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Hikaru is the 4th son of the Asahina family. He’s 25 years old, and works as a novelist for noir books. His name isn’t well known yet because of the minor genre, but he’s willing to do nearly anything to gather materials for his novels, including dressing up in women’s clothing and acting like one. Behind his feminine disguise, Hikaru is actually rather manly and sharp-tongued. He’s busy working in Italy until the end of November, when he finally returns to Japan.

電話の相手 [ The Caller ]

On October 29, Ema returns home and finds Kaname talking on the phone. He mentions about picking up the caller at the airport, and that he’s looking forward to see the caller again. Since Kaname sounds so relaxed and friendly, Ema wonders if he’s talking to his “real girlfriend”. Of course Kaname notices Ema listening in to their conversation, and he jokingly asks if she’s curious about the caller. Ema admits that she’s indeed curious, though she makes it very clear that it’s not because she’s interested in Kaname. She’s simply interested in the caller’s identity. Kaname goes upon hearing this, but then he answers that the caller is related to Ema. She’ll find out eventually, and he’ll introduce her to the caller when the time comes.

Exactly one month later, on November 29, Ema finally learns that the caller is Hikaru. She finds him walking to the mansion with Kaname, and she mistakes him for a woman since.. well, he’s wearing a dress. It doesn’t help that none of the brothers mention that he’s a man, and so Ema thinks that Hikaru is Kaname’s “girlfriend” — horrifying the latter. She feels confused since they keep calling him “Hika-nii” or “Hikaru nii-san”, until eventually they explain that Hikaru is their brother.

みんなで夕食 [ Dinner With Everyone ]

On December 1, Hikaru visits the mansion for dinner. Ukyou is away and will return home late, and Hikaru is surprised to see Ema cooking dinner by herself. He wonders why their brothers aren’t helping her, but she doesn’t mind since she loves cooking. Besides, the others will only mess things up if they enter the kitchen. Hikaru also wants to help since he’s hungry, but Ema asks him to just wait in the living room.. because he can’t cook either. In fact, his life heavily depends on cup noodles. During dinner, Hikaru asks if Ema goes to Hinode High School. He noticed her school uniform when they first met, and he mentions that seeing the uniform feels “nostalgic”. After teasing Yusuke for becoming siblings with his classmate, Hikaru suddenly floods Ema with tons of questions: “What kind of clothes do high school girls like? What’s trending at your school? Who’s your favorite celebrity? What kind of music do you listen to?”

Kaname and Tsubaki quickly stop him from troubling Ema, but Hikaru only wants to know more about her. Since Hikaru is living alone in a different apartment, he can’t talk to Ema anytime like everyone else. However, Hikaru also admits that he actually wants to gather information about high school girls from her. He obviously can’t mingle with high school girls anymore at his age, so Ema is a good target for him to collect information from. Since Ema seems confused, Hikaru then reveals that he’s working as a novelist under the pen name of “Asakawa Hikaru”. He left some of his books in the mansion, so she can try reading them if she’s interested. Before Ema could answer Hikaru’s questions, Kaname, Tsubaki and Wataru suddenly interrupt saying they want to spend time with her too. Azusa and Iori also ask him not to trouble Ema too much, and seeing how much they treasure her, Hikaru is starting to develop an interest in her as well. He tells her not to mind him though, and he says he’ll drop by for dinner again sometime.

偶然の再会 [ Accidental Reunion ]

On December 24, an unknown man suddenly greets Ema on her way back to the mansion. He asks if she doesn’t recognize him, so based on experience.. she asks if he’s another “hidden” member of the Asahina family. The man laughs saying she’s half right, and he changes his way of speaking to reveal that he’s actually Hikaru. Ema’s immediate response is “w-why do you look like that?”, and Hikaru calmly answers that it’s his real appearance. He’s a man after all.

Ema: “Eh!? Is that so!?”
Hikaru: “What do you mean. You don’t think I’m a tranny, do you?”
Ema: “…… is that wrong?”
Hikaru: “Of course!”
Hikaru: “I only wear women’s clothing for the sake of gathering materials. That’s all.”

Ema doesn’t get why he needs to wear women’s clothing for work, but Hikaru doesn’t explain further. Instead, he asks her to go shopping with him. There’s something he wants to buy, but it’s hard to enter the shop as a man. He left home in a hurry earlier, and he was regretting not wearing women’s clothing when he saw Ema walking by. Ema agrees to accompany Hikaru, but first she wants him to change his way of speaking back to normal — since he’s still using his feminine voice.  When Hikaru switches back to his normal voice, Ema feels inside because he has a cool, manly voice. The large gap between his normal and feminine voice amazes her. The shop Hikaru wants to visit turns out to be a cute general store, and he thanks Ema for accompanying him.

After leaving the shop, Ema and Hikaru notice a special Christmas corner nearby. They have a “candle relay” event going on, where couples light candles by candles together — putting their feelings into the light. When Ema comments that it’s a wonderful event, Hikaru suddenly smiles and takes her to participate in the candle relay together. He holds her hands as they try to light their candle, but it doesn’t go well because she fees really nervous around him. As Hikaru gently guides her to move their candle, Ema keeps thinking about how he speaks using “俺” instead of the usual “私”. Eventually they manage to light their candle, and the small flame feels so dear to Ema because she lights it up with Hikaru. Before they go home, Hikaru says he feels glad to be able to spend Christmas Eve with Ema — even if their meeting today was a coincidence. If their brothers ever find out, they’ll definitely give him a death glare out of jealousy.

お正月 [ New Year's Day ]

On New Year’s Day, everyone goes to pray at the shrine together. Upon arriving at the shrine, Hikaru invites Ema to look around the place together. Because they should enjoy New Year’s as the “beautiful sisters” of the Asahina family. They look around the food stalls after praying, where the owners give them so many food they could barely carry everything. When Masaomi asks how did they get that much food, Ema explains that people mistook them as sisters.. and they got a lot of extra service as the result. After giving some of their food to Wataru, Hikaru says they should share the remaining food with everyone else. Why? Because it’s a woman’s enjoyment in life to make men feel indebted through the smallest things. They won’t have to carry everything all by themselves, and their brothers will feel very indebted since men are simple like that. It’s killing two birds with one stone. As he takes her to find everyone else, Ema thinks that Hikaru is just like a cheerful older sister. It’s going to be a fun year with him around.

取材依頼 [ Interview Request ]

On January 17, Hikaru suddenly asks Ema to meet him at a cafe. Ema admits that she’s still not used to see him as a man, but Hikaru calmly asks her not to worry — she’ll get used to it from now on. After ordering a parfait for Ema, Hikaru asks if she’s willing to be interviewed by him. As he said before, he doesn’t have any chance to talk to high school girls.. so now he wants to learn more about her. Or rather, he wants to use her data for his novels. He will pay her for helping him, and all she needs to do is simply talk to him as they have tea together. Ema agrees to cooperate, but under the condition that Hikaru doesn’t pay her. She tells him that she wants to help as a sister, and he laughs saying he can see why everyone loves her. Hikaru accepts her condition, and he asks Ema to come to his apartment on Sunday. Ema obviously feels nervous about this, but she tries to think it’s normal to visit Hikaru’s room. They’re siblings after all.. right?

取材 [ Interview ]

Just as she promised, Ema comes to Hikaru’s apartment on January 22. She gets nervous and excited at the same time upon entering his room, though he says the room always looks tragic before deadlines. xD When Ema replies that his room looks neat, Hikaru admits he cleaned it up since she’s coming today. After serving some tea for Ema, Hikaru soon begins the interview by asking a series of questions — starting with the introductions. He asks if she loves her family, and when she says yes, he whispers that she has a brilliant smile. Next, he asks which one of the Asahina brothers is her type. Since Ema keeps insisting that she can’t look at her siblings that way, Hikaru then changes the question to “which group do you find it easier to talk to, the students or the workers?” When she chooses the workers, he concludes it as “so you like being led by adults.

Ema is wondering what Hikaru wants to achieve through these questions, and he reveals that he wants to see how she would react to certain situations. Hikaru then touches Ema’s cheeks and asks if she has a cold, pointing out that her cheeks are red and warm. When she blushes in silence, he suddenly smiles saying she’s got a nice reaction. He was acting out the situation when a doctor examines his patient. In other words, the “Masaomi version”. Ema then asks if he’s teasing her, and Hikaru leans closer as he apologizes. He gently whispers that he doesn’t mean to tease her, but he can’t help it since she’s too cute. Of course Ema takes this seriously and blushes, but then Hikaru reveals that it’s the “Azusa version” — whispering sweet words into her ears as a seiyuu. He thanks her saying she provides good data for him, and she can’t get angry because he looks so happy.

The interview continues until it’s really late at night, and so Hikaru asks Ema to stay in his room for tonight. He also wants to thank her for the interview today, so they can.. chat all night long!  Before they go to bed, Hikaru suddenly tells Ema to strip. If she refuses, then he will go and stip her himself. Hikaru has a few women’s clothing which he can’t wear anymore, so he wants to try putting them on Ema. She can take anything she wants, and combine them with something else if they make her look too mature. In return, she can’t wear them unless she’s going on a date with him. After that, Hikaru spends the whole night doing a fashion show with Ema. When he wakes up in the morning, she already makes some morning tea for him. She asks if she can come to talk to him again, and he replies that she’s always welcomed when he doesn’t have work.

Since then, Hikaru never wears women’s clothing in front of Ema again.

光の小説 [ Hikaru's Novel ]

On the night of February 1, Ema finds it hard to sleep. Juli suggests reading school textbooks to make herself sleepy, and this reminds her that she hasn’t read Hikaru’s novels yet. She then goes to borrow one of his novels from Kaname, and this happens:

Ema: “I’m sorry, I couldn’t sleep. I need your help, Kaname-san.”
Kaname: “Oh.. Sorry, I didn’t notice.”
Kaname: “It must have took a lot of courage to visit a man’s room at night.”
Kaname: “Okay, let’s stay together until morning comes. I’ll accept all of your feelings.”
Ema: “Huh?”
Kaname: “Don’t worry. Don’t be scared. I’m gentle and good at it, so no need to worry.”
Kaname: “Here, come inside.”
Ema: “W-H-A-T are you saying? I just want to borrow Hikaru-san’s novels.”
Kaname: “…… I see.”

After returning to her room, Ema ends up reading Hikaru’s novel all night. It’s the first time she ever read a noir novel — a novel about criminals — and she finds his story really interesting. The next time they meet again, Ema is going to tell Hikaru her impressions on the novel.

バレンタイン [ Valentine's Day ]

For Valentine’s Day, Ema makes a handmade chocolate for Hikaru. They meet up at the station in the evening, where she nervously hands the chocolate to him. Hikaru frowns asking if Ema called him all the way here just for this, and she feels bad because he’s really busy writing his manuscript today. Ema immediately apologizes for bothering Hikaru, saying that she wanted to give him the chocolate directly. She nearly cries since he keeps frowning at her in silence, but then he smiles and thanks her for the chocolate. He actually feels happy to receive it, and earlier he only wanted to see how high school girls like her would react to a bad guy who treats them coldly. After apologizing for fooling her, Hikaru gently hugs Ema and whispers that he really does feel happy to receive her chocolate. She panics saying they’re in public, but he replies that people won’t mind them — today is Valentine’s Day after all. Hikaru also admits that he was feeling down since he couldn’t write properly, but seeing Ema directly has given him a lot of energy to continue writing. Hikaru needs to return to work before his editor explodes, but he promises to contact Ema after he’s done.

修羅場中 [ In Carnage ]

On February 20, Ema sends a mail to Hikaru asking if she can bring him some food. He doesn’t reply at all, and worried that he might have worked until he fainted, eventually she decides to visit his apartment. After ringing the bell twice, an angry “Shut up! I already told you the script isn’t done yet!!” is heard from inside. The next second, Hikaru walks out goes upon seeing Ema in front of his door. She’s surprised too since he’s wearing a pair of glasses, has his long hair braided, and dressed up in a black jersey.. which she recognizes as Hinode High School’s jersey. It turns out Hikaru is a Hinode High School graduate, and that makes him Ema’s senior. That’s also why he felt “nostalgic” upon seeing her uniform. Hikaru then apologizes for looking like a mess, explaining that he always wears something comfortable whenever he’s in carnage — fighting against the deadline. He also apologizes for yelling at Ema earlier, since he thought his editor comes to take his manuscript again.

When Ema mentions about the mail she sent him, Hikaru answers that he forgot the existence of his phone. It’s probably buried somewhere in his room. Hikaru asks Ema to wait as he changes, but she stops him saying she only came here to give him some food. She knows that he’s busy today so she made some sweets to give him energy. Ema then excuses herself saying she’ll go home, but Hikaru stops her and invites her to come inside. He will have to keep writing for another hour or two, but he makes some tea for her and tells her to make a space for herself.. because his room is in a tragic condition. His clothes are covering the floor, and trash are scattered all over the room. By the time Hikaru is done writing, he’s surprised to see that Ema has cleaned up his room. She apologizes for touching his stuff without permission, but he actually feels happy. In addition, she also made dinner for him and invites him to eat together. Hikaru is surprised, and he’s about to say something.. but then he stops himself and says it’s nothing.

Ema: “Eh!? That makes me curious.”
Hikaru: “… do you want to know?”
Ema: “Yes.”
Hikaru: “You’re a fine woman.”

Hikaru teases Ema for blushing as she warms up their dinner, and he laughs when she asks him not to say it. Ema is glad that Hikaru finished his story with no problems, and from now on, she wants to do something for him when he’s busy with work.

ホワイトデー [ White Day ]

On White Day, Hikaru takes Ema to have a chocolate drink at a famous cafe. It’s difficult to get a seat without a reservation, but he already reserved a table for the two of them.When Ema happily thanks him for the present, Hikaru smiles saying he made the right decision since she looks so happy. It makes Ema realize that Hikaru really understands women’s taste, and he sure knows how to please her. Hikaru also mentions that nothing can win against the chocolate cake Ema made for him last month, and she feels glad that she did her best to make it for him.

取材2 [ Interview 2 ]

On March 20, Ema comes to Hikaru’s room for another interview. She’s not as nervous as she used to be, though his questions still surprise her from time to time. After a while, Hikaru says they should have a break. Ema happily says she made some cookies today, but he suddenly looks away saying he doesn’t want it. Then he asks her to stay with him instead, because he doesn’t want to be apart from her. When Ema goes beside him, Hikaru laughs saying it’s the “Yusuke version." Ema asks if he’s teasing her as usual, and Hikaru replies that he’s not. It’s an interview, and he only wants to see her reaction. Hikaru gently touches Ema’s hair as he apologizes, saying that he feels like touching her fluffy hair forever. At first Ema blushes, but then she realizes that it might be yet another simulation.. and Hikaru explains that it’s the “Rui version”. As much as she wants to get angry, she knows that he needs the data for his novels.

Ema then tells Hikaru that she has read one of his novel, and he asks for her impressions. She admits it’s a bit difficult because she never read noir novels before, and she can’t relate to the characters. However, she can understand their way of thinking since he wrote those parts in such a good way. His characters are well-built, and there are times when she feels sorry for them. Hikaru replies that she shouldn’t feel that way towards criminals, but then he admits that he feels happy to hear her impressions. People have emotions and policies, which become the reason behind every single one of their actions. He tries to show this flow though his novels, and he thanks her for noticing what he’s trying to convey. Ema feels her heart beating faster when Hikaru smiles at her, but when he promises that today’s interview will be useful.. she’s brought back to the reality. This is only an “interview”. She accepted his request because she wanted to help, but she finds it painful to hear that word today.

取材対象 [ Interview Object ]

On March 31, Ema has another interview session in Hikaru’s room. He asks what she would do if the man she loves confesses to her, but since she can’t imagine the situation, he asks if she wants to do their usual simulations. She agrees, and he tells her to keep in mind that she’s supposed to be in love with him during this situation. Now for the confession, Hikaru says that he used to think of Ema as nothing more than an interview object, but then he started to enjoy their time together. He wants to know more about her, and for her to know more about him — finally confessing that he loves her. However, Ema remains silent even after the confession is over. Hikaru asks her to say something because this is an interview to see her reaction, and it makes her feel sad.. because he just confirmed that she’s only an “interview object” to him.

Ema then asks if she can go home since she’s not feeling well, but Hikaru says she can sleep on his bed if it’s too hard for her to walk home. When she refuses, he says he’ll drive her back to the mansion — there’s no way he can let her walk by foot in this condition. Unable to handle her feelings anymore, Ema eventually snaps saying she wants to be alone. Hikaru is obviously surprised, and he apologizes for not noticing. He then invites her to go out when she’s feeling better, thinking she might get bored in his room, but she only asks if it’s going to be yet another interview. She can’t take it any longer, and she asks him not to play with her heart anymore — nearly confessing that she has fallen in love with him. Before Hikaru could say anything, Ema quickly apologizes and runs back to the mansion. Later on he mails her saying he wants to talk to her, but she doesn’t reply. She can’t face him properly before sorting out her feelings.

本当の気持ち [ Real Feelings ]

Two months has passed since Ema left Hikaru, and they haven’t seen each other ever since. Hikaru doesn’t visit the mansion since there are no family events, and Ema finds it surprisingly easy to avoid him. Everyone is worried since she’s been looking down, until Ukyou gives her a package from Hikaru one night. Inside, Ema finds a literature magazine with Hikaru’s pen name written on the cover. She flips through the pages to find his story, and she’s surprised to see that he didn’t write a noir novel for the magazine — it’s a romance novel. The story is about a new reporter who met a girl through a fateful encounter. At first he only treats her as nothing more than an interview object, but he falls in love with her over time. The story ends with him going out to tell her how he truly feels, and it’s unknown whether his feelings can reach her in the end.. but his love is so well-written that it reaches Ema’s heart.

Just then someone rings the doorbell, and Ema opens the door to find Hikaru standing outside. He notices that she has lost weight since the last time they met, and he’s surprised when she suddenly cries in front of him. When Ema admits that she’s been missing him, Hikaru smiles as he asks her not to say those words before he does. Then he hugs her saying he missed her too, and he apologizes for taking so long to come and see her. He actually wanted to see her right away, but he waited and finished writing the love story first. As a novelist, Hikaru thinks his writing will be the best way to tell Ema how he feels. The novel is the reflection of how he truly feels towards her, along with all the memories they shared together. Hikaru then admits that he only saw Ema as an interview object, but he falls in love with her as they spend more time together. He apologizes for hurting her, and if she’s willing to give him another chance, he promises that he will never hurt her again. From now on, he’s going to treasure her more than anyone else in the world.

Ema: “Hikaru-san.. This isn’t an interview right?”
Hikaru: “Of course it’s not. I love you, Ema.”
Ema: “I love you too, Hikaru-san..!”

… and they live happily ever after.

2人の時間 [ Time Together ]

Upon reading Hikaru’s new novel, everyone finds it odd since it’s an incredibly drastic change from noir novels.. though Tsubaki knows it’s probably based on a true story. This causes Azusa to wonder who the girl could be, and everyone instantly turns around to look at Ema. Tsubaki finds it really suspicious since she received a package from Hikaru not too long ago, but thankfully for her, Ukyou stops this inquiry by asking them to hand in their bedsheets to him — he’s going to wash all of them today. While Tsubaki complains about how troublesome it is, Ukyou tells Ema not to mind them.. and Rui also asks Ema to give his regards to Hikaru. Which means that he knows. When Ema tells Hikaru about what happened, he laughs saying it must be interesting. He says she should just tell everyone about them, and she thinks about how he’s always so manly when it comes to these stuff.

Hikaru also says that his romance novel received positive feedback, and now his editor asked him to write a serial. Ema replies that she can understand why, and he blushes when she tells him that his romance novel is very him. It delivers the characters’ feelings really well. She asks if he’s going to start writing a serial next, but he answers that he can’t write it anymore. It was too painful for him, because he wrote it based on how he felt when she left him. On the other hand, he doesn’t feel like writing noir novels either. He needs to disguise himself as a woman in order to approach the criminals, who are mostly male, and he doesn’t want to do it anymore now that he’s got a girlfriend. Besides, he doesn’t want her to lose confidence just because he looks beautiful as a woman. xD Ema protests saying she might look as beautiful in a few years, but Hikaru laughs saying she’s already beautiful. He also says that he’s been holding back on something, and he kisses her on the lips — admitting that he wanted to make her his before any of his brothers steals her heart away. Then finally, Hikaru jokingly asks Ema to live with him instead.. so he can turn her into an adult with “things which are greater than kisses.

朝まで一緒に [ Together Until Morning Comes ]

Following the success of his romance novel, one of Hikaru’s books are going to have a movie adaptation. The publisher makes a celebration party for him, and Ema finds Kaname using this chance to hit on the female guests. He says it’s to heal the wound caused by Hikaru taking her away, though he asks her to keep this a secret. If Hikaru ever finds out that he was aiming for her in the past, there’s no telling of what will happen to him. Kaname asks if Hikaru has praised how stunning she looks today, but Ema answers that they haven’t seen each other. Hikaru is busy greeting a lot of people in the party, so Ema will wait patiently in the corner until he’s done. Ema then goes to search for a quiet place to rest in, and along the way, a familiar voice suddenly calls her. Before she could figure out what’s going on, Hikaru quickly grabs her hand and pushes her against the wall. Ema wonders if it’s okay for hhim to leave the party, but Hikaru calmly says they’re on a break. He apologizes for not keeping her company even though he was the one who invited her, but she says she’s happy to see a lot of people celebrating his success. When she thanks him for inviting her, he returns the gratitude by thanking her for dressing up for him. Hikaru says Ema looks incredibly beautiful today, and he kisses her — assuring her that nobody will see them here. Hikaru then reveals that he already booked a suite room upstairs, and so Ema should go there if she wants to rest. He wants to keep her hidden from all the unwanted bugs (e.g. Kaname), and he asks her to wait in the room until he comes. Hikaru also admits that he actually doesn’t want to leave Ema among his brothers, so he won’t return her to the mansion tonight. He won’t let her go until morning comes, to make up for all the time they can’t spend together. Finally Hikaru says Ema’s dress looks really nice on her, but he’s going to take it off later.. so she should be prepared.

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