left arm, right foot, left foot, those petals will tell him which body part he’ll bite!

'いつもと違う姿' Different from the usual

Ema meets Iori as she was trying to remember what Ukyou said this morning’s breakfast should be. Iori says that it’s a good thing he met up with her, as he was about to visit her in her room. She’s a bit confused why he would want to go this early in the morning. Iori then asks her if she’ll be troubled if he did go. No matter what time, he wants to be the person that makes her feel best. Because he is her lover after all.

She notices that Iori seems strange. Iori asks her if perhaps she doesn’t want to be with him. But Ema denies it. She also wants to be with Iori, But Iori adds, that he doesn’t want anyone else to bother them. Just the two of being happy will be okay. If that happens, Ema will surely look only at him. Iori really seems strange, so she asks if something bad has happened. But Iori says how she did it again, he really can’t believe that she would also say that. Why is she looking at him with those kinds of eyes. Iori gives up, saying he probably won’t get her to understand and leaves.

Ema is worried about him so she follows him. She feels like Iori shouldn’t be left alone. When she finally catches up, Iori seems to act normally, and he asks if she shouldn’t prepare for today’s breakfast. As Iori leaves, Ema is left to wonder if it’s just her imagination.

She thought that Iori’s phyical conditional has calmed down, but he might hold some anxiety about something. Just ome more time, she decides to go talk to Iori about it. When she finds Iori, Ema asks him if there’s something she can do, as long as she’s capable, she’ll do what she can. So Iori says that they should leave this house, the two of them should find somewhere else to go. For him, anyone who isn’t her doesn’t matter, she’s the only thing he needs.

Kaname appears, and stops Iori from troubling Ema. He asks Iori to think about her feelings. Iori retaliates saying Kaname isn’t part of this, it’s only a conversation for the two of them. Iori asks her to go somewhere else, since they won’t be able to talk here. However it hurts Ema when Iori forcibly drags her, so Kaname demands Iori to let go of her.

Iori apologizes to her, and turns to Kaname. Asking him why he told Ema to leave Iori when he collapsed. He continues to ask why Kaname is getting in his way. Kaname replies that he doesn’t want Ema to get dragged down by him. Iori gets angry saying that’s why he’s saying Kaname is getting in his way.

Kaname pleads with him, that he’ll do anything to save him. But Iori rhetorically asks if pulling Ema away is Kaname’s way of saving him. In any case, Ema went to visit him, no matter what happens she’ll be by his side, just with that he’ll be happy.

That’s why he wants Ema to look only at him, just the two of us, and asks her if that kind of thinking is strange. Kaname advises Ema to return to her room, as he’ll talk with Iori. She leaves due to the strong tone when Kaname asks her to return to her room. But she wonders what those two will be talking about.


Today she has a date with Iori, they’ll be watching a movie in the theatres. She retells that that Iori came to her that night to apologize, after Kaname sent her to her room. She’s still uneasy, is it really alright for her to stay by Iori’s side?

Once they finished watching the movie, Iori comments that it was a really good movie. Ema is shocked, as the characters died in the end. Iori explains that if he also died together with his beloved person like in the movie, it would really be happiness. From how Iori is going, it feels like he thinks that Ema is only with him because of that promise. So she reminds Iori that she likes him.

At this point, Ema is already doubting herself. She wonders whether her choice in staying by Iori’s side the right one, and that’s when Azusa finds her. She decides to confess her doubts to him, and Azusa comforts her. When their conversation ends, her doubts have disappeared.

'わたしにできること'What I can do

Ema decides to tell Kaname her resolve. As she talks with him, she sees Iori. He doesn’t come near them. So she returned to her room after ending the conversation with Kaname. There, an angry Iori came to visit her, asking her what she and Kaname were talking about.  When she told him that she needed to confide with him about something, Iori turned seemingly back to normal, and said that he understood, but next time she should confide in him then left.

'心の救い'The heart’s salvation

Outside, Iori reverts to a near psychotic demeanor, he recounts that Kaname seems to always get in his way. In his monologue, he thinks that the only way for Kaname to stop getting in his way is if Kaname wasn’t there. And he realizes that if Kaname died, then he would be able to do what he always wanted - to die.

So he goes to Kaname, and strangles him with his cross necklace. Kaname, doesn’t struggle at all, but only wishes that if he died, then Iori would continue living, and finally be happy with Ema.

'生きる意味'The meaning of living

Ema hears a loud noise coming outside, so she decided to investigate. When she goes out, she’s horrified to see Iori strangling Kaname. She was able to stop Iori in time. And angrily asks why Iori did it. Kaname stops her, and tells Iori that he’ll die for him. But Iori should do what Kaname asked if Kaname really kills himself. Iori only tells him to try doing it (kill himself). But Ema furiously stops them.

She asks Iori if that’s what he really wants. And Iori replies saying he’s tired, he doesn’t have any meaning to live anymore. So Ema replies that she’ll become his meaning. She’ll stay by his side. They’ll be together. So she asks him to make her his meaning. With this, Iori finally understands, and Ema notes that this is the first time in a long time that he smiled truthfully. Ema thinks to herself that everything will be fine now, since she’ll stay by Iori’s side.

'永遠の約束' Eternal promise

Kaname catches Iori and Ema before they go to visit Fuyuka’s grave, Iori is better and talks with Kaname properly. As they go he comments that it’s thanks to Ema that Iori has changed. At the chapel, Iori prays to Fuyuka, telling her that he found an important person, and asks her to forgive him, as Ema sets the flowers in Fuyuka’s grave.

Afterwards, in that sacred place, Iori and Ema share an oath that no matter how many times they’re reborn, he’ll always find her.

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